Tiger Woods is undoubtedly the greatest golfer of all time and a major figure in pro sports as well. He is routinely the PGA’s most bet on golfers whenever he steps on the fairway.

Tiger fans were worried about his popularity and the importance of golf to them. On February 24, he was involved in an accident that resulted in multiple leg injuries.

In a very long time, we won’t see Tiger Woods again on a golf course. He is only four months into his recovery after the terrible car accident and emergency leg surgery in February. His chances of ever returning on the PGA Tour are very slim.

Woods had the opportunity to get back in the game after NBC Sports invited him to join their broadcast team for the 121st U.S. Open at Torrey Pines later in the month. Tiger seems to be unwilling to become a “sideshow” at what is arguably his greatest major championship win.

When Will Tiger Return To Golf To The PGA Tour

Tiger Woods is still recovering from a car accident in February

When Tiger Woods flipped his SUV off the side of a road in Southern California earlier this year, golf fans around the world feared for his life. Woods was rescued from his vehicle and was immediately taken to an emergency room.

Fortunately, the PGA Tour Hall of Famer was able to survive the horrific crash. But he wasn’t completely out of the woods. Tiger sustained multiple fractures to his foot and right leg. To stabilize his bone, doctors placed a rod in his tibia. A variety of pins as well as screws were used to repair his foot and ankle. Woods remains on crutches, with a complete leg cast that runs from his right knee down to his feet.

Woods will need to be able again to swing a club and walk independently. It seems impossible to imagine Woods walking and playing 72 holes in competitive golf in just four days.

Tiger Woods recovery update

Woods posted a picture of himself on April 23rd, standing with crutches on the South Florida course. Woods, a 15-time major champion, has been back home for over a month since he had surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in California and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Woods wrote, “My course is moving along faster than me,” The update was punctuated by a smiley emoticon. The course is currently under construction.

Woods gave props to the dog who sat by his side.

Woods is expected to face a lengthy recovery

Woods is expected to face a lengthy recovery

Mallon believes that Woods will need at least one year to recover from a serious injury such as this.

Woods was still recovering from his fifth back surgery when his car collided into a median and rolled off the road. Even though Woods’ most recent injuries are certainly serious, Mallon said that Woods’ prior back problems were still the biggest problem long-term.

Mallon stated that he believes he can overcome this injury. However, he has had five back surgeries and it is difficult to recover from back surgery. “After five back surgeries, you don’t recover as well.” Plus, as you age, your recovery rate is less.

Woods’ legs still present challenges. Although fractures heal quickly, Woods will need to undergo extensive rehab to rebuild his muscles and surrounding tissues long after his bones have healed.

Mallon stated that Woods’s “superb” physical state for a 45-year-old will be in his favor when he tries to recover from what is undoubtedly the most severe injury of his career. Woods also broke his right leg and not his left, which is perhaps a more remarkable advantage.

Woods, a right-handed golfer, swings his club with his right leg. His right leg acts as a support pillar. As he puts his weight into the ball, Woods’ left knee and ankle are subject to torque and he whips the clubhead at high speed. Right-handers also roll onto their left ankles during each swing.

Mallon stated that the left leg takes more strain in a golf swing than the right. While I don’t deny that your right ankle takes some stress, it is not as severe as the left. The left ankle requires more flexibility than the right.

He said, “He’d be better off having hurt his right ankle than his Left.” “And yes, he would have had greater difficulty getting the flexibility back in his left ankle if he had injured his right.”

Mallon believes Woods will eventually be able to return to the same quality of life that he had before Tuesday’s accident. He believed Woods would be able to walk again and that he would enjoy playing with his children.

Woods turns down offer to join U.S. Open broadcast on NBC Sports

Woods may not be able to golf right now but that doesn’t stop him talking about it. Woods would be delighted to give his commentary at the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, a venue Woods won eight times. He also could update fans about his recovery. NBC Sports would love to hear it, too.

Woods was not interested in joining the broadcast when the network approached him.

“Yes, actually, that’s exactly what I was thinking, and we all thought about how great that would be. He would be a great choice to speak on the show, even if he was not available to perform it. But we were rebuffed,” NBC golf anchor Dan Hicks explained on a Wednesday conference call with reporters, per Golf Digest.

“He didn’t want to do that, and I completely understand his situation. His world is full of many things right now. Tiger isn’t interested in being a sideshow or an event. We should instead be focused on what’s actually happening. If he said “yes” to anything, there would be a constant parade of asks and then you’d have the nerve to tell everyone “no.”

When Will Tiger Return To Golf

When Will Tiger Return To Golf

We have not been able to get any details about Woods’ treatment or recovery since he was transferred from Harbor-UCLA Medical Center into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center just three days after the accident.

Woods is unlikely to be able to bear any weight on his right foot. High-speed impacts can cause bone and soft tissue damage and resulting pain that is often more severe than similar injuries sustained during athletic competition. Woods’ recovery will require more surgery, according to most experts.

One example of a high-profile compound fracture leg injury is found in the NFL. In 2018, Alex Smith, former Washington Football Team quarterback, broke his leg during a 2018 NFL game.

Smith had 17 more surgeries before he was able to return to play last season. Woods won’t be in the same boat as Smith, though golf is less physically demanding than football. However, it will likely be a long road for Tiger back on the links. Woods has already been unable to play in the 2023 Masters. This is not surprising.

Will Tiger Woods play golf again?

It is too soon to predict whether Woods will be able to join the PGA Tour in the future. Based on current information, Woods will likely need to recover for several months. However, it is difficult to predict a timeline.

“Can he get back from this?” It’s unclear at this point,” Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, told USA Today. We don’t know. It’s likely to be a lengthy rehab process and it will be very painful. It’s safe to assume that he will experience bumps, twists, and turns.

It’s not clear. He has at least one chance of living right now.