The best basketball insoles in 2023 are listed here to help you receive superior relaxation, boost functionality, and greater support.

Basketball insoles enhance comfort and support for your feet throughout the contest. Also, if your sole problem is worn-out outsoles, they can extend the life of your basketball shoes at a lower cost. Change out your worn-out basketball insoles with these, and you’ll be able to keep using your own shoes.

Anyway, basketball insoles are the perfect solution for all those who wish to decrease the stress they are feeling on their toes while playing.

Additionally, these pads also make sure to minimize ordinary injuries. However, the problem is that all corners are intended for a particular function. But if you would like to knock out all of the anxiety, plantar fasciitis, and other ankle issues, these manners will assist you while you expect.

In this guide, I will review the best basketball liners for you.

Basketball Insoles

How Do Insoles Help With Basketball?

Playing basketball requires a great deal of fancy footwork. Basketball players run, jump, and move their toes throughout the sport. They’re also able to bump into each other lots of times. Every one of these activities places a great deal of strain on your toes.

Proper insoles within a participant’s basketball shoes help enhance balance by giving aid in the proper regions of the foot. This will definitely improve overall equilibrium. In addition, it can ease pain and create feet motion more comfortable. Knowing your foot is suitably supported will enhance your confidence to perform the complex moves required on your group’s play.

The ideal foot service may also help prevent problems such as:

Pressure fractures –  Breaks in the bone because of constant thumping.

Plantar fasciitis – inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament that causes pain on the bottoms of your feet when bending your feet or arches

Bruised heel– sharp pain on your heels when you walk

Overpronation – inward leaning your toes usually because of horizontal feet

The basketball insoles I recommend here will provide your feet that additional support when playing. Please consult with a physician if you experience persistent pain or distress, or in case you’ve got a significant foot illness before utilizing any over-the-counter orthotics.

15 Best Basketball Insoles

1. Superfeet Green TTF Foot mattress

Superfeet green is total length insoles that you trim to customize the match on your shoe. They have a deep heel cup so that they naturally provide you the most amount of shock absorption and support.

These insoles help stabilize your foot and are specially designed for those that have high arches. They decrease the amount of strain your toes, knees and ankles undergo.

They provide you the best heel support. You will have improved energy and skill when using these insoles since your toes won’t hurt as they did before you have the inserts.


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Made of high-density foam
  • Artificial only


  • Can be noisy once you’re walking

2. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

The Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx includes all of the necessary components to make sure that your foot is guarded from heel to toe. It’s a full-size insole and has a deep heel cup (heavier compared to the first Pinnacle), company arch support, a 2 level lateral place for midfoot support, a slightly angled outside heel stage, and exceptional cushioning. These attributes offer you greater foot stability and control that’s a wonderful improvement to your basketball sneakers.

The insole foundation is made of a dual-layer of EVA foam that offers adequate shock absorption once you create those large jumps. It’s an anti-microbial polyester cover that keeps your feet warm and comfy. Sadly, this cloth isn’t fixed quite well to the insole base. It might be bothersome to believe that peeling cloth in your toes.


  • Solid arch assistance
  • Deep heel cup
  • The base is made from EVA foam; lightweight, flexible, and durable
  • Anti-microbial polyester to stop odor
  • True to size


  • The cloth covering can come off fast

3. Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole

The Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole has built-in elastic arch technologies. This technology permits you to acquire a perfect fit irrespective of foot form. Their characteristic flexes vertically and horizontally. It provides a high degree of protection and prevents jarring consequences.

This set includes a biomechanically contoured layout. It provides full control to your toes by creating them well-positioned.

Additionally, the layout makes sure that your foot land easily by ensuring less strain on your joints. From the wonderful attributes, it’s a full-foot-high dip foam. It fostered the performance degree by providing superior comfort and service. Additionally, the shock absorbs cushioning provides excellent stability on the court.

This set of Shock Doctor Insoles reduce joint fatigue in addition to pain. It provides 20% more bounce because we’ve compared it to this typical foam.

Even on irregular surfaces, it keeps your toes balanced. Why is it more practical? This set of insoles improved the movement management by aligning from forefoot to rearfoot.

