Picking out the best Babolat tennis racket is not a simple job.

You select the wrong racket, and you’re going to know it. You will feel it within the first couple of swings since the burden feels off, the clasp is too little, or so the strings are too tight.

What’s annoying is that it’s rather expensive. Many rackets have hefty prices which forces you to draw breath in the mere sight of these and have put a lot of people off trying to get to tennis in any way.

So yes, tennis rackets have the capacity to make or break your connection with this game. We here in Wazoo Sports have seen our fair share of frustrated and distressed gamers bemoaning their rackets, and we have had enough.

We wish to create SURE that that does not occur to you.

That is why we’ve compiled a listing of a few of the Best Rackets from among the absolute best firms for you to get a browse through to prepare to get a buy.

Take off your shoes and put on your old cracked wooden racket.

Please take a chair and see since we try to discover the very Babolat Tennis racket available on the market now!

Babolat series is among the most well-known series of tennis rackets. It’s the ideal racket for kids and beginners. This sexy new brand has many unique rackets for various head sizes and lengths. Rafael Nadal utilized this particular brand. Thus, it’s also called Rafael Nadal’s tennis rackets. If you would like to purchase the Babolat tennis racket in accordance with your age or prerequisites, this guide is beneficial.

Babolat Tennis Racket

11 Best Babolat Tennis Racket Reviews 2023

1. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racket Reviews

Whenever we begin compiling those records, we always prefer to jump right at the end with a few of the greatest rackets utilized by a few of the greatest players. Having won 20 grand slam titles, it is reasonable to state Rafael Nadal understands a thing or 2 about rackets.

This Pure Aero has a clearly unique black and yellow color scheme which has become a little bit of an iconic blueprint for Babolat. It appears undeniably seems both eloquent and fantastic and can be totally recognizable when out on the court.

Eye-catching colors to the other side, that this racket has quite a few qualities which make it a must-get. We are going, to begin with, the beam contour, which includes that curved aerodynamic contour that helps you to cut each individual swing.

Having built a new around creating rackets for extreme players, Babolat tennis racket has concentrated on providing comfort to go for the energy that time around. They have partnered with an aerospace firm that specializes in shock vibration direction to assist put rubber bands around the column of their racket to nullify the immediate impact when hitting the ball

Made from carbon fiber and weigh in at 310 g, this is a comparatively heavy racket that can prove easily maneuverable and steady when volleying winners away up on the internet.

This is a headlight racket and contains a normal 100 square inch framework, each of which ought to prove useful when extending out to recover balls in longer baseline rallies. You are in complete control when playing this.

This can be easily the best Babolat tennis rackets for gamers seeking to be a little more competitive from defensive rankings, the Pure Aero will appeal widely to people who have a little bit of competitive experience already under their belt. A great alternative if you fit this description.


  • Great looking racket
  • Aerodynamic framework
  • Shock vibration technology
  • Made from durable carbon fiber


  • Not great for novices
  • That cost is quite expensive

2. Babolat Pure Drive 2023 Tennis Racquet

For advanced players, it is difficult to argue against somebody going together with all the Babolat Pure Drive. The racket is surely not for everybody, but it is intended to help out different kinds of players. After the racket is in the proper hands, the Pure Drive allows for a whole lot of power and spin without sacrificing any controller.

The Babolat Pure Drive Is not just among the most well-known rackets at the recreational level, it is also extremely popular at the expert level. The Italian tennis celebrity Fabio Fognini is just one of several that celebrates the Pure Drive.

Possibly the best Overall shot together with all the Babolat tennis racket Pure Drive is your function. It feels like more often, any man who demos that the racket feels as though they could place the ball where they need with a great deal of velocity. A fantastic first function is a massive weapon to support almost any participant, and this racket provides a whole lot of control and kicks on the next function.

Just like a lot of professional rackets, it truly boils down to what sort of series you choose to place in the Pure Drive. Should you use polyester, then you can expect lots of electricity and span at lower pressures. If the series is softer, control will be better and it’ll feel more comfortable on the arm.

This racket is an ideal alternative for anybody who categorizes themselves as an intermediate to advanced player. If you’re just beginning, you will find different rackets which are better suited to you.


  • Spin
  • Power
  • Endorsed by Fabio Fognini


  • Not for novices

3. Babolat Nadal 21 Junior Tennis Racket Reviews

Nadal 21 tennis racket is ideal for recreational players beneath age five decades. It’s durable and composes of aluminum stuff. As a result of lightweight and small head size, it’s most effective for children and beginners. Rafael Nadal utilized this tennis racket for training. It’s the very best tennis racket of this Babolat tennis racket series for children.

