The best golf push cart ought to be simple and light to push, allowing you to keep your own energy for the fantastic sport of golf. Carts, just like all golf equipment, supply you with options galore. Even before deciding on which brand you would like to purchase there’s a choice to be taken on if or not a pushcart or pull cart will probably work best for the situation.

The main difference between these two choices is that the number of wheels. Fundamentally, pull carts have two wheels, while golf push carts have 3 or 4 wheels.

Junior players, teenagers, middle-agers, and yes, elderly golfers are getting in on the pushcart trend.

It did not take very long to understand that when you are playing heaps of rounds per year, every small thing that you can do to assist your body and back recuperate is a fantastic thing.

These days 2/3 of the rounds I utilize a pushcart.

However, with so many options on the market, how can you understand exactly what the finest golf pushcart would be for you personally?

That is where we come in.

In this informative article, we’re going to share with you our 15 best golf push carts, irrespective of whether you are goals are using a pushcart.

Golf Push cart

What Is A Golf Pushcart?

The fundamentals: A golf push cart, for all those who are oblivious, is exactly as it sounds: a cart or cart that retains your luggage and that includes a grip you push to propel it down the cart path, fairway, or (in my situation ) tough. It is the alternate option from carrying your luggage to riding in a motorized cart.

After that basic purpose, a spider web of possibilities opens. Golf Pushcarts nowadays are pliable, lighter, and a lot easier to package and store than at the times of yore.

  • Many carts push (via distant controller).
  • Some function on three wheels others. Old-school pull carts normally have two wheels.
  • With a few carts, the front wheel(s) swivels a total of 360 degrees, assisting maneuverability.
  • Some even have inflatable tires while still, some are airless.
  • A good deal of packs has a hand-operated braking system, though others go using a foot-brake style.
  • Some fold up quite compactly while some are bulkier.
  • And everyone addresses storage choices differently.

You will find choices for things such as coolers, chairs (yes, chairs ), umbrella holders, rain flies, and forth. Like with apparently everything in golf, the options are nearly infinite.

Recall 30-some years ago after some genius thought to set a kickstand on a carry bag? And the thought was so great it became the complete standard? Well, a push cart requires that development even further.

Not merely are golf push carts not moving anyplace, all indications point to them eclipsing carrying if they have not already.

What To Look For In The Best Golf Pushcart

These attributes are things to search for when looking at the ideal golf pushcart.

Easy to open and shut

In case your cart induces you grief each time you decide to use it, odds are the honeymoon will soon be over before you know it. Contained in this matter is the latching mechanism to keep it from opening when you do not need it to.

Size when folded

Not everybody drives a huge SUV or pickup truck. To most people, distance is a premium. With a couple of sets of clubs in the back, just how much more space will you require for your cart? Believe it or not, you will find golf push carts available that will fit your requirements and take very little space.

Smooth ride

My initial golf push cart (I will not name names) was so easy that I barely even knew I was pushing it. An area to pay attention to is the diameter of the front wheelbase and whether your luggage rubs on the tires. Some pushcarts have a flexible front-wheel foundation to tackle this matter.


The greatest decision that golfers looking to purchase a pushcart must make before their buy is if they need a two, three, or four-wheel drive cart.

A two-wheel golf cart utilizes the foundation where the bottom of the tote adheres to balance the cart when it comes to a break. The largest difference for golfers utilizing two-wheel push carts is they need to narrow down the bag toward the handle to maneuver the cart. A three-wheel golf push cart is more balanced as a result of the positioning of the front wheelbase and can be easily pushed to maneuver across the program.


You don’t have to get overly technical here. You’re going to spend over $200 with this cart and you also would like it to last quite a very long time.

Braking system

The brake is a characteristic that’s now widespread in this cost range. The capability of the brake to maintain your cart out of getting away from you ought to be of significance, as I have really had one escape from me because of some brake slipping.


Mature 2 wheel push cart was eternally leaning over, dumping your clubs around the floor. With the arrival of a three-wheel and four-wheel golf push cart, this has become less of a difficulty. When cart makers now discuss equilibrium, it’s a side-to-side dilemma. A number naturally has a larger wheelbase that makes them exceptionally stable.