Furthermore, its material lowers the control odors in addition to friction. But overall, these inserts deliver high-impact functionality to consume the jarring shocks and enhanced movement even on the irregular surface by supplying the high relaxation and relaxation a basketball player requirements.


  • Great Amount of cushioning.
  • Capable of adapting to some foot contour.
  • Absorb perhaps shocks.
  • Highly supportive.
  • Ideal for plantar fasciitis.
  • Hand washed in cool water.


  • A little too large.
  • Generous padding in the feet area.

4. POWERSTEP PROTECH Control Full Length Orthotic Supports Men’s & Women’s

Powerstep full-length orthotic shoe insoles are all infused with antifungal properties. The 100% polyester they are produced out of is made to help rid your shoes of germs which can cause odor and foot disease conditions.

These insoles aren’t going to have to be trimmed to make them match Into your shoe. They’re thin so they don’t interfere with the way the shoe fits or feels on your foot. They are sometimes worn with nearly all shoe styles, such as basketball shoes.

They’re 100% cotton so that they may be washed. You need to hand wash them instead of placing them in a system.


  • Firm but flexible.
  • Complete length insoles.
  • Produced in the USA.


  • The insoles aren’t as thick as others and just offer moderate cushioning.

5. Sof Sole ATHLETE Performance Insoles

The ATHLETE Insole Sof Sole is an insole that’s acceptable for most foot types as a result of the neutral arch and medium-sized heel cup. It can be a flexible insole that is lightweight but nevertheless supplies support. The foundation is constructed from Implus foam also has gel pads in the forefoot and heel. These gel pads absorb the influence on your toes as you land from this jump shot.

That is a full-length Insole that’s acceptable for many athletic activities as its name implies but is also a fantastic all-rounder. You may use it on your everyday shoes to give your toes more cushioning to your daily pursuits. There’s usually no break-in period required for all these insoles. It’s treated with hydrologic moisture-wicking therapy that keeps your feet dry.

This really is an excellent option for people searching for extra aid within their basketball shoes or who want inflexible support from more technical insoles. I like this to the Sof Sole Air Insole because air bubbles normally wear out more rapidly in contrast to cushions made from gel and foam.


  • Great value for money.
  • Adequate support and endurance.
  • Shorter break-in period.


  • Runs little. Order up a size if your toes are broad.
  • May begin squeaking after some time.

6. Physix Gear Sport Full-Length Orthotic Inserts

The Physix Gear Sport Full-Length Orthotic Inserts supply high arch support. These inserts are made for Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, runner’s knee, and flat feet.

It’s the most calming alternative. It’s crafted with PU and medical-grade EVA foam. On account of this substance, it isn’t only durable but supplies high performance too.

These inserts have deep heel pliers to boost stability. The very low profile and ultra-thin design guarantee your feet feel that the high comfort they deserve.

Its lightweight design absorbs the impacts. In addition, it guarantees a decrease in muscle fatigue for both in foot and leg. Really, these inserts would be the best basketball insoles. The main reason is its solid performance.

All these are designed to provide excellent comfort for extended periods. If it comes to service, it’s providing exceptional outcomes. It makes your toes’ posture align.

It reduces all discomforts due to the semi-rigid arch support. Through the afternoon, it provides needed stability and support.

There’s enough space in its toe place which is elastic in almost any shoe to acquire an exact match. It’s the ideal setting for the job shoes/boots, hiking shoes, casual shoes, and shoes.


  • Available in five dimensions.
  • Long-lasting comfort.
  • Full-length inserts.
  • Safe and lasting.
  • Supreme caliber.


  • Low profile design maybe not be perfect for you.
  • Not for broad feet.

7. Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports

Plantar Fasciitis sufferers will want to test these amazing orthotic inserts. These inserts have unbelievable heel support made to cradle the foot and proper foot placement. It offers a cushion in the effect the heel feels when you land from a jump.

Arch support from the insole provides you with improved foot and leg alignment. Individuals who have flat feet and individuals with high arches may adore the way the arch support of those insoles lowers the pain that they feel in their toes.

The cloth that the insoles are made out of has a cooling effect to assist your feet to stay cooler and more comfortable on your shoe.


  • Durable.
  • Pain-relieving.
  • Hand washable for hydration and odor management.