  • Dimensions: Its measurements are 7.9 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches.
  • Grip Size: The grip dimensions of the tennis racket are 4.3/8 inches.
  • Shade: It is available in black and yellow colors.
  • Head Size: The mind dimensions of the tennis racket are 85 square inches.
  • Weight: Its weight is 6.2 ounces.
  • Length: Its span is just 21 inches. Therefore, it’s referred to as a junior tennis racket.
  • Composition: It consists of aluminum stuff.
  • Age: It is ideal for those below the age of 6 to 8 decades.
  • Head Cover: It comes with a headcover.
  • Amount: It is most effective for children and beginners.

We conclude it is the ideal tennis racket for children and beginners. It’s a lightweight and brief-length tennis racket that is greatest under the age of 5 to 8 decades. If you’re a child and wish to buy a tennis racket, this will really be the ideal option for you.


  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • Easily cheap for all levels of players.
  • Its equilibrium is ideal for groundstrokes.
  • It is shielded by a headcover.
  • Easy to manage for kids and beginners.


  • Its string is wrongly arranged.
  • Require a few excess forces whilst still hitting.

4. Babolat Pure Strike (16×19) Tennis Racquet

The white and red color scheme on the Pure Strike has the exact same instantly recognizable quality because of the Aero and Drive variants. It seems modern and clean and will have you feeling confident and prepared as you input the courts to get a must-win game.

Aggressive Baseline drama will feel comfortable with this since Babolat has taken measures to help facilitate the shot vibrations sensed in prior versions of the strike. Incorporating what they’re calling Pure Feel technician, the designers have assured that your arms will stay without any aches and pains from prolonged play by utilizing rubber to counter that extreme feeling on effect.

The square foot framework can be quite unique here. This contour was specially selected to help provide a quantity of firmness and controller not frequently seen with more average racket frames. By combining this design using more regular racket attributes, the Babolat tennis racket has been directed to assist you to restrain your score shots using much more consistency.

A 98 square inch head size here can assist you to put your shots accurately across the court and the 323 g weight will provide you that equilibrium required when returning function and fast volleys when up on the internet. A racket with specs like these must be head mild and this one is so you will have a good deal of that maneuverability at the hands of the hands.

The 16/18 series patterns have that topspin-friendly texture. Perhaps you have ventured into your forehands and backhands to get that excess height across the web in longer rallies.

The Pure Strike provides that the… erm… pure ball-striking feeling that competitive baseline gamers will desire from their rackets. This really is a fantastic choice for intermediate to advanced players trying to find something which will help them move their competitions around with electricity hitting.

In fact, this might well be the best Babolat racket for electricity currently in manufacturing…


  • Clean, new design
  • Stable square-foot framework
  • Vibration absorbing technology
  • Pure hitting encounter


  • Expensive
  • Not only designed for novices

5. Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus

The Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus is a more beginner-friendly alternative than the first Pure Drive version. Players which are searching for power, spin and also the extra leverage of a more racket will adore what the Pure Drive Tour provides.

Many Babolat is created For more sophisticated players, but the Drive Tour Plus differs. Together with the light texture and large sweet spot, this racket is the ideal racket for people who are only beginning and wants to enhance their own game. The Drive Tour Plus is presently among the very user-friendly rackets from the Babolat line.

The combination of wider string spacing and diamond-shaped grommet holes appeared to perform the trick in adding an excellent twist and a higher launch angle for simple thickness. However, what you may love the most about this racket is its maneuverability. During fast exchanges on the internet, you will find it difficult to locate a more convenient racket afterward the Pure Drive Tour Plus.

The Pure Drive Tour Plus is a terrific general racket and I recommend it to all newcomer — intermediate gamers. For advanced players, Pure Aero and Drive is simply better. But because it demands a good deal of ability to utilize those rackets, the Drive Tour Plus is a fantastic beginning alternative for people who have not attained that ability level yet.


  • Maneuverability
  • Spin


  • Lacks electricity

6. Babolat Boost Strike Tennis Racket Reviews

If you are a competitive player who likes to strike baseline to Baseline competitive shots, consider in strong functions, subsequently, Babolat Boost Strike is great for you. It’s especially intended for high-level and professional gamers, but it’s more acceptable for students and intermediate players. Babolat Boost Strike is the latest updated version of Babolat Strike. This racket is the ideal mix of support and power. This racket allows you to play shots that are effective. It’s extremely lightweight and made from graphite. If you would like to enhance your tennis match without having to spend a lot of, then you have to decide on this racket.