My spouse likes to take way too many things together with her if we play golf, so many in fact that she occasionally commandeers a number of my very own storage for the things that will not fit in her bag cart. It has come to be a characteristic I pay more attention to when choosing that cart to purchase.


There are too many moving parts on a golf push cart that can, and occasionally do, break. I’ve needed to purchase parts for 2 unique carts. Fortunately, I had no problems either time I needed to do so.

List of 15 Best Golf Pushcart Reviews

1. SereneLife 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

The gray and black heavy-duty frame of the lightweight SereneLife folding golf push cart is produced from aluminum and it features upper and lower mounts helping you to load your golf bag. Elastic straps may tie down any dimension of the golf purse.

There’s space to get a scorecard, put your liquid refreshments, and join an umbrella holder into the storage compartment

It weighs in at a decent 19.62 Pounds and can take a load of around 33 lbs. This ought to be enough to take most golf bags used by amateurs.

A cushioned grip is height-adjustable for several pushing heights and positions.

You will find 3 non-inflatable clip-on wheels using quadruple ball bearings to supply ultra-smooth motion in a number of terrains. The Eagle V2 black core back wheels are 11 1/2 inches.

Preventing the cart is completed through an easy-to-use fast braking method to stop the cart from rolling out when parked.

Loading the tote into your car or truck is a simple procedure since it folds flat into a compact dimension measuring 23.2 inches, 7.3 inches broad, and 27.8 inches high. To unfold you just raise the handle and then it moves right into position.


  • Lightweight aluminum framework
  • Detachable umbrella holder
  • Adjustable height
  • The attachment console may hold a scorecard and beverages
  • Quick launch folds down the cart really quickly and readily


  • The front wheel doesn’t swivel
  • Only available in 1 color combination (black and grey )

2. BagBoy Triswivel II Golf Pushcart

The first being that Bag Boy Triswivel II is one of those couple golf push carts to have a 360* front wheel, thanks to swivel technology. The aluminum frame is very good for rough weather conditions and incredibly durable if you intend on walking more frequently than riding. Additionally, it’s a wonderful storage setup so that you can hold your favorite beverage and golfing equipment yet is still quite portable.

This 3-wheel cart is slick, is extremely compact dimension and operational. With its massive storage compartment, it causes it to be a wonderful decision to begin walking.


  • The largest pro is your 360* front tire ahead of the trunk. It makes it really simple to maneuver when you end up in a tight place on the program.
  • It’s also got a handle-mounted parking brake and adjustable barbell for golfers of all dimensions.
  • Plus, it is super compact and easy to transport in your vehicle.


  • Could be a bit pricey for a few, you get exactly what you pay for on this cart.
  • The other drawback is that some players found it difficult to fall, but this is not a common problem.

3. Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART

For any avid golfer that wants to invest a bit of cash on one of the best available on the current market, this pushcart needs to be well worth checking out. Very few carts have a foot brake system which surely makes this one stand out.

With more than 300 testimonials and nearly a 5-star evaluation, why would not you check this unbelievable pull cart outside?


  • The cart folds in a single second to ease the hassle of gearing a cart up after having around
  • The aluminum framework makes the cart hardy and much more lasting
  • Umbrella holder, so you can stay dry from the rain
  • Lightweight, so it’s no problem to take when hauling
  • Foot-brake system for any moment that you’re on an irregular surface


  • Requires a decent-sized budget but that’s reasonable for this excellent
  • Some reviews state the wheels occasionally aren’t aligned correctly

4. Stewart Golf R1-S Pushcart

One of our favorite layouts on this golf cart listing, the R1-S out of Stewart Golf boasts an impressive and patented rack & pinion- driven folding mechanism, which offers a cleaner appearance as the entire folding mechanism is within the framework. This also means there is nothing that could get stuck or jammed inside it and also maintenance is kept to a minimum.

It accommodates cart bags really well and there are a whole lot of premium rolls throughout, such as the non-absorbent silicone grips, quick-release brakes, and feature-packed handle games console, which offers storage for plenty of unique things such as balls, tees along with your scorecard.

