One of the most troublesome tasks is to pick the best tennis shoes for wide feet. There are always a couple of pressure points that shall cause you to feel uncomfortable in the first couple of hours. Therefore, it’s always essential to take a while to make some alterations to your shoes to make you uncomfortable. The majority of the shoes for tennis are made with a mean width. However, some shoes have been made as to the best tennis shoes for wide feet due to their broad layout.

Most folks possess this idea in their mind that the only significant thing about playing perfect tennis is an ideal tennis racquet, but this idea isn’t right. A fantastic pair of shoes is every bit as necessary as far as a fantastic racket for tennis is. The actual difficulty is confronted by the men and women who have wide feet in locating the specific match to their feet.

On or off the court, if your feet are wider than ordinary, you need relaxation. Finding shoes that provide you the excess space in addition to the style you need could be tiresome.

Thus, the best thing is to get shoes with a wide toe box, along with the shoes have to be a slide fit, averting any pain.

Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet

The effects of wide feet on narrow shoes for tennis

It’s very clear that Nehru shoes aren’t acceptable for wide feet, and there might bring adverse effects on the match of this participant.

Limited motion

The foot might be restricted due to wearing a Nehru shoe. And this limitation is due because of space for your foot to move. Speed is an essential element for a game like tennis hence this might lead to a reduction. A mistake shoe will always offer a sense that the foot has been compacted.

Pressurized foot

A thin shoe always stresses the face of the foot. If you would like to play tennis for quite a while, then narrow shoes will make you uneasy and can cause overtraining while enjoying the game. This may force you to eliminate focus on the sport, and you may bring about a reduction. A lean shoe causes more annoyance once you put them off.

These points allow it to be crucial to acquire the right fit whenever you’re likely to purchase the best tennis shoes for wide feet to your game to provide 100% great functionality.

16 Best tennis shoes for wide feet

Below is the listing of the best tennis shoes for wide feet. These shoes are fantastic for the gameplay of individuals with wide feet.

1. New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

The upper portion of this New Balance Men’s mc806 tennis shoe consists of both synthetic and leather material; the characteristic lets the shoe bend easily with the participant’s feet. It doesn’t limit but retains the shoe back. The toe area is reinforced for durability since the abrupt stops will easily wear from the front area.

The shoe can also be outfitted with a forefoot to heel Abzorb cushioning, which assists in shock absorption when displacing energy. It, therefore, retains the athlete’s foot cozy while also protecting it. Among the principal advantages of getting rubber for the bottoms of your shoe is you don’t need to be concerned about falling or slipping; the shoe layout has therefore integrated hard rubber, which can be wear-resistant.

The New Balance men’s tennis shoe is built with a rubber sole to give enough grip when on the court and for durability. The toe box is perforated for ventilation, so a player’s foot won’t suffer from perspiration. It’s also wide enough to support gamers with wide feet, and venting appears to be all around with all the perforated sides.


  • Reinforced toe area
  • Abzorb technologies for shock-absorbing and cushioning
  • Wide toe box for wide feet gamers
  • A fantastic lacing system supports the tongue


  • The only not great for lateral motions
  • It is only available in 1 color

2. ASICS Men’s Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes

ASICS is new and that is always included in reviews of their best tennis shoes for wide feet, and we’ve included many versions in our review because of this. The newest shoes are designed for all different kinds of feet, from wide widths into pronation and supination.

The FlyteFoam Midsole is tight, which keeps your muscles safe when playing. The toe area is strengthened, which can be key, particularly for gamers with a competitive, lively fashion and also for hard court use. But this shoe might feel somewhat chunky for all those gamers that wish to optimize the rate.

The conventional, transferring tongue of the shoe is substituted with a sock-like match that hugs all around and keeps dirt out. It could feel comfortable to get on at first, particularly in the event that you’ve got high arches, but the shoe includes a great deal of room, particularly in the forefoot area.

Overall, it is a Great multi-court shoe with flexibility. The outsoles are all non-marking, so you may wear them for indoor matches, also.

This version has a breathable PU top, but it will have a great deal of vinyl that not everyone will love. Additionally, they run a little large, so if you are between sizes, we suggest that you go up half a size.


  • Wide forefoot region using a sock-like fit.
  • Bouncy cushioning.
  • Stable and comfy.
  • Reinforced foot area.
  • Breathable upper.


  • It can feel overly padded and large for quick players.
  • The top is quite plastic.