Its 16 x 19 chain pattern offers explosive acceleration. It also allows the participant to acquire the desired twist. Its exceptional frame construction accentuates swing speed and strength. Its exceptional power is because of Babolat’s Woofer grommet technology. It allows you to hit the ball down the court with higher precision. This racket includes a balanced weight involving the handle to offer additional control in the shooter. It’s the ideal option for gamers searching for their original racket.

  • Its head size is 102 square inches.
  • The dimensions of this beam are 21 mm.
  • Its series design is 16×19.
  • The period of this Babolat Tennis Racket is 27.5 inches.
  • The size of this Babolat tennis racket is 10.1 ounces.
  • Graphite is used because of its production substance.
  • This racket includes a big sweet spot.
  • The size of this clasp is 43/8.

The performance of Babolat in increasing strike tennis racket is wonderful. Its woofer grommet system and series pattern are comfy. This is the very best option for novices and children.


  • It is lasting and durable.
  • This racket offers excellent grip and management capacities for gamers.
  • It is comfortable and sturdy for gamers.
  • This racket spreads all of the variants of a chunk. So, the chunk isn’t deflected.
  • Its vibrations may be manageable.
  • It supplies more spin and variants than other tennis rackets.
  • It includes a headcover.
  • It is ideal for entry-level gamers.


  • Its clasp size is significantly less than other rackets.
  • It isn’t a fantastic shock absorber after hitting the ball.

7. Babolat Aero G Tennis Racquet

This is a wonderful idea!

For as long, the Aero lineup has appeared somewhat in-accessible for recreational players as a result of the general weighty all-power game it matches best. With this variant, Babolat intends to offer you a more flexible and comfy version of the Aero.

The finest thing about this is that it’s a great deal of the normal recognizable Aero styling which will appeal to novices seeking to emulate Rafael Nadal about the courtroom but also includes a less intense learning curve alongside it.

An example of this includes the lightweight part of the framework, together with all the Aero G coming in 286 g when strung and ready for play. That’s a great 20 g lighter than the first Aero and 30 grams lighter than the person we only reviewed above. This enables players to swing harder throughout the ball without being anchored with a hefty swing weight.

The Aero G also included woofer technologies, something found in most of Babolat’s favorite framework layouts. This essentially will help you to absorb more of the shock vibrations throughout the strings, before propelling it back from the ball. Counterpunching and defensive play will be readily achievable for recreational and beginner players employing this.

Coupling the lighter swing weight and the aerodynamic framework collectively produces a racket that’s much simpler to experiment on the court compared to other models from the Aero line. Detecting a technique that works best for you is hugely key to your ancient pleasure of tennis as a participant and Babolat possess a style here which will enable you to do precisely that.

Additionally, it’s much cheaper than other versions of the Aero and can be readily among the greatest budget tennis rackets on the market.

And most of us enjoy not spending as much cash!


  • Great aero seem
  • Lightweight available design
  • Woof shock vibration technology
  • Relatively Inexpensive


  • Not perfect for electricity

8. Babolat Pure Strike 100

There are a whole lot of tennis fans that speak about the Pure Strike 100 among the finest rackets on the current market, I will completely agree. The best thing about the racket is the fact that it provides great control and twist without sacrificing any power possible.

The Babolat Pure Strike 100 is a contemporary player’s racket that provides incredible maneuverability and control, which makes it a fantastic tool for anybody that are intent on improving their own game.

The Pure Strike 100 Plays quite much like the first Pure Strike, however, the 100 possesses a slightly lighter texture, which assists with all the racket’s reputation of being among the simplest rackets to maneuver in the Babolat line.

However, since many other Babolat rackets, the Pure Strike 100 isn’t made for everybody. You have to have the ability to create electricity and twist your own. So, It takes a certain quantity of ability to take care of the stick, and if you’re a newcomer to the sport, you’ll have trouble playing with this racket.

But for Intermediate and above gamers, the Pure Strike 100 is a very rewarding racket.