In addition, there are 10 stylish color combinations available to match all preferences. From our testing, it is definitely among the most dependable pushcart on the market.


  • The folding mechanism is smart while also making it easier to install and put down fast
  • Very easy to push around the program
  • The color option adds a pinch of character


  • Recommend with a cart bag since the rack bag we utilized made obtaining clubs a little awkward

5. CaddyTek Superlite Explorer 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

The framework of this Superlite Explorer 4-wheeler is assembled from solid aluminum and put onto a wide base with front wheels for greater stability and is easy to roll on various terrains. It weighs in at a very lightweight of 14 lbs.

The handles are flexible to numerous pushing positions and cushioned making for a gentle touch. The foot brakes are simple to use with a drive-to brake and push-to-release feature. A patented 2 latched mechanism allows the cart to fold into a compact bundle through just 2 measures

There’s a mesh net for the chunks, a storage compartment for your scorecard, a well-sized drink holder, and an umbrella holder.

Putting the golf push cart for loading is fast and simple as it could be brought back by pushing a button beneath the handle. The rear wheels can be eliminated for storage requirements and the front wheel can rotate 180 degrees in either mode in the click of a change. To decrease the storage requirements further, the umbrella rack could be removed.

This really is a well-priced pushcart with a few great features but is upward contrary to some very strong competition.


  • The broad wheels allow ease of motion and equilibrium
  • Adjustable handles.
  • Extra storage
  • Built-in cooler
  • Simple folding and unfolding feature
  • Strong, durable aluminum frame.
  • Features patented folding design; mobile and travel-friendly.
  • Removable umbrella holder mount
  • Wheels have wheels.


  • Lack of bending mechanism in a folded position.
  • No brake control on the manage
  • Its handle has been split into two components
  • Brakes occasionally do not unlock as readily since they lock.
  • The bottom of this cart is very low to the floor

6. Bag Boy Nitron Golf Pushcart

1 simple measure is you have to fold this Bag Boy Nitron Nitron Golf Push cart down or up that is outstanding. The mechanism is lightning fast and yet don’t believe that restricts its potency since the framework is strong although not being too heavy so that it is simple to use on the hyperlinks. These compact dimensions when folded are a massive bonuses when it comes to storage also.

Other features include a scorecard console with integrated drink holder, portable device holder and golf ball storage, manage mounted parking brake, and bungee straps to fasten golf bag easily.


  • Automatic folding mechanism
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The premium cost might be a stumbling block

7. Clicgear Model 8+ | 4-Wheel Golf Pushcart

The Clicgear Model 8 is your follow-up for your ever-popular predecessor Model 8. This is only one of the best products you can find now. Its great features and uses technologies to the fullest to make sure that you have the absolute maximum help and opinions from among the most innovative four-wheel packs out there. It’s also designed to decrease the maintenance requirements during its life.

The Model 8 is a 4-wheeler made from lightweight materials and constructed in an extra-wide foundation for greater stability. It’s supplied with plenty of features that easily slip across the grass with very little resistance. This weighs in at a remarkably light weight of 10 lbs.

The console homes built-in storage to your scorecard along with the amount to your umbrella and cup holders. The brake system is controlled by the grip and effectively preventing the potent front wheels.

Folding this attractiveness for storage is easier than you would ever envision through using this patented V-slide feature leading to a folded up bundle of 15″ x 27″ x 17″.

Among the most lasting yet lightest golf pushcart in the marketplace and laden with technologies. The features to be found on Model 8 justifies the high cost.


  • Brake
  • The hand brake is operated by the deal.
  • Bag strap storage clip
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Slide lock manage
  • Airless wheels
  • Dual front wheels
  • Dual front wheel alignment
  • Stylish, sleek, and durable design
  • Extremely stable
  • Bottom-heavy
  • Easy to fold using patented designs.
  • Built-in accessory mounts for umbrella, two cup holders (standard + XL), and scorecard storage.
  • Height adjustable handle.