  • You have to eliminate the only out of your shoe prior to putting these insoles inside them.

8. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles

These are just one of those best basketball insoles which can be found in the current internet industry. Hopefully, they’ll be accessible for a very long time to come. All these Polysorb Insoles were developed to stretch readily and broadly.

The Polysorb shoe insoles are created from the ideal nylon cloth. They comprise 4-way flexibility and stretchability, to improve and encourage traction and motion. Additionally, EVA forefoot cushioning is an attribute that allows high-quality effect suspension and absorption.

The insoles are incorporated using a 5/32-inch coating of spencer which considerably enhances stability and functionality and absorbs shock. In addition, it has foam at the heel and arch to offer maximum support and comfort.


  • Easy motion and endurance is encouraged by the nylon cloth
  • EVA forefoot cushioning reduces strain and pressure on the heel and arch and enables shock absorption
  • A highly Designed Spencore fabric coating enhances suspension and cushioning
  • Polyurethane foam boosts performance and strategy and increases relaxation


  • After prolonged usage might wear down
  • Might be discomforting and debilitating

9. Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

The Superfeet Black Premium Insoles is Superfeet’s most versatile Offering that is acceptable for most foot types. Contrary to their popular green and orange variations which are equally made for large arches and therefore are usually thicker, this insole includes a more moderate arch and takes up less space on your basketball sneakers.

Flexible high-density foam is utilized for the whole length of the insole to offer relaxation and a consistent texture. Under the foam, a reinforced stabilizer cap helps fortify the construction of the rearfoot for durability. Stability and support have been improved from the inviting heel cup to maintain your mind in place and also the exceptional Superfeet contour to decrease strain on your toes.

These insoles provide a fine balance between performance and support. It includes a good structure at a greater cost.


  • Supportive heel cup
  • Moderate arch
  • Takes up less space on your basketball shoe
  • Durable construction and structure


  • More expensive than other options

10. Sof Sole Insoles Unisex FIT Support Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert

Sof Sole insoles help control the odor that sporting shoes, workboots, and sneakers worn for extended periods of time grow. Moisture-wicking technology was designed to the 100 percent Implus foam that the insoles are made from. After the moisture is wicked away your toes feel drier and more comfortable. The foam dries really quickly so bacteria that cause odor don’t have a chance to develop and grow.

Gel pads are placed in the heel part of those insoles. The gel pads provide you a larger quantity of cushioning and relaxation in an insole that’s less bulky. The forefoot region has also been fortified with gel pads to supply you with additional cushions.


  • The neutral arch that most people can benefit from
  • Cooling impact to keep feet comfy
  • Durable


  • All these are created for men’s sneakers not unisex

11. Powerstep Unisex’s Pinnacle Plus Insoles

When it comes to the best basketball insoles at 2023, the Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles are unusually famous for their high quality and service.

The insoles are created of polypropylene material. This material protects your toes from toe to heel. For additional aid, the heel cradle makes it possible to gain more control and encourage upon impact.

Really, these inserts provide more security than a basketball player wants. There features dual-layer cushioning. It ensures that your feet stay secure, whether you’re walking or playing around.

The plan is also the most attractive. The inserts are made from an ultra-thin profile which enables you to fix them in many shoes with no hassle.

Furthermore, there features a contoured heel cup. This attribute added more equilibrium. In addition, it reduces back pain. Contrary to the milder inserts, this set provides maximum comfort when you wear sneakers.

The proven cushioning makes you feel that your toes remain protective. Additionally, many users love those insoles that help alleviate the pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Additionally, these are perfect for any sort of surface, for example, Nike basketball insoles. For the cost, the insoles are cheap. In general, there’s an extensive selection of sizes available.


  • Different dimensions available
  • Heel cradle
  • Easy to eliminate
  • Adjustable in any Kind of shoe
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable


  • Does not feel powerful

12. Sof Sole Men’s Airr Orthotic Support Full-Length Insole

The heel and arch of the insert characteristic Skydex air bubbles that are intended to help absorb shock from high-impact activities like basketball and other kinds of court-based sports. The insoles’ fortify nylon arch support boosts proper alignment of your toes and enriches your movement. The orthotic insoles work the most appropriately for people with horizontal feet or a very low arch and are ideal for leaping, biking, running, or walking.