  • Maneuverability
  • Spin


  • Lacks stability

9. Babolat Ballfighter 17″ Junior Tennis Racquet

This Babolat tennis racket kit comprised 17 inches Babolat ball fighter Tennis racket, Babolat junior racket, and Babolat play children under age five decades. It’s a really lightweight tennis racket, just 5.2 ounces. Its span is just 17 inches, which will be ideal for kids. If you would like to present your children, it’s the ideal option for parents. Their notable features are provided below.

  • It includes three red foam balls. The color of the Tennis racket is orange, blue, pink and black colors.
  • Its framework is durable and made from aluminum material.
  • The weight of the tennis racket is all about 5.2 ounces.
  • It’s wise for children and women.
  • It’s best under the principal age.
  • The length of the Babolat tennis racket is 17 inches, which can be ultra-smart.
  • Babolat’s memo traction technology is utilized for forehands and backhands shorts.
  • The Babolat ball fighter 17 inches tennis racket is Best for children. If you would like to provide birthday and Christmas presents to your kid, it’s the ideal option for this use.


  • It provides three reddish foam balls in 1 kit.
  • It is economical and readily affordable.
  • It is most effective for children and women.
  • It has a pre-strung series strain.
  • It is a durable and ultra-lightweight tennis racket.


  • It is a little tennis racket.
  • Not great for advanced players.

10. Babolat 2023 Boost Drive Pre Strung Tennis Racquet

I believe we could all agree that right this is one of the coolest-looking rackets around! The green, blue, and white come together to make a layout that combines the top of this Babolat tennis racket appears together. Really fun and glistening general look!

We have covered lots of Babolat’s grownup rackets, designed for the serious championship prepared people but now it is time to unwind a bit with something which will be helpful for another generation of Babolat players.

The Boost Drive includes a slightly larger than average head size, measuring in at 105 square inches. This enables a bigger sweet spot which you are going to have the ability to swing freely without the difficulty of amateur unforced mistakes.

Similar to the Aero G, the Boost Drive also includes those shock-absorbing woofer technologies to permit dampening shock vibration texture. This can be handy, particularly in the first phases of player development as soon as your joints and arms will not yet be prepared for that constant hitting sense.

An easy graphite framework brings it all together in a style that feels and looks fantastic for novices and team league-level players. The Boost Drive is a terrific starting point for anybody looking for a racket to help facilitate them into routine play. If this sounds like you, you ought to at least be thinking about this as a chance since it’s up there as the absolute best Babolat racket for most novices.

Concerning cost, this is easily among the Babolat tennis rackets and Offers amazing value for the money.


  • Looks amazing
  • Large mind dimensions, improved sweet spot
  • Woof shock vibration technology
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not for higher-level players

11. Babolat Pure Aero VS Tennis Racquet

The Previous racket to Create our record is your Pure Aero VS, a racket that provides the very best from both worlds. The Babolat Pure Aero VS is an actual hybrid racket using a beam layout directed at providing a strong twist with a control-oriented feel.

Among the very promising next-generation gamers, Felix Auger-Aliassime is among the several ATP participant who endorses the Pure Aero VS. Apart from this, it is a really common racket at the recreational level.

You may think that the Actual Aero VS plays like the first Pure Aero contemplating the title, but the Pure Aero VS title is somewhat misleading since they perform very distinct. The VS isn’t even close to being as strong as the first, although the VS is far more controllable.

The VS version can be easier to maneuver on the court and it does not need the identical skill level as the first Pure Aero. But, the two rackets are on the peak of the match in regards to spin possible.

Though that racket is much more user-friendly, it is definitely not a newcomer racket. Just like the majority of Babolat tennis rackets, you want to do all of the work yourself and in the event that you can manage that, you may adore the Babolat Pure Aero VS. You may read our complete review in this informative article.


  • Spin
  • Control
  • Employed by Felix Auger-Alliasime


  • Lacks power
  • Not for novices

How to choose the best Babolat Tennis Racket


We have gone through a fantastic couple racket today and among the only similarities between them is the way un-similar they are! This is particularly true in regards to weight.

Ideally, while looking for a racket, you will have the ability to provide any that you are thinking about a couple of practice swings to learn what works best for you personally.

Attempt to bear in mind that thicker rackets normally supply that little more stability in your shots but may fatigue you as you perform for more

Lighter rackets are easier to maneuver about on the court but do not come with this set of steady electricity on the return of function or up on the internet on volleys.

Locate out what works best for you and what’s going to help your game the most in the long term!


Rackets Often come in one of two dimensions.