  • The brake handle may be somewhat rigid
  • Expensive but high worth

8. Sun Mountain Pathfinder 3 Golf Pushcart

Create your own route on the path using this Sun Mountain Pathfinder. Two simple steps are essential to fold it up and down and we especially liked the fantastic degree of storage whether it functions as an attachment console, mesh basket, or even the velour-lined valuables pouch. No doubt it could home whatever you could possibly want on the path safely, which makes it among the best golf push cart that the marketplace has to offer you.

The flexible, universal upper bag bracket functions equally well for the two carts, secured through flexible bungee wires on both upper and lower mounts. It’s available in seven colors also, which means you need to have the ability to select your favorite.


  • Huge storage for bits and bobs
  • Straightforward construction


  • Stability less powerful than other versions

9. Tangkula Golf Push Cart with Seat

The Tangkula Golf Pushcart is a 3-wheel push cart using a framework constructed from metal and it might take on the heaviest of luggage. Since Tangkula is constructed of steel rather than aluminum like the majority of the opponents it weighs at a comparatively heavy 19 lbs.

The handle can turn and move at every angle possible and can be height adjustable to fit your requirements and also the moveable handles make it simple to carry. A fantastic feature of this handle is it is flexible and may be employed by either left-handed or right-handed golfers with no modification required.

The wheels have ball bearings hence making it very easy and simple to push and change leadership.

The brakes are powerful but not connected to the manager. Unfortunately, you’ll need to run them with your own feet.

On the console, you will discover the usual area for accessories including a scorecard, umbrella, a mesh tote, and drink holder.

Slow play has become a popular topic and can be found in any way level of the match. A quality you will see on a few of those opponents which makes this kind of stand-out alternative is your adjustable stool for all those days when you need to await the group ahead to finish their hole.

The Tangkula folds to some 65″ x 27″ x 48″ bundle makes it easy to shop. If it takes up too much space it is possible to get rid of all 3 of its own wheels to squeeze it into the tightest spaces.

Weighing in thicker compared to the contest as a result of this steel structure doesn’t affect the workability and functioning of this Tangkula. It’s simple to build and includes a stool to help when you eliminate waiting.


  • Easy to build
  • Sturdy steel frame structure
  • Folds readily
  • Removable wheels
  • Height and angle adjustable grip.
  • Net tote and drink holder.
  • Ball-bearing wheels
  • Seating stool with storage compartment.


  • No brake control on the manage
  • People with short legs can struggle with the wheels

10. Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

Clicgear has enhanced the very popular 3.5+ version with this 4.0 layout. Only a few of the modifications include a new lid lock, flexible top saddle, silicone straps, adjustable front wheel, umbrella tubing strap, enhanced scorecard, and pen holder that’s a lengthy feature list really.

There’s now a new stylish scorecard holder. It is silicone and does precisely what the old series version used to perform, but it seems cooler and comes from several colors that could be customized using an M4 Trim Kit (sold individually ).

The new Clicgear Silicone straps are flexible right from the box and are even more gentle in your own bag.

The lower saddle on that the Clicgear M4 Golf Push Cart is altered to move the reduced tote support up and off in your front wheel. Working together with all the adjustable upper saddle enables better clearance between the base of a few stand bags when placed on the cart. This eventually removes an annoying problem for a number of clients.

Front-wheel adjustment gets a whole lot simpler with all the Clicgear M4 having the new wheel adjustment system upfront. Now you can easily adjust the front wheel using the turn of a single twist for perfect alignment each time.

The selection of different colors is an opportunity to bring some identity into your cart, although it’s also quite compact when folded down which makes it great for storage too.


  • Feature-packed
  • Improvements on the previous layout


  • Could be fiddly to build

11. Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart with 360 Rotating Front Wheel

At first sight, the Qwik-Fold Golf Push Cart seems dull with its stripped-down stylishness. You won’t find a lot of gimmicks that may be thought of like a shortcoming.

The pushcart is generated from aircraft-grade aluminum and weighs just 17 pounds making it lightweight and easy to load to your motor vehicle.

Becoming super powerful and hardy, it may take a load of 38+ pounds effortlessly. Tying the tote is a cinch with straps.