3. Babolat Men’s Propulse Fury All Court Tennis Shoe

If You’re Looking for maximum stability, then Babolat Propulse is ideal for tennis shoes for wide horizontal feet. The newest version of those shoes has retained their best standing as the most durable shoes for court matches. Above all of the shoes includes a six months warranty. Many evaluations were conducted while establishing the shoes and the testers found that the shoes were comfy and heavy in design. These shoes are fantastic for competitive movers in tennis as well as the men and women that are searching for durability with movement.

  • Cushioning in the forefoot
  • Combination of synthetic and mesh substance
  • Power strap for upper only
  • Kompressor system for your midsole
  • KPRS technologies for heel comfort
  • Ortholite insole
  • Moisture management system
  • High cushioned EVA mat
  • For 9 pressure factors, Action Flexion technologies are utilized


  • Spacious design
  • High heels for horizontal feet
  • Rubber studs for versatility


  • Perhaps too large heels to get a couple of individuals.

4. K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe

Apart from the great looks, the K-Swiss Hyper courtroom shoes arrive in several other different attractive colors, which means you’re really spoilt for choice. The midsole (EVA) is nicely padded for shock absorption and offers underfoot comfort.

The upper section is made out of synthetic overlays that encourage the foot when at activity from the courtroom, and the net can help in ventilation. The Drag shield technique is usually utilized to guard the shoe against harm in the event of excessive toe pulling. The usage of the technology makes the shoe a comfortable match for toe draggers too.

The Dura wrap technologies further shield the shoe from toe pulling; a participant’s midfoot is consequently shielded from tripping while ensuring relaxation. The interior has a watertight lining to counter perspiration, and the sole is constructed from this Aosta II high-density rubber which has great grip and is durable. The toe box can be wide enough to provide comfort to the wide foot tennis players.


  • Offered in different colors
  • Drag Guard protects the toe
  • The Midfoot Dura Wrap technologies Aids in the equilibrium of their foot
  • Eva midsole has been used for shock absorption


  • Foot room allows the foot also much motion
  • Are pre-tied

5. K-Swiss Defier RS Women’s Tennis Shoes

This K-Swiss version Is our best choice for a wide tennis shoe for ladies. It is a classic-style tennis shoe with a herringbone pattern around the floor and gentle cushioning all around. The cushioning is comfortable and keeps you secure in your feet, but it is not too much for people who search for responsiveness and a few paces.

Notice that this shoe has a great deal of support for your arches, but it might get uncomfortable for those who have very flat feet. This makes it a much better match for neutral pronation and large arches.

The leather top Is durable but soft and contains room on your feet, but in addition, it includes the possible drawback of extending too much. Some users reported that this shoe losing support as time passes around the top.

Overall, it is a very good alternative for both beginning and intermediate players that are searching for a long-lasting, cushioned shoe.


  • Very soft and comfy.
  • Excellent for novice and intermediate players.
  • Durable leather upper.
  • Lots of arch support.


  • The leather upper loses some aid as time passes.
  • The cushioning is not very effective.

6. Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

When it comes to this Court, Nike Court lite can’t be forgotten. All these are of those best tennis shoes for wide feet with shape low profile. The powerful mesh makes them lasting, and they’re among the best tennis shoes for wide feet when it comes to wide horizontal feet. The shoes are wide and breathable; hence they do not provide much strain on the feet. The shoes are lightweight hence quite simple to take care of from the courtroom.

  • For venting, mesh tongue has been additional
  • Lace-up closed
  • Footbed made from molded foam
  • Sole is artificial
  • The padded collar makes climaxes comfy
  • Midsole cushioned


  • Durable traction
  • Five identifying layouts
  • Good for fast-moving players
  • Padded collar and midsole
  • Rubber outsole


  • Heel is little

7. New Balance Men’s 896v2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

Removable functions work well with those who have one little foot or equally, that the New Balance is empowered using the characteristic which makes them a more comfortable fit with or without the hassles. In the shoe outline, it’s clear that they provide fantastic performance on hard courts; the outer only is herringbone, which includes great grip when slipping sideways or forward.

The rubber only also provides stability and durability whilst in the court, and the top part consists of both cloth and synthetic material, which affirms the feet and also enables easy motion in the courtroom. A Revlite midsole was integrated for cushioning, stability, and shock absorption. Its long comfy tongue along with a well-cushioned collar.


