Do you want to get better at golf? Do you find yourself struggling on the course and frustrated with your game? There are many things that can help with your game, but one of the first things is finding a set of clubs that work for you. This blog post will give tips on what to look for in clubs so that you have an easier time playing and improving.

When looking at any club set purchase, it’s important to determine if they’re right for your skill level. If not, then they could hurt more than help. You’ll often see two sets – a “Ladies” or “Junior” set and then an “Adult” set (usually labeled as such). These sets are designed for different levels.

The following is a list of some features that many golfers look for in their equipment: shaft flex, loft angle, lie angle, swing weight (or balance), length from grip end to head (length), the total weight of club head (weight). Our goal with this blog post is not only to educate but also to provide tools that will make choosing new clubs easier for you.

What To Look For In Golf Clubs And Choose Accordingly

What to look for in golf clubs?

The most important considerations when choosing a set of golf clubs are the weight, grip type, shaft length and flex, loft angle adjustment (the higher this is increased in percentage points), club head types like blade or mallet head shape.

When it comes to picking out your first set of golf clubs you should consider some fairly basic factors which will help steer you towards what kind might be best for your needs as well as how committed/experienced with the sport that you really are. The following list includes:

  • Weight
  • Grip Type
  • Shaft Length & Flexibility
  • Club Head Shape

What to look for in golf clubs?

The clubhead

Different-sized clubheads can make your golf club more enjoyable. Many brands offer standard, medium, and oversized head sizes for their golf clubs. Your experience level will determine which size you choose.

The clubhead is generally larger, which means that your swing will be more flexible. Even though you may be able to hit a bad shot and still get a great result, an oversized head is often difficult to control and heavy.

The Shaft

While it may seem obvious, the length of the shaft should be considered when purchasing golf clubs.

You should also consider your height, weight, and strength.

A longer shaft is required for taller players to perform at their best.

You should also take into consideration the shaft’s flexibility and suitability for your swing.

A shaft that is too stiff can cause lower ball flight and loss of distance. Conversely, a shaft that is too soft can lead to ballooning and loss of distance.

How do you know if your shaft flex is correct? Too stiff shafts can cause you to slice the ball to one side, while shafts that are too soft will make the ball fly to one side.


The loft or loft angle is a vital measurement. It refers to the angle formed from a line that runs down the middle of the shaft and along the face of the club.

A golf club with a low loft (e.g. a 3 iron at 21-23 degrees) will allow the ball to travel further than one with an even higher loft. A 9-iron with a loft of 45-48 degrees will have the ball rise and descend steeper.

The loft can be judged by the angle of the clubface towards the shaft or the amount of it angled upward. A clubface with a greater degree of loft will appear horizontally more angled than one with a lower level.

Grip Thickness

Your swing can be affected by the thickness of your grip. Golfers who have a too-thin grip can experience large hand movements leading to their swing. Too thick grips can restrict your hands and cause equally severe problems.

Grip Type

Hybrids and woods

Woods and hybrids

To replace the traditional, longer, and more difficult to hit long irons, the cutting edge 5-wood has been replaced by the 23deg hybrid. The offset hosel connects to the clubhead and promotes straight hitting. The low center of gravity promotes a higher ball flight which results in greater accuracy and distance.

The hybrid can also be used for long runs and chips on the greens.


The classic mallet-style putter is now available with alignment aids. It provides firm, responsive feedback on each putt and distance control to give you confidence when hitting putts all around the green.


Traditional style cavity-back stainless-steel 5-9 irons use perimeter weighting and a wider bottom and top-line to encourage confident ball striking, maximum forgiveness even on off-center strikes, as well as increased playability.

Driver and 3-wood

Driver and 3-wood

These clubs provide the best options from the tee, with a variety of technology that allows you to hit the ball straight into the fairway.

These have tactical flight channels, while the head features an aerodynamic crown design that promotes a lower center-of-gravity and a higher launch angle to increase distance, accuracy, and maximum forgiveness.


The complete sets include a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. These provide many options for chips or pitch shots on the greens.

The sand wedge has a lot of bounce which makes it glide through thick grass and sand easily.

Golf clubs for intermediate and experienced golfers

You might consider building a golf club set that’s more tailored to your abilities and physical characteristics for players who have at least one year of experience.

Intermediate players should slowly build their sets as their game improves.

Experienced players will not be afraid to invest in the best brands and most recent models. Custom fitting is an option, depending on your strengths and weaknesses. If you want to be a serious golfer, it is worth investing in custom fitting the club shaft length, flex, clubhead lie angle, loft, and loft.

For beginners, there are many golf clubs

It is easy to get caught up with the initial excitement of learning a new sport or buying the best equipment for it. But beginners, be careful.

You should buy golf clubs slowly. As your skills improve and your progress in the sport, you will be able to collect more advanced models.

It’s worth borrowing or purchasing used clubs if you are just starting to play golf. After you’ve played a few rounds of golf and become comfortable with the game you can decide whether you want to buy your first set of golf clubs.

We’ve already explained that top-brand clubs and custom-fitted clubs are not recommended for beginners. We recommend purchasing a starter set of golf clubs which includes a driver, 3-wood, odd-numbered Irons (3, 5, 7, 9, and a putter).

You might be able to choose between graphite or steel shaft clubs.

We recommend steel shafts at this stage as they are more durable and less costly.

The following are the main points to keep in mind when selecting your first club set:


To increase swing speed, all clubs have lightweight graphite shafts that help get the ball in the air.

Our woods have tactical flight channels and aerodynamic crowns to promote a lower center-of-gravity and a higher launch angle. This allows for greater distance, accuracy, forgiveness, and increased distance.

Classic style cavity-back stainless-steel irons (5-SW), feature perimeter weighting and a wider bottom and top-line to encourage confident ball striking and maximum forgiveness.


A package set does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. Ben Sayers is the oldest golf brand in history, with 148 years of experience making high-quality clubs.

These sets are made from very high-quality materials that will ensure your clubs continue to perform well for many years.

Value for money

The package includes 12 golf clubs and a bag. You get everything you need to go out on the course, and also to improve your skills for only PS329.99.


Choosing the right golf club set is essential to getting a good score. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start when making your purchase decision. A few key considerations you should make are what kind of golfer you are and whether or not you need clubs with high trajectories (to stop balls from rolling). If these sound like questions that might apply to your next round of golf, let us help! We’ve compiled some information about our favorite sets below for just such an occasion. Which one do you think would work best for you? Let me know in the comments section below!