The height-adjustable management will stop strain on your spine and shoulders is very comfy

Back wheels step in at 10 inches in diameter and the non-swiveling front-wheel in 9 inches. All three ball-bearing wheels have treads that hold firmly letting them effortlessly scale over changing terrain but are modest enough to not be excruciating. Front-wheel is mounted onto a downward straightened leg for improved control while the back wheels are broad set for greater stability.

Patented bullet-system technology makes it simple to collapse the cart to load into your automobile is carried out simply by pushing a button and then erecting it by lifting the handle for this to slips into shape.

There’s a removable umbrella holder for all those unpredictable days.

A patented foot-brake program is participated simply by tapping on the Split with your foot and also to discharge all you need to do is tap on it with your own foot again

The Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3-Wheel push-pull golf cart is priced for what it provides.


  • Lightweight aluminum framework
  • Detachable umbrella holder
  • Wonderfully comfortable ergonomic handle grip
  • Adjustable height
  • Simple console having adequate golfing amenities
  • Quick discharge folds down the cart quickly and readily
  • Extremely stable beneath heavyweight because of a broad base


  • The front wheel doesn’t swivel
  • Sometimes veers into the side
  • Comes in just 1 color (black)

12. CaddyTek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

CaddyTek has implemented its exceptional one-click button mechanism which folds down the cart brightly. Additionally, it has a solid aluminum frame that does not appear to weigh anything whatsoever which makes it simple to use, and there’s also an umbrella holder, storage stand and do this — an amalgamated basket with a built-in cooler!

The push handle may be adjusted to three distinct heights and the wheels are a fantastic size also so that they roll easily over several sorts of terrain easily.


  • A lot of features
  • Fantastic color selection


  • Quite an expensive option

13. Motocaddy Cube 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Motocaddy CUBE includes a sturdy frame weighing at a competitive 15 pounds which could fold up into, you’ve guessed it, a block. The folding mechanism may fold in the tiniest of spaces during transport, using a folding lock to fasten into position.

Pushing the cart through the height-adjustable handlebar will stop strain on your shoulders and back.

Preventing your luggage to the cart through the adjustable bag affirms is quick.

The attachment console along with an under-handle storage web appeals to a storage compartment, drinks holder, scorecard holder, in addition to tee shirts and ball holders. Additionally, the console caters to some detachable umbrella holders.

Non-inflatable, friction-free, oversize rubber wheels allow the trolley to traverse all terrains without an issue. The front wheel doesn’t swivel since a few of the opponents do.

Folding it to the block is a simple two-wheeled fold procedure that will compact it in a tiny 21-inch lengthy, 13-inch broad, and 17-inch large block.

To maintain the best golf push cart set up while you’re enjoying your shot, or on the sloping floor, there’s an easy-to-operate foot parking brake that can be used with EASILOCK™.


  • Lightweight aluminum framework
  • Detachable umbrella holder
  • Adjustable height
  • The attachment console may hold a scorecard and beverages
  • Quick launch folds down the cart really quickly and readily


  • The front wheel doesn’t swivel
  • Only available in 1 color combination (black and grey )

14. Motocaddy Z1 Pushcart

The brand new look Z1 version is perfect for budget-conscious golfers searching for a simple, lightweight (13 pounds ) golf pushcart. Wide-ranging attributes including three manage height configurations and friction-free oversized wheels which could be removed quickly for simple storage, and an easy two-step charging system.

It may lack the wow variable of additional golf push carts on this list but if you would like an affordable option that will haul your clubs around the path with the minimum of fuss, then this is the one to select for.


  • Incredibly lightweight version
  • Price provides great value


  • Other carts provide a more superior feel

15. Sun Mountain Golf- Pathfinder 4 Cart

The Sun Mountain Golf Pathfinder 4 cart is a lightweight golf push cart weighing in at a mere 17 lbs on a solid foundation of 4 wheels.

You can’t put this at the dull class. The Pathfinder 4 is offered in a multitude of 8 color combinations, sufficient to coordinate with just about any bag available in the industry

The attachment console is designed to hold your mobile phone, scorecard, golf balls, and tees. On the back of the attachment console is really a velour-lined pouch for secure storage of electronics. Beneath the console, you’ll come across a mesh basket.

