Golf is a low-intensity match, but it is going to still provide a fantastic workout when you’ve got the best women’s golf shoes for wide feet. Thus, it’s just right that you just feel right in your golfing gear. As a girl, you go through enough discomfort as a result of high heels or alternative uncomfortable footwear. Therefore, it’s vital to have the ideal golf shoes, particularly if you’ve got wide feet.

Therefore, the shoes will need to match just perfectly. This review has comprised the top women’s golf shoes for walking to make sure you don’t need to look any further. Purchasing the proper pair of sneakers is at least as hard as buying any other golf gear.

In this guide, we put together the very women’s golf shoes for wide feet.

All those shoes can help accommodate your foot and help enhance your balance and stability as you’re on the court.

We’ve got choices on our listing for all price ranges and participant skill levels.

Women's Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Qualities to consider before purchasing women’s golf shoes

It is extremely important to pick the ideal golf clubs if you have wide feet.

The wrong shoes may lead to pain, discomfort, and sometimes even injury. The ideal golf shoe will offer lots of space around your feet without sacrificing stability on uneven surfaces. That is you must find a set that fits you properly.

A great method to locate the appropriate golf shoe for the wide feet is by entering a shop and trying on different pairs. It is also possible to purchase online, but be certain to understand what size shoes will be best suited before purchasing them!


Ensuring that your golf shoes fit correctly is vital. Give these steps a try before you choose to purchase your shoes.

Try on the shoes in a shop. This will let you observe how they feel and fit before purchasing them on the internet or from a different merchant that does not have your size available for tryouts!

To make sure that the shoes fit properly, you must be certain that there is ample room around all your feet. If not, then it is time to locate a new golf shoe which fits better!

There should be no pressure on the sides or top, and you should not feel as though they’re too tight in almost any area either — such as across both arches when possible (this can depend upon just how wide-footed you might be). You need them comfortable enough as long as your feet do not slip out when walking loose-fitting for relaxation functions while enjoying rounds.

Decide on a style that’s more suited to wider feet. These are generally made of a more elastic material this type of mesh or stretchy leather. These appear to fulfill the requirements of broader feet.


Another thing to consider when buying your golf shoes is waterproofing. This is particularly critical for people who reside in a rainy climate or play golf on moist turf. It can be well worth investing the excess cash to get waterproofed shoes, because they may help keep your feet warm and comfy during rounds of rain-golf (or another time you may need them).


All things considered, the top women’s golf shoes for wide feet walking are all made to give superior comfort. In case you’ve got wide feet, you have to guarantee that the outer cloth will extend far enough to match your particular requirements.

Thus, in this short article, you will notice many versions crafted with a few microfiber types of leather. The substance is strong to give durability but flexible enough to accommodate wide feet.


Durability is especially important once you’re choosing shoes. As usual, you walk about 18-20 miles for a complete round, durability has to be taken under consideration.

This is especially true when you have wider feet: the diameter of your feet puts more strain on shoe fabrics and construction so they’ll wear out quicker than shoes made especially using narrow or regular-sized men and women in mind.


Design is also important in regards to shoes. Traditionally, they’ve been more of a fashion statement than anything else since folks would wear whatever color and fashion shoe closely matched their garments without much idea for the true functionality or useability facet whatsoever (aka wearing a pink dress with white jogging shoes ). Bearing this in mind: if you are playing — select something classic such as black, but be careful- there are actually plenty of fresh colors available which can make your game tougher!

TOP 16 Best Women’s Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

1. Adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoe

Made using a microfiber leather outsole and climastorm technologies, this apparel is very resistant in the industry. The sneakers are water-resistant, meaning you could use them in various weather conditions.

Furthermore, additionally, it includes a Cloudfoam insole to supply you with the pillow you want so that you may walk for several miles. Since the shoes are lightweight, you won’t feel that unnecessary weight when walking. Furthermore, because of the wider design in the forefoot, these are among the greatest women’s golf shoes for wide feet.

Designed using 6-spike technologies on the outsole, you’ll be guaranteed excellent traction on the green. Additionally, it is not just water-resistant but also abrasion-resistant. Thus, you may use them for specialist games.

Another feature that makes this particular footwear stand over others is your thin tech exp cleat. By considering this particular pair, you’ll be ensured relaxation and green friendliness. Therefore, it can allow you to maintain a fantastic form when going.


