How to become a better dribbler? You want to ensure that every move you make when dribbling gets you closer to the basket. Why? Because scoring is only possible by passing the ball through the hoops. You need to make sure your moves serve a purpose. These tips will help you become a better basketball dribbler.

You can only improve your dribbling skills by practicing every day. It will be amazing how much faster you can become a dribbler if you just practice. You can practice many drills to improve your dribbling skills in basketball. But make sure you don’t do the same drills every time.

Today we’ll cover how to dribble a basketball quickly and efficiently. We also include the next steps to improve these skills into advanced and move-developed techniques. This will make you a more efficient player on the court. These drills are simple, effective, and will help improve any dribble technique.

Dribbling, in its most basic form, allows players to create space on the offensive side. This makes it easier to plan and execute plays. Players must create space for passing and shooting, and rely on a fast, tight, easy-to-guard dribble. There are three skills you need to master in order to have a dribble that is usable. These skills are ball handling, dexterity, and direction change.

How To Become A Better Dribbler

Dribbling begins with moving the ball around with your fingertips and pads, without looking at it. Skilled players will be able to keep their heads up at all times. All players need to learn how to dribble with both hands.

The point guard has been often relegated as the sole expert in ball handling. The point guard is not the only one responsible for handling the ball, but they should be. To improve shooting, boxing out, and rebounding, all players can benefit by dribbling skills.

All players can learn basketball tips to improve their dribbling skills. Taller players did not need to have great dribbling skills before, as they were often relegated to the area around or near the basket. Today’s centers and power forwards often dribble against multiple defenders and shoot jump shots from behind the three-point line. They also make offensive moves that require excellent ball handling.

All players should learn to handle the ball well in order to be more valuable members of the team. The difference between great and good teams often lies in their ability to handle the ball.

Basketball tips for dribbling

Ball Slaps

Continue to slap the ball with one hand and the other. This drill is great, to begin with in order to prepare your hands for the workout.

Straight Arm Finger Taps

Keep your elbows straight and tap the basketball fast in front of you. You will soon be able to move the ball up and downwards.


Wraps around the ankle

You can wrap the ball around your ankles or lower legs, but not let the ball touch the ground.

Wraps around the waist

You can wrap the ball around your waist in a circular motion.

Wraps around the Head

You can wrap the ball around your head in a circular motion.

Wraps – All around the globe

This drill combines the wraps around your ankles, waist, and head. Begin by wrapping the ball around your head. Next, wrap it around your waist and then around your ankles. Next, bring the ball back to your waist.

Wraps – Figure 8.

You can wrap the ball around your legs in a figure-8 motion.

Wraps around the right leg

Start with your right leg in front, and your left leg behind. Wrap the ball around your right leg.

Wraps around the Left Leg

Start with your left leg in front, and your right leg behind. Wrap the ball around your left leg.

Wraps – Single Leg, Double Leg

Begin by putting your legs together. Then extend your right leg straight ahead and circling your right leg with a basketball. Next, place your right foot forward and circle your legs. Next, circle your left leg with your right leg before you step back and wrap the ball around both of them. Continue doing this.

Drops: start by squatting with your hands in front and the basketball in your other hand. Drop the ball between your legs, keeping it only a few inches above the ground. Once it bounces once, you can then grab both your hands behind your legs and catch it with your other hand. Next, drop the ball from behind. Then take both your hands and return to the front. Continue to do this.

Straddle Flip

Similar to drops, but instead of starting with one hand in front and the other behind, while keeping the ball between your legs, you will hold onto it between your legs. You want to quickly flip the ball upwards and give it an inch or so, then switch hands from front to back and catch the ball before the ball hits the ground.

Machine Gun

To keep the ball as low to the ground as possible, knee on the ground. The ball should remain in the same place.

Spider Dribble

Begin by bending your knees and placing your elbows at the sides of your legs. The ball should remain under your feet for the duration of the drill. Start by dribbling the ball with your right and left hands. Next, reach your right and left hands behind your knees for a dribble. Then, move your left hand to your right and your left hands behind your knees for a dribble. Finally, return your right hand to your forearm. Continue doing this.

Pound Dribble

Pound Dribble – Ankle Height – Right Hand

Your right hand should be used to dribble the basketball just a few inches above the ground.

Pound Dribble – Ankle Height – Left Hand

With your left hand, dribble the basketball just a few inches above the ground.

Pound Dribble Waist High – Right hand

Keep your stance and pound the ball into the ground until it reaches about waist-high using only your right hand.

Pound Dribble Waist High – Left Hand

Keep your stance and pound the ball into the ground with only your left hand.

Pound Dribble – Shoulder Height – Right Hand

This is done to push the player outside of their comfort zone. You should pound the ball as hard and as fast as possible while keeping your right hand free.

Basketball tips for dribbling – Drills

Double the fun with double-ball dribbling

Two balls at a time is a great way to improve ball control. You can also improve your ability to dribble with the non-dominant side. When they can comfortably use either hand to dribble, players have greater flexibility.

Start by dribbling both the balls in unison and then switching so that the balls hit the ground at different times. The drill can be repeated with each player moving down the court.

Use the zigzags drill to move around

Players can practice changing their direction by dribbling in a zigzag style. This skill is useful in avoiding opponents on the other team. They begin in one corner of the gym, holding a basketball. They move diagonally around the gym.

They will then change their direction and move diagonally towards the opposite side of the gym, creating a huge zigzag. Keep going in the same zigzag fashion down the length of your gym. You can also have the zigzag along one side of your gym. As the other boundary, you can use an invisible line running down the middle of your gym.

Count up to the figure 8 dribbling drill

This drill is used to improve your ballhandling skills. As fast as you can, dribble the ball in figure 8. You can switch from the right to left, and then back to the right. Example: Start with your right hand in front, dribbling the ball. Next, move to your left hand and dribble the ball through your legs with the right.

V-Dribble front

Begin with your right hand, and then dribble one time to the right. Next, dribble the ball forward as if you were trying to cross the ball over to the right side. The right hand should be rolled over the ball. Next, bring the ball back to the left. This drill helps you to feel the sensation of rolling your hand over the top. It also aids in the “in-and-out” dribble move.

Leg Circles

The players start with their feet shoulder-width apart. Players begin by dribbling with their right hand around the right leg, and then their left hand around the left leg. The players will then dribble with both their hands around their legs, putting their feet together.

The players will then sink to their knees and use their hands to move around their bodies. The players will then raise one knee and lower one. Players will then dribble the ball under their legs and around their bodies.


Many basketball tips can be used to improve your dribbling skills. You will be a better player if you are able to master the various dribbles and practice them with the correct drill.