Headlight rackets possess the Majority of the weight Stationed at the handle, which lets you get simpler control of the full frame. This is clearly evident in quick-fire yields of function and if glancing off volleys up in the internet.

Head heavy rackets have the majority of the weight from the head of the racket! Who would have figured that? These rackets often allow for this little more momentum when powering through your own shots.


We must mention here that head-heavy rackets are proven to regularly bring about tennis elbow if used long-term and erroneously. Bear this in mind when contemplating what type of equilibrium to really go for…

And when in doubt, trust us and choose headlight!

Grip Size

This maybe irritates individuals because it has the capacity to ruin a whole new racket experience if you get it wrong.

However, fortunately, you’ve got us to help save you from those nasty hand blisters or tennis elbow niggles that may come as a consequence of getting the wrong grip size to your racket.

We know of two methods to readily measure your grip size. One of them requires you to get access to this racket you are thinking about purchasing and another doesn’t if you are planning to get online!

Racket alternative: Hold the traction of this racket in Your dominant hand at a relaxed Eastern forehand grip. Then spend the index finger on the other hand and put it between the ring finger and palm of the hands gripping the racket.

When you can not because the gap is not large enough, the clasp is too little and you want to throw the racket at a bin.

When you can but there is too big of a gap on both sides of your finger, so that means the clasp is too large and you have to throw the racket at the sea.

If your finger fits nice and cozy, you will be able to welcome the racket with open arms in your tennis-playing family.

Non-racket alternative: Take your hands and put them flat on a desk. Catch a ruler or tape measurer and discover the amount of space between the peak of your ring finger and the underside of your hand.

Take your dimension to the closest 1/8 of an inch because it is frequently how traction sizes are presented on the web.

Remember that if you absolutely should purchase a racket that does not match your grip perfectly, so ensure you choose one that’s too tiny. After that, you can employ a few overgrips to deliver this up to your ideal traction dimensions!

Purchasing too large is a NO. Do you hear us? A NO! Don’t do it. You will repent it, we guarantee.


The Stiffness of a racket framework comes down to completely how much flexibility it’s on impact with the ball.

Most modern designs include some kind of bendiness to help absorb the blow of strong shots. Additionally, this helps players to prevent long-term joint disorders, like tennis elbow.

Stiffer frames often offer you a little more power but are less pliable as a consequence and with frequent use, can leave you feeling somewhat sore round the arm region.

Head Size

Larger head sizes are usually easier to work with for novices looking to begin at tennis. The larger sweet spot and face area allows for a greater percentage chance of pulling off a crunching forehand winner in your first two or three strikes in the court!

On the flip side, smaller headsets are much better for more experienced gamers, attempting to operate in their specialized matches and shot placement. That is not to mention they can not use a larger head size should they wish to but the bigger the racket, the more readily they could pull off that perfect forehand drop shot.

Locate what works well for one to help advance your skills as a participant.

String Pattern

Rackets have a tendency to come in among two series patterns.

The 16/19 pattern is a bit looser and consequently, can be employed to impart that little more twist onto the ball. Regrettably, though, this will mean that they’ll be liable to split somewhat more frequently!

The 18/20 routine is tighter and may consequently rebound balls with increased instant speed.

Maintain these items in your head. Try and see if you’re able to try both routines before deciding that is suitable for your game better.

Who is Babolat?

Among all the significant brands in tennis, Babolat is your newest who has the most history. Founded in 1875 at Lyon, they devised tennis strings and will be the earliest of all of the brands in the fitness industry.

Now, Babolat could be found in over 100 nations, 20 000 sporting goods shops, and 20 000 spouse clubs. Babolat supplies a whole selection of products for tennis and badminton players, using an offer to match every type of play.

Babolat is known for producing quality goods the year following year, plus they constant to be among the significant brands in the fitness industry.

They have not just acquired their reputation by creating quality products, but also by supporting the best players in the history of their tennis, such as Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick. Which reveals Babolat’s top place in the fitness industry. A general good company that can look after all of your tennis needs.


And now we stand to the end line of the journey to find the best Babolat tennis racket!

We hope you have enjoyed this wonderful ride through a number of those standout Babolat tennis racket offers! Remember this is a business that likes to experiment and change things around and consequently, they should all certainly have a racket layout to match you!

Babolat has been around much longer than I was around and consequently, they have a fantastic reputation for quality solutions. They may be trusted.

Take time to pick and then we will see you on the market on The courts!