These insoles have a CoolMax fabric topping that works to wick away moisture so that your toes are kept dry and cool as you’re playing. Odor-causing germs are prevented from growing by an antibacterial treatment — that is excellent because nobody enjoys smell shoes outside on the court. The insoles can be found in four distinct sizes that match men’s athletic shoes. There’s a variant of the insole also for women’s feet.


  • The arch support and heel have additional shock absorption
  • Plenty of cushioning is provided
  • Top Cool Maxlaer prevents your feet from overheating


  • For many athletic shoes that the sizing has an inclination to run across 1/4 inch too brief
  • Many clients have discovered that when utilizing them that they had been somewhat thick and their shoes were tight
  • Only low or midsize service is offered from the firmness arch support plate
  • Not well-suited for people with high foot arches

13. ProFoot Orthotic Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis sufferers understand the intense shooting pains that can undergo their heels when they attempt to walk. ProFoot orthotic insoles are especially designed to take care of the hell pain and heel spurs that cause so much pain.

Gel folds that are wider in the heel permit the insole to absorb shock and cushion your heels to decrease the pain you’ve got. The heel cup is intended to present the very best cradle so that you may walk, run and leap again.

These are low-profile designs that fit in nearly all shoe styles. They’re half-foot insoles that may be removed and hands washed.


  • Cozy
  • Durable
  • Cooling


  • 1 size fits all

14. Superfeet CARBON, Thin and Strong Insoles for Pain Relief

Superfeet carbon insole is an additional excellent product of Superfeet. This insole is ideal for athletic performance since it provides natural pain relief and extreme relaxation.

A Lot of People loved this 1 because of its quality construction and superb comfortable design. And it’s thought to be among the best basketball insoles since it assists in better footwork through an extreme basketball game.

Actually, that Superfeet carbon insole is made from warp knit polyester. And this substance is thought to be among the very best materials for sport shoe insoles.

Anyway, lightweight high-density foam is utilized within this insole that cushions your feet. And carbon fiber stabilizer cover offers support that enriches your equilibrium.

The heel cap plays a significant part in the aid and strengthening of your toes. The perforated foam ensures breathability.

And odor-control coating prevents odor-causing germs and germs. Furthermore, this is the thinnest basketball insole on the list. Nonetheless, it’s much expensive when compared to other insoles as a result of superior construction.


  • Lightweight high-density foam
  • Odor-control coating prevents germs
  • Incredibly lightweight and durable
  • Carbon fiber stabilizer cap
  • Heel Cap for Superior support and stability


  • Hefty price than other insoles as a result of superior building

15. Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles

As the name Implies, your toes get complete general support in the Spenco Total Support Max Shoe insoles. It gives support for key regions of your feet that are subject to continuous pressure.

This full-length insole includes a deep heel cup and a company arch support that keeps your foot in place. A 3-POD system (comprising 2 soft blue pods plus one rigid red pod) placed strategically beneath the heel and close to the mid-foot helps prevent overpronation and provides increased shock absorption to all these regions. The balls of your toes aren’t forgotten. They get extra relief from pressure throughout the SpenCore forefoot crash pad.

Spenco Total Support Max isn’t only about service. Additionally, it delivers relaxation. The footbed is constructed of a flexible EVA coating that conforms to the contour of the foot for a better match. It’s perforations in the forefoot for improved venting and a low-friction antimicrobial top cloth which helps control odor.

The sizing for the product can be catchy. It typically is big. I would advise going half down a size in the event that you use half dimensions.


  • Deep heel cup
  • Firm arch support
  • Support for the balls of the toes
  • The base is made from EVA foam; lightweight, flexible, and durable
  • Anti-microbial cover keeps feet cool and dry


  • Sizing may be catchy

What To Look For When Buying Insoles For Basketball Shoes?


The kind of service you need in the insole will probably be directly about the foot pain you’ve got when you wear your sneakers without them. A lot of men and women need additional arch support and other men and women need support in the heel of their own foot.

The insoles that you choose will be tagged as effective at supplying arch support, extra cushioning, or using a deep heel cup. Read your package carefully and decide what the insole is intended to tackle.