On the face of the push arm is really a removable umbrella holder for times you perform in inclement weather.

Charging your phone while you’re playing golf isn’t a problem. There’s a charging plug slot at the mobile phone holder to control your mobile phone.

The golf bag is strapped to the cart with adjustable bungee cords around the top and lower bag brackets.

Collapsing the pathfinder 4 to the compact dimensions measuring 26 Inches long, 16 inches wide, and 14 inches high, is carried out simply by unlocking the underside locking mechanism, then unlocking the very best mechanics.


  • Lightweight aluminum framework
  • Detachable umbrella holder
  • Adjustable height
  • Sturdy base
  • Multi-functional attachment console, velour pouch, and net storage


  • A manual operation is required for bettering the cart

FAQs About Best Golf Pushcart

Have you got more questions that were not covered in our buyer’s guide? If this is so, hopefully, those replies below will give you a hand so that you may discover the very best

Which is a much better 4 or 3 wheel golf push cart?

A 3 wheel golf cart vs. a 4 wheel golf cart is the newest argument but both have their own pros and cons of the front wheel. Generally, a 3 wheel cart is larger but easier to maneuver if pushing. But as it is bigger, it is normally a little more complex to store and transfer.

But a four-wheel-drive cart has its benefits also. It normally includes more storage, more golf accessories (such as a bench, umbrella holder, scorecard holder), and a greater fold system compared to a three-wheel choice. However, it’s also a whole lot larger and thicker than its three-wheel substitute.

Overall, it is dependent upon your own golfing tastes, storage, and intentions of walking. 1 other issue to consider is wheel dimensions.

Smaller wheels create your cart more streamlined but they are not quite as stable. Bigger wheels can allow you to navigate through rough terrain and rugged paths considerably easier than smaller ones.

Additionally, some are inflatable tire-style wheels while some do not. Be certain that you double-check or possess an air conditioner handy and assess the pressure frequently.

Why would you require a golf cart?

You may be thinking, in the event, I receive a golf push cart? My response — it is dependent upon your golfing customs.

If you are an avid stick who can not get enough of the crazy game, it is a fantastic idea. Even in the event that you don’t use it all of the time, getting the choice to walk if the weather is great or you would like to burn off additional calories is amazing to have. Plus, a number of your golf friends may favor walking riding and it is much better than leasing a cheap generic cart in the program.

And of course, if you are getting ready for a golf club checklist excursion, it is a fantastic idea to get in the habit of walking ahead of your trip. A good deal of courses asks that you walk (such as Bandon Dunes) and at times it’s more enjoyable since you’re able to take in all of the sights. Walking sometimes can let you get in better golf shape so you’re prepared for the trip and do not get exhausted throughout the back nine.

Which is a much better push or pull cart?

Like I said before Flyers were created to pull not push. But golf firms got smarter and heard that it’s far better for gamers and simpler to drive your golf bag vs. pull it.

When you are pulling your golfing tote for four and miles every around, it is very taxing on your own shoulders and upper back. This makes it effortless not to have as great of posture and shed a little energy later on in the round.

I’d always advocate pushing, not pulling on your golf cart as they’re created for this and it’ll allow you to avoid injury.

Do cart bags match on pushcarts?

Yes, cart bags will fit on many products. Unless you’ve got a huge, tour-sized golf purse, your brand new golf push cart should work great for just about any bag. But simply because they do match does not mean it is the best idea.

Since cart bags tend to be much heavier than your normal rack bag, it creates walking that far harder. If you intend on walking 30-50percent or more of your rounds, then I propose investing in the cart bag to get a stand-up version or more hybrid design. This way is a lot easier to push no matter which kind of class you perform and easier in your body also.


For golfers looking to like a fantastic walk on the hyperlinks, the best golf push cart will make it simple to focus solely on another shot. With broad wheelbases and the capacity to brake on sloped terrain, a push golf cart is remarkably convenient for golfers of any age and ability level.