One thing that makes parents happy is seeing their kids make long-lasting friendships while doing something they enjoy! One of the easiest ways to help them make friends and bond over shared interests is through their youth sports teams. Aside from creating new relationships, they also learn important skills like working with a team, developing responsibility, and understanding discipline and accountability.

While this is already a fantastic experience, parents are always looking for new ways to enhance it even further. Finding more ways to bring kids and their teammates even closer together is made much easier with things that create a sense of community. Believe it or not, one of the best (and easiest) ways to improve a child’s sports experience is with customized sports pins.

Now, there are many benefits of adding these simple, little pins to your kids’ teams’ customs, but here are a few ways parents have found they’ve helped.

Build Stronger Teams and Enhance Identity

Build Stronger Teams and Enhance Identity

From big corporations to local youth sports teams, pins are used to show off your team’s pride and a shared identity. You can add logos, names, team colors – whatever makes your team unique.

When kids and other players wear their team’s pins, they show everyone else they belong to a shared community with a common goal and purpose. Kids love when they and their teammates wear their pins together. It creates such a great sense of belonging and pride among them, their teammates, and their friends.

Of course, this helps develop team-building skills, which will help kids beyond their years spent on a youth sports team. Everyone on the team feels more connected when they share something like a pin because it becomes a symbol of their commitment to each other and their team.

Pin Trading and Collecting

Pins are much more than an additional piece of a uniform. In fact, teams can use pins for tournaments, special awards, and so much more! Young teammates will usually get together before a game and show off the special pins they received from their coaches for past performances and accomplishments.

It’s no stretch to say that kids seem to enjoy the trading and collecting of team pins as much as actually playing in the tournament itself! There are definitely some Pokemon Go (gotta collect them all) aspects to it, where they tried to collect each team’s pin.

Showing Off Their Team Pride


Scoring a goal, making the winning basket, blocking the other team’s shot – these are all wonderful things that bring a great deal of joy and pride to kids as they participate in their team’s practices and games. Custom team pins are a simple and effective way to build pride among team members. When they wear their pins during games, events, and even spirit events, they get to show off their dedication to their team and their pride in the work they all do together.

Boost Expression and Creativity

While just wearing their pins helps them demonstrate their support and showcase their enthusiasm, you can take it one step further. When a child’s soccer team decided to get their own custom sports pins, they included them in the creative process. They picked out their colors and the words they wanted to use on their pins.

Including them in the design and creative process boosted everyone’s creativity, self-expression, and shared identity as a team. These aspects are such an important part of a child’s development and will help them in so many other ways in addition to what they do on their teams.

Making kids part of the design process also boosts their confidence and helps them feel more comfortable sharing their ideas with their friends, coaches, and even other adults involved with the team. Even better – they develop even deeper connections with the other kids on their teams as they show off their creations with pride.

A Little Healthy Competition


A child’s team can use custom pins to showcase special accomplishments – both for their team and for themselves. By creating specific pins for the “Most Valuable Player” or the “Highest Scorer,” teams can help kids engage in a bit of healthy competition.

This practice makes them work harder, develop more self-discipline, take pride in their own accomplishments, and share in the joy of their teammates’ accomplishments. Using this same approach for special tournaments and events acts like a mini trophy when your child and their teammates go above and beyond.

Create Something They’ll Treasure Forever

Custom youth sports pins are different from trophies and uniforms because they’ll never outgrow them, and it’s easier to keep them close. With these pins, kids will remember all of the wonderful memories they created with their friends while they learned important life skills and shared a fun experience with their friends. It’s a great learning experience, and they get to think back on all of the special times they’ve had on their sports teams throughout the years.

The best part is that it is easy to get started with making your kids’ team pins. You can use for your youth teams. It is an easy and fast process to get going and create some customizable sports team pins!

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