  • Available in seven unique colors and fashions
  • It comes in half dimensions to offer a Terrific match
  • Excellent traction through the green
  • The inside will shape based on special feet


  • Your toes might become chilly during lousy weather
  • They are water-resistant, not watertight
  • Some state it does not provide much aid

2. FootJoy Women’s Fj Leisure Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

The Women’s FJ Leisure women’s golf shoes for wide feet are a perfect match for wide feet. Because this is a golf shoe that’s made for comfort, it’s extremely simple to receive a broader foot to fit in the shoe.

The wonderful thing about FootJoy women’s golf shoes is they also supply tremendous traction. If you’re walking the class or are only a speedy swinger, this golf shoe will probably have your spine.

The Women’s FJ Leisure women’s golf shoes for wide feet is made using a lightweight mesh at the top location. We’ve discovered shoes that have a little bit of net are easier to match a broader foot in. The net will stretch a little better than the usual leather shoe.

Since this is one of FootJoy’s waterproof shoes, you’ll find a whole year of possession without needing to be concerned about your foot becoming moist.

The only negative we can say concerning the Women’s FJ Leisure is it seems somewhat like a sneaker. If you would like something somewhat classier looking, this is most likely not your very best option.


  • Excellent grip to help improve balance and equilibrium
  • A lightweight net helps your feet lots of space
  • Waterproof technology permits for a year guarantee
  • Available in a few different color choices
  • Tons of breathability


  • Not a very classic looking golf coach

3. New Balance Women’s Minimus Wp Waterproof Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe

On top of the list women’s golf shoes for wide feet is New Balance Women’s Minimus.

This is a waterproof golf shoe that’s also spikeless.

Spikeless women’s golf shoes for wide feet are becoming increasingly more popular for Several explanations.

For starters, you can wear them onto the golf course and also on your way to and from the golf program.

You will not need to be concerned about walking across a parking lot Sporting your spikeless shoes.

Another reason the spikeless shoe is exceptional is that it is wise for the golf program.

Even shoes with soft spikes often split the greens up just a bit.

The New Balance Women’s Minimus women’s golf shoes for wide feet is a reasonably priced shoe, especially considering it’s watertight.

If you prefer to play golf in the early morning hours, then you need a shoe that really does well with water.

In the shoe, you will see that it’s a lightweight cushion that can help make walking that a lot comfier.

You also get a lot of stability and support with this particular shoe and a two-year watertight guarantee.


  • Waterproof warranty
  • Offered in wide sizes
  • Cozy
  • Offered in a number of colors
  • Fairly priced


  • Appears more like a sneaker than a golfing shoe

4. Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker

All these women’s lightweight golf shoes possess midsole cushioning to ensure a comfortable fit for people who have wide feet. The ultra-flight and reactive design will enable you to walk for as long as you want without feeling another weight. Furthermore, it includes a mixture of synthetic and meshed cloth on the top to give breathability in any way times.

The TPU Outsole will guarantee proper traction on the green, which means you feel not just comfortable but also protected. The patented Skechers Goga Max women’s golf shoes for wide feet technology can create the insoles to have a high rebound effect. So, every single time you measure, you may feel as though you’re stepping onto a pillow.

In comparison with others in its budget, the footwear includes Dri-Lex moisture control. Consequently, your feet won’t get cold or wet in harsh weather conditions.

Another attribute that makes these shoes stand out is the Agion technology. The insole will inhibit the scents while wicking the moisture away.


  • Made to match thin and wide feet dimensions
  • Up to 14 distinct designs are available
  • The size ranges from 5 to 11 American sizing
  • Padded mid-top to give relaxation
  • The sole is made of rubber to provide strength


  • The outer cloth is described as overly soft
  • Best to purchase 1 size up than normal
  • The arch support can be enhanced

5. New Balance Women’s Minimus Sl Breathable Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe

The New Balance women’s golf shoes for wide feet firm does a wonderful job making sneakers for a broad range of sport. If you’re on the market for something which will operate on a broad foot, then this spikeless golf shoe is a good selection.

Again, this New Balance features the same breathable mesh top which enables your broader foot to fit indoors without difficulty.

Since this is a spikeless shoe, in addition, it gives golfers a bit of relaxation as they take every step. In case you’ve ever felt a spiked golf shoe felt somewhat uneasy, this spikeless golf shoe can provide you with the comfort that you want.

Within the shoe is an extremely comfy inlay which may be eliminated in case your foot requires more space. The Ortholite insole is going to be trendy and comfy and operate for golf 12 months of this year.

Together with the New Balance, you won’t get the exact same watertight technology as other sneakers nevertheless, you’ll find a simple match, a rubber only, and tons of functionality.