You should expect normal wear once you utilize the insoles often. The quantity of time before a product requires replacement will probably vary greatly over people and their utilization of this merchandise. I’d say it is sensible for many users to anticipate a set of insoles to last approximately three weeks. You need to be on the lookout for your insoles abruptly falling apart as you’re playing that could be harmful. Purchasing from famous brands that stand by their merchandise can assist with this.

Correct Size

Your springs will probably be very uncomfortable If they’re the incorrect size. You will need to guarantee that the insoles which you’ve determined match into your own shoes. Avoid picking your insoles according to their dimensions, as every manufacturer is different so the sizes aren’t always exactly the same. Instead, take your basketball shoes along with you whenever you go shopping to ascertain a specific match.

Inserts will make your shoes feel much tighter, which might mean that you have to wear shoes that are one size larger so there is sufficient room in your shoes. Additionally, be certain that the blue or width of every foot also matches around the insole dimensions, which will provide you with complete support all of the way through.

Fit For Purpose

Use insoles which are created for athletic shoes or even better when it is specifically created for basketball. This helps to ensure that the item was intended for the extreme pace and motion necessary for sports. Insoles for athletic sneakers may be used for everyday wear when they fit into your shoe, but you cannot use a “regular” insole for basketball sneakers. The service won’t be adequate.

You may also think about custom-made foot orthotics when you’ve got a certain condition to goal. This is going to be the very best in terms of fulfilling your precise requirements but it is going to include a high price tag.


Price Isn’t the most important portion of purchasing for insoles. The expense of this insole may reflect on the quality of materials used from the product, and also the sturdiness of this merchandise. If you genuinely would like to locate insoles that will benefit you then don’t be tempted to purchase the least expensive ones that you find.

Odor Protection and Moisture Wicking

You will probably be using these inserts for as long as possible. That is the reason you need to be on the lookout for the kinds that will make sure your feet stay dry and odor-free. If you would like to avoid having to invest in new ones every month or two, start looking for breathable choices.

Along with the moisture-wicking layouts, It’s also important to check out the kind which you may hand wash. If you can clean your springs, they will stay odor-free and will likely endure for a great deal more.

Lightweight and Flexible

This is more of a performance consideration instead of support. A hefty insole will weigh you down and will keep you from implementing those slashing moves to the basket. Insoles made from EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), foam, or similar lightweight materials are all great for this use. Even though a company insole is wanted for assistance, they need to be flexible enough for the foot to move naturally.

Arch service

The insoles which are designed to provide you additional arch support have an arch built to them. This is excellent in basketball shoes since basketball shoes are comparatively flat and have little to no arch support.

Check about the Comfort Levels

As soon as you have gone through all of the tests mentioned above, the previous step in the approach is to be certain that they’re comfortable. Not one of those features will issue when your feet ache or you feel uneasy once you’re wearing them. Each of the characteristics will need to balance so your insoles can supply you with the comfort and support that you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do NBA players wear insoles?

Nearly all NBA players do use insoles in their shoes. The flat bottoms of basketball shoes provide hardly any cushion. The deficiency of pillow can leave a participant with toes that aggravation, and in the future with toes that are continuously hurting. Players use insoles to boost their relaxation, which also enhances their game.

Do VKTRY insoles actually do the job?

The VKTRY insoles are a number of the priciest shoe insoles. The greater cost makes people wonder whether the insoles are worth the cost. The simple truth is these are really excellent insoles. They raise your energy levels and many individuals who wear them swear they have improved their performance skills.

Can insoles make you jump higher?

The best basketball insoles can force you to jump higher. The right Insoles give your toes a small cushion so once you jump there’s not as jarring, and it is not as painful to property. You obviously jump higher since you aren’t concerned about the pain related to landing following the jump. The ideal insoles raise your confidence so much that you’ll also run faster and take further than you have.


It is essential to have the appropriate set of insoles while enjoying a baseball game because they provide the basis for their participant in addition to their match. Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand the main variables when utilizing insoles.

We run our merchandise Reviews to make certain that you have access to testimonials regarding the most recent and best insoles. Our purchasing guide is here to assist you to make better purchasing decisions. But bear in mind that the very best basketball insoles are for those who serve one of the very best and keep you comfy. Do not select ones which are Embarrassing for you if they have all the best attributes.