What is USSSA Baseball? The fastest-growing amateur baseball association in the world, USSSA Baseball! What are 75,000+ teams aware of that you don’t?

Because of the four competition categories, USSSA guarantees that every player on any team is a winner. The only national organization offering this four-tier system allows players from all skill levels to play against each other in leagues, state, national tournaments, and national play. USSSA believes that tournament play at the national, state, and local levels can greatly enhance the development of all players.

USSSA sees rapid growth year after year. This is evident in team registrations as well as World Series participation. Participation in the USSSA World Series was 4 to 1. This is more than any other brand of baseball. This means that more teams will be playing, which results in better competition and an overall better World Series experience. USSSA saw over 3,000 teams participate in World Series events in 2017.

What is USSSA baseball bat?

The USSSA regulations are used for tournaments and “travel ball” purposes. They offer a performance advantage over other options like BBCOR, USA, and Wood Bats. A USSSA bat may also offer a competitive advantage in terms of barrel size.

What’s the difference between a USA bat versus a Usssa?

It’s easy to identify which standard a baseball bat conforms to by simply looking at its taper or stamp. The bat barrel of a USA Bat will have engraved the logo of USA Baseball. The 1.15 BPF USSSA Certification or the Certified must be displayed on a USSSA Bat. 50 BBCOR stamps must be placed on the barrel.

What is the difference between Ussa and Bbcor bats?

The 2012 BBCOR standard for high school baseball bats really slowed down the -3 high school bats. The barrels of most BBCOR bats have a “restrictor ring” to stop the trampoline effect or springiness. A USSSA 1.5 BPF bat, on the other hand, has much more freedom.

Rules for USSSA Bats

USSSA Bats are made to provide a greater performance advantage for the batter with larger barrels (2 3/4″”) and lighter weight.

If you are a baseball player who participates in USSSA tournaments but is not affiliated with the USA leagues mentioned above, it is advisable to purchase bats stamped with the USSSA stamp. According to the USSSA, adopting a standard bat that is less efficient will decrease the game’s competitiveness.

  • You must have the 1.15 BPF USSSA stamp ON the taper
  • Get the Certified.50 BBCOR stamp. (-3)
  • Be a wood bat
  • The barrel diameter must not exceed 2 3/4 inches
  • All products must be manufactured by an authorized USSSA bat manufacturer

What does Ussa refer to on a bat?

USSSA. USSSA is the acronym for United States Specialty Sports Association. The USSSA certification is measured using “BPF” (Bat Performance Factor). BPF simply refers to the difference in how a bat hits a batter versus throwing it against a wall. (i.e. 20% faster rebound = a BPF 1.20).

Are Ussa bats legally legal?

Beginning January 1, 2018, USA Baseball-marked bats manufactured and licensed by USSSA will be permitted in USSSA sanctioned Play alongside USSSA 1.15 BPF bats, unless the USSSA determines that such bats pose a safety or competitive risk.

What Ussa bats are prohibited?

Perfect Game will ban all USSSA banned bats starting in 2023. See below for the 2017 DeMarini CF Drop 5, 2016 USSSA CF8 bat line (5, 8, 10, 10), and the 2015 CF7 drop 5 and 2015 Eaton XL1 drops 5. All of these bats will be banned by Perfect Game in 2023.

Overview USSSA

This is the USSSA Baseball slogan: More kids playing more baseball. USSSA Baseball is a program that allows your league to offer programs that match the play level of your teams. The USSSA offers play in a single age division and four classes within the majority of ages. Each division and class offers post-season play that ends at the minimum to a State Championship. Post-season play is offered to most age/class divisions that can extend to the National level. These programs offer opportunities and options that can be used or not. However, no team will be denied a chance to play.

The USSSA process involves the registration of teams, followed by the presentation to those teams by the league and/or other USSSA affiliated tournament hosts. A team can participate in any sanctioned event they wish once they have been registered. All team registrations are valid for the entire baseball season (August 1st to July 31st).

League Affiliation

League affiliation requires you to fill out the League Information Form, register your teams, then upload your league results into USSSA National.

The League Information Form gives USSSA contact information in case of any issues. This information allows USSSA to plan and organize the next season.

Leagues can register teams by filling in the registration template (see below). Each team registered receives a login ID and password to log in to the USSSA computer at their team site. Managers can access their team site to view their rosters, search for tournaments, and post player statistics. They also have the ability to email players about team business. Managers receive a login ID and password that they can use to access their home page year after year.

Each affiliated league has a designated Director. The Director will be given a unique login ID (password) and access to the USSSA computer. This person will handle certain functions such as setting up the league or tournaments and uploading the results into the computer. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the league, the Director will contact for State office.

USSSA Rosters and Qualifying

All USSSA-registered teams can enter their rosters online through the USSSA computer via their team homepage. Their team roster is frozen once a team qualifies for postseason play (the West Tennessee State Tournament, Mississippi State Tournament, or a USSSA National Championship and World Series). A roster can be frozen and the players on it cannot be added to any roster belonging to another registered team. A roster can be frozen at any time. Teams may make three additions or deletions, but only up to 72 hours before the start of the USSSA national events. The USSSA computer records every move made by every registered team. It also counts the number of moves that a team makes after their roster is frozen.

Classification of players

A player may still be eligible for a league All-Star team or on a Major, AAA, or AA team participating during tournament play. Players can still play in league play if they are on tournament teams.

Nothing beats a new glove for baseball. It’s unforgettable to feel the leather in your hands for the first time. It can be difficult to get a new stiff glove in game condition.

Each baseball and softball player has a unique connection to their glove. Through many catches, grabs, and snags, every seam and crease has been shaped. It took a lot of work to shape that mitt. The break-in is the most important step.

Anyone who has played for more than a year of baseball can attest that gloves must be properly broken in to function to their best. It is important to properly break in your glove so that it feels comfortable and fits well in your hand. It should feel like your glove is part of your hand. This cohesion is enhanced by breaking in the glove. It also eliminates any stiffness or rigidity. You can also make a pocket to hold the ball more securely.