  • Keep your toes comfy
  • Mesh Offers an additional wide space on your foot
  • Spikeless technologies for on and off the trail usage
  • Plenty of breathabilities


  • It doesn’t have water-resistant technology

6. Adidas Women’s Tech Response Golf Shoe

The Adidas Women’s Tech Response women’s golf shoes for wide feet is another superb option for a lady with a broad foot.

Among the best things about this shoe is that it’s offered in several distinct colors.

The pricing is also very honest with this particular shoe. If you’ve got an outfit or two that does not possess a set of shoes that suit, this might be a fantastic selection.

The Women’s Tech Response Golf Shoe Isn’t watertight.

Even though it does a superb job of keeping your toes relatively dry, it will not be quite the same as watertight.

The tech response has a microfiber leather upper plus a cloud foam sock lining inside.

Overall, the shoe is very comfy and easy to wear.

The Adidas provides a lot of support when playing, and it’s a half-spike thin tech outsole.


  • Very fairly priced
  • Offered in lots of colors
  • Comfortable and adapting to afoot
  • Sporty looking layout


  • Not a waterproof shoe

7. FootJoy Women’s Enjoy – women’s golf shoes for wide feet

If you’re searching for women’s golf shoes wide-width, this set is just another you need to have a comprehensive look at. Produced from 100% fabric, this footwear is designed for girls that find it impossible to find comfy shoes. Also, the synthetic only will highlight comfort whilst at the same time supporting you.

Likewise, with all the other versions, the inside of the sneakers will mold depending on your particular needs. The Uberlite foam will provide exceptional cushioning, therefore it promotes walking. Additionally, it has rubber grip folds so that you can walk on the green. You won’t fall or slide irrespective of the surface.

One feature which makes it stand over its rivals is the fact that it is machine washable. Hence, they will keep quality with minimal effort on your behalf. Clean them if you would like to get them fresh and clean.

The soft linings are going to keep the shoe odor-free so that you can use them as often as you desire. Additionally, the net was engineered with gentle lite technology so that you won’t feel the burden of these shoes while walking.


  • Available in half sizes to the best match
  • 9 Distinct styles and colors are available
  • The size ranges from 5 to 8.5 American sizing
  • It takes minimal upkeep
  • It provides exceptional breathability


  • The organization doesn’t provide for the yields
  • The caliber of the linings may be enhanced
  • The sneakers aren’t water-resistant

8. Callaway Women’s Del Mar Golf Shoe

Our best two options have a little more of a sneaker sort look to them. These shoes are constructed to be golf apparel, however, they have a lot more athletic texture to them.

The Callaway Women’s Del Mar women’s golf shoes for wide feet is a leather shoe that includes Opti-Dri waterproof tech. The shoe has a very contemporary look for this, and these shoes come off and on easily.

The Callaway Women’s Del Mar is a spikeless golf shoe, which means you won’t need to think about changing when you’re completed with your round of golf clubs. If you really care about comfort and cost, this is a superb set of shoes.

The sole of this Callaway is extra thick, which helps to create it feel like it’s plenty of cushion and relaxation below the step. Your foot will remain dry and cool when sporting the Del Mar.

The Del Mar women’s golf shoes for wide feet can be found in sizes that are wide and standard widths to be certain you could find the specific match you want.

The sole downside of this Callaway golf shoe is that it will not arrive in a huge array of color choices.


  • Affordable golf shoes for wide feet
  • It keeps your toes wet and dry
  • Microfiber leather and mesh combination for comfort and breathability
  • Durable outsole


  • Not available in several colors

9. Skechers Golf Women’s Max Golf Shoe

If you are someone who wants choices when it comes to style and style, you may adore the Skechers Women’s Max – women’s golf shoes for wide feet.

This really is a spikeless shoe, which means you’ll have the ability to wear it on your way into the golf program and the whole time you play with it.

To get a spikeless golf shoe, the Women’s Max does a fantastic job of providing you traction and stability.

The outsole of the shoe includes a lasting grip that seems to kick in with assistance once the conditions are wet or slippery.

In the shoe, you will observe that the Goga Max insole.

This insole is intended for high rebound cushioning.

If you are a golfer who enjoys walking through the golf course, then you will be comfortable with this shoe.

Although Skechers Shoes aren’t completely watertight, they are water-resistant.

Water-resistant shoes perform a superb job of maintaining your feet comfy, but they might not stay completely dry.


  • Keeps feet comfortable and comparatively dry
  • Comfortable on the interior
  • Offered in several colors and sizes
  • Excellent cushioning on the interior


  • Doesn’t possess a traditional golf shoe appearance

10. ECCO Women’s Soft Low Hydromax Golf Shoe

All these are among the most comfortable golf shoes for wide feet, since they’ve been crafted with the utmost care. This footwear will produce the ideal atmosphere for the ideal swing. The lavish comfort is going to be sensed from the very first moment you attempt them.

