Our Team

WAZOO SPORTS executive team has experience in reviews, reports, and compare sports products. Our professional backgrounds range from accessories to sports protective gear. We are committed to continuing to provide the highest level of information and product service, and support.


John Lucian

Founder & Editor – Golf

John Lucian is the founder of Wazoo Sports. I am a sports fanatic, sports scientist, and graphic designer, all rolled into one. My qualifications in exercise physiology are Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. from The University of Western Australia. Now you can see why I have made this site – it helps me and sports enthusiasts have the best choices. I hope you have found it useful too.


This site would not be possible without the assistance of my co-workers.

Mark Renner

Co-founder & Editor – Football

Mark Renner is the brain behind the idea of Wazoosports. Without a doubt, his passion for football very strong him. Back in high school, he was a member of a school football team. With the effort of a young chap and friends, he led his school to a state championship final. Mark has since continued his passion, even in college. But today, his energy for sports is channeled from another standpoint. He is a fervent writer with years of professional experience in the sports industry. No wonder he doubles as a co-founder and editor-in-chief of Wazoosports.

Robert Evans

Editorial Writer – Basketball

Robert Evans is a technical guru with a mastery of good strategies and skills in basketball, then Robert is the right guy. He’s got an awesome track record as far as college basketball is concerned. He is one of those basketball lovers that have a thing for training youngsters. For what it’s worth, Robert has coached dozens of basketballers is the high school student. Bringing his vast knowledge and experience in professional basketball, he teamed up with to WazooSports. Judging by his credentials, it shouldn’t be surprising that he is the expert basketball of WazooSports.

Scarlett Ruffalo

Photographer & Editorial Writer – Lacrosse

Scarlett Ruffalo is the gifted hands behind the amazing articles we have on Wazoo Sports. He is a photographer expert, content writer, and sports journalist. As expected, he also has a strong passion for lacrosse too. Although he doesn’t play sports, it shouldn’t surprise you that he watches every NFL match time. His passion for the sport has a lot to do with him being a cheerleader in high school. Scarlett combines numerous skills and experience in her role as an Editorial Writer of Wazoo Sports. But more than that, he is a mind-blowing creative Photographer.

Jeremy Hemsworth

Editorial Writer – Baseball

Jeremy Hemsworth has been enamored with NFL baseball for almost 20 years. His love for baseball began when he was in junior high school. Because his father used to be a baseball player, it’s only natural he passions baseball. He considers legendary Ty Cobb his all-time favorite player. He uses his writing talent to help his readers gain a unique perspective on America’s sports.

Elizabeth Cheadle

Editorial Writer – Tennis

If you’re looking for a fantasy tennis expert, Elizabeth is your go-to guy. She played in tons of leagues and formats over the last decade and has a wealth of experience and knowledge as it pertains to helping readers figure out the best sports accessories in tennis. Not to mention helping players gain that winning edge in their leagues! Elizabeth is an avid sports fan when it comes to just about anything, but she truly loves the NFL and is a tennis fan.

Don Mackie

Editorial Writer – Softball

He die-hard lover of sports, and he always dreamt of contributing share towards its development and growth.
He no longer an active player. However, he played softball for over 15 years, and he has been closely following and watching these stars play sports he loves.
After retiring from my college softball team, I realized that I didn’t need to stand in the stadium’s center wearing cleats, helmets, and gloves to make a difference.
Instead, he could provide technical and educative support for those who want to play just for fun with a couple of buddies.