For the creation of the footwear, the business has partnered with BOA. This partnership has enabled them to make the most advanced closure system. Thus, you’ll be given custom relaxation as the closed won’t put pressure on the pressure factors.

The subtle dial includes a lower pile height plus a small diameter to be corrected according to specific needs.

Another characteristic of those women’s golf shoes for wide feet is your dynamic traction system. The outsole provides over 800 grip angles so the shoes will ensure a superior grip in various playing conditions.

It’s been produced from thermoplastic polyurethane with as many as 100 molded grip bars. The sole is lightweight, breathable, and shock-absorbing. The outsole also includes soft curves to get an organic motion on the green.


  • Available in five distinct styles and colors
  • Made out of leather for a lasting match
  • The size ranges from 5 to 11 American sizing
  • Patented ECCO Hydromax substance is water repellent
  • The layout will help with the swings


  • Some state that the sizing does not fit in fact
  • Some clients do not like the bulky only
  • Not many styles available to pick from

11. ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 3 Boa Gore-tex Golf Shoe

To get a top golf shoe for girls with wider feet, the Ecco shoes are an ideal option. The BOA closure system helps make sure that golfers may find a specific match for their own foot.

As you spin this closed system, the shoe will start and shut to accommodate any size.

Another fantastic thing about the Ecco Women’s Biom Hybrid women’s golf shoes for wide feet is it is made out of Gore-Tex waterproof technology.

Gore-Tex is your ultimate choice when you have to protect yourself from the components. So not just are you able to get a personalized fit with all the Ecco Biom, but it is also possible to ensure your foot remains dry.

This series is made with A Yak leather that’s powerful and lightweight at precisely the same moment. All these are spikeless golf clubs that have a special blueprint to assist golfers to stay balanced and stable since they swing.

Although you’ll definitely pay more for your Ecco shoes, you may have them to utilize for several decades.


  • Made out of premium yak leather
  • Adjustable BOA closure system for a perfect match
  • Low profile shoe, has a timeless appearance for this
  • Will keep your feet well shielded from water


  • Priced higher than other shoes in the industry

12. Adidas Women’s Adipure Sport Golf Shoe

Adidas makes out a record yet again for the Adipure Sport women’s golf shoes for wide feet.

This is a little more professional-looking golf shoe, and it’s offered in many distinct colors.

The Adipure includes a rubber sole and also appears to be only a little more costly than a few other choices that Adidas has.

The reason for the higher cost is the quality of these substances in the shoe.

Within the Adipure, you will notice that there’s a sock lining which makes the shoe have a much better fit and a more comfortable styling.

The curved toe on the shoe helps players to finish their follow through and have the stability they require out of a golfing shoe.

How all these are spikeless makes them a widespread option for ladies.

Not merely are the spikeless shoes comfortable, however, they are also more practical.


  • Rubber sole
  • More professional appearance
  • Flexible outsole


  • Not watertight

13. DAWGS Women’s Ultralite Tracker

In case you’re looking for a custom fit, this footwear is just another version acceptable for your requirements. Since it’s been created with an adjustable hook and loop, then it is possible to match the strap to your foot width. Consequently, it’s acceptable for girls with wide feet. Additionally, the 100% synthetic upper and only material creates these shoes among the most lasting.

Contrary to many additional golf shoes, this set will guarantee superior arch support. It is going to also permit the tired toes to maintain walking through the massaging footbed. The venting holes will make sure that your toes will be supplied with venting. Thus, you do not need to be concerned about excessive odor formation.

Nonetheless, similarly, with all the other versions discussed in this review, its positioned spikes are made from rubber. For this reason, you can require the sneakers to back up your operation on the green. It is going to also guarantee durability while maintaining the same quality and form.

The EVA material is readily cleaned. Whenever the shoes become dirty, rinse them off with water and then observe as the dirt slides off.


  • Available in 4 distinct colors
  • The only does not get marked or scratched easily
  • The size ranges from 5 to 11 American sizing
  • The substance is odor and water-resistant
  • The lightweight material offers relaxation


  • You are going to need to order 1 size up
  • The sneakers aren’t watertight
  • Some clients state that the sneakers are too tight

14. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Sport Relaxed Fit Golf Shoe

If you are a golfer who enjoys walking through the golf course, your golf shoe selection becomes much more significant. In most of the rounds I have played with, I never fail to have particular pairs of sneakers which will work for golf and also the ones that will do the job for cart golf clubs.

You may put a lot more strain on your foot in a round of walking it is crucial to choose something comfy and breathable.

The Skechers Women’s Go Walk Sport Relaxed Fit shoe is the very women’s golf shoe for wide feet. You’ll discover that these shoes have a lightweight and athletic texture, and they’re constructed as quite broad golf shoes.

Even though the dimensions are regular, you will quickly notice the manner the substance goes to accommodate wide feet.

These Go Walk Sport women’s golf shoes for wide feet have been considered to be cozy fit shoes. Skechers comprehends that the most effective women’s golf shoes for walking supply support but also lots of relaxation too.

Walking the golf course is really great for your body and mind; possessing an excellent pair of shoes that can make the day much simpler is vital.


  • Naturally wide golf shoes
  • Spikeless and durable
  • Affordable shoes for wide feet
  • Explicitly constructed as a walking shoe


  • Not considered to be a totally waterproof golf shoe

15. ECCO Women’s S-lite Golf Shoe

If you’ve got a wide foot or even a narrow foot, then the Ecco Women’s Golf Shoes are extremely high-performing.

All this functionality comes at a cost, however, the Ecco shoes are really constructed to last.

The Women’s S Lite women’s golf shoes for wide feet is a really lightweight design that’s nevertheless leather.

Normally, lightweight and leather don’t go together.

Ecco created this shoe with perforated yak leather to help keep the general burden on down the shoe while still giving a lot of functionality advantages.

The Ecco shoe is available in many different colors, and the layouts are extremely professional and classic looking.

Though this shoe is pricey, it is possible to tell that it’s obviously high quality.

In the shoe, Ecco put a Fluidform midsole with wing wrapping.

This also gives the golfer more stability on either side of their foot.

The outsole of the shoe includes a wider heel that helps provide more stability and durability.

If you fight with balance on your swing in any way, this can be a golf shoe that you will need to consider.

We’re very impressed with the fact that a leather Shoe might be this lightweight and durable all at precisely the same moment.


  • Engineered leather golf shoe
  • Very high-quality design
  • Good styling and many colors available


  • Expensive

16. PUMA Women’s Ignite Spikeless Sport

These shoes are among the women’s golf shoes for wide feet because they are made from 100% leather and fabric. It’s a rubber sole, meaning you will be guaranteed grip on green. The premium materials together with the heavy-gauge ribbon will offer the stability you need to get a highly effective swing.

The revolutionary design creates the perfect blend of relaxation and energy yield. Thus, you can always encounter superior comfort whatever the floor that you are stepping on. The four-way stretch and breathable mesh can help keep your toes dry and comfortable in all weather conditions.

Additionally, the spark foam in the interior only will make you feel as though you’re stepping onto a light cloud.


  • Made using three distinct fashions and colors
  • The rubber sole provides traction on the green
  • Available in narrow and wide dimensions
  • The leather will mold according to your precise requirements
  • It includes a 1-year watertight guarantee


  • Best choice to wear during dry weather conditions
  • The sneakers might not match based on real-life sizing
  • Some clients state that the front part is overly long

Frequently Asked Question

Why are there any spikes around the base of the sneakers?

The spikes on the only will permit the shoes to have a suitable grip on the floor. This layout will stop your feet from falling when you swing. Therefore, you can keep your kind whilst play.

It is very important to mention that although spikes, they are just as comfy as those which don’t. The versions discussed in this review are crafted using various techniques to supply not only help but a pain-free encounter.

Can you wear spiked shoes on any program?

The brief answer is yes. The shoes have been designed to match different greens and weather conditions. If you would like to make certain your feet stay dry during moist conditions, keep an eye out for the shoe’s immunity to water.

It is vital to mention that these sneakers will be best suited to hilly courses. Therefore a class will require scaling. You’ll find it comfortable to walk for miles.

Do golf shoes create a difference?

Yes. regular shoes aren’t designed with the flexibility needed for an effective game. What’s more, you won’t be supplied with all the support you want to dominate the drama. Such sneakers will make certain that the ankle is secure as you swing. Among the chief characteristics of these shoes is your toes will be held in place.


Women with wide feet ought to have had difficulty locating the finest golf shoes for their own game. Many organizations are conscious of the significance of the shoe size and match; they function to make sure their sneakers are going to adapt to golfers will a variety of sized feet.

We have reviewed a number of their women’s golf shoes for wide feet. We expect that this listing has given you a better comprehension of what to anticipate while looking for the next pair of sneakers and we invite you to talk about it with other people who might also be needing it!