  • Removable inserts for relaxation
  • Herringbone outsole offers equilibrium
  • Durable rubber only
  • Revlite midsole for shock absorption


  • Shoes not light on the foot
  • Removable inserts may get lost easily

8. New Balance Men’s 1006 V1 Tennis Shoe

The New Balance 1006 V1 is popular for tennis gamers with wide feet since it comes in 3 distinct widths. However wide your feet are, you are very likely to get the appropriate size. Along with the enjoyable but not overly showy, the layout of the shoe is a bonus!

This tennis shoe keeps you light on your feet. The herringbone pattern on the outside of the middle and forefoot provides you grip on your quick attacks on slick clay and grass courts. The Revlite midsole is constructed from lightweight foam, and the outsole is non-marking.

The top is fabric mesh combined with PU, using an intriguing wing layout. The fabric gives it a few wonderful breathabilities; therefore it is a fantastic choice for outside games in hot climates. It’s a reinforced drag hint so that you won’t ruin the toe region with rapid motions, but the net top might not be lasting on hard courts.

Normally, the shoe may feel tight on wide feet, so we do recommend that you choose one of those wide sizes when purchasing this version. Additionally, it has very little arch support, so in the event that you want more, this might not be the best one for you.


  • Comes in 3 distinct widths.
  • Nice appearance with a wing pattern around both sides.
  • Breathable upper.
  • Non-marking sole.


  • The tight match overall; proceed to get an extra-wide dimension.
  • Very little arch support.

9. K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Lite LTR Tennis Shoe

Suppose you’re looking for a mixture of firmness, comfort, and encouragement, then this brand good price. The K-SWISS large shot is a highly common option.

K-SWISS has inserted an extremely standard twist in there among the very popular shoe bigshot mild leather. For those gamers searching for seal and match, these variations offer a complete leather upper for your courtroom players. The non-marking outsole is composed of rubber for almost any court surface. These would be the best match for those players that love the classic appearance.

  • Generous width
  • For key places, Durawrap technology is utilized.
  • For support and stability, KEVA midsole is utilized
  • Modified herringbone is utilized for durability and grip
  • For making the shoe lasting, DragGaurd is found in the high wear areas.


  • Durable
  • Wide
  • Long-lasting
  • Good for court surfaces
  • Comfortable collar


  • Arch support marginally low

10. K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3

K-Swiss has done an exceptional job with the Men’s Big shooter; the midsole CMEVA full with sock liner features comfort and stability to the wearer. The toe box is wide and broad, thus great accommodation for its wide feet tennis gamers.

The collar liner is made from fabric material not quite padded but provides essential relaxation. The rubber sole is a 7.0 Aosta and includes great stability and grip. The midsole is K-EVA for cushioning comfort to some participant’s feet. The top part is made from lightweight synthetic mesh stuff, so it isn’t overly heavy on the feet, and the venting offers great breathability.

The K-Swiss provides lateral stability into some participant’s foot thus empowers the feet to be secured in position; the midfoot shank also obliterates the low to the ground texture and generates torsion rigidity with loads of lateral support.


  • The presence of sock lining Provides support.
  • A blend of synthetic leather and fabric makes the top part lasting
  • Rubber sole provides great grip and stability
  • The upper net obliterates perspiration, offering to vent


  • The upper part is a Little rigid for pace
  • It takes the time to split in this somewhat bulky when fresh

11. Adidas Men’s CourtJam Bounce

Adidas shoes are generally about the wider side, perfect for reasonably wide feet. The Courtjam Bounce is a quick but comfortable tennis shoe with responsive cushioning which feels springy and resilient. The shoe has rather a high foot, which retains your foot securely in place when jumping or running.

In terms of width, this version has a spacious forefoot area which has plenty of space for reasonably wide feet. It will seem wide, however, which may feel goofy for many users.

This shoe’s top is mesh cloth, using a PU coating on the exterior of their foot for greater durability when pulling your feet. Nonetheless, it remains relatively cool when playing, so we advise this tennis shoe for people who play outdoors in warm to hot weather.

The upgraded herringbone pattern on the outsole provides you excellent grip on the court, and generally, the sole is quite flexible. The midsole is elastic and easy to break-in, which means that you won’t lose time attempting to get it to match.

This only does leave marks; therefore it is not the ideal choice to use for indoor matches.


  • Great grip.
  • Flexible outsole.
  • Bouncy cushioning to conserve your joints.
  • Durable upper with reinforcements.


  • The outsole marks indoor courts.
  • A wide outsole that is not everybody’s preferred appearance.

12. ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

One of those best choices for the opponents that the gel Challenger 12 is among the best performers from the court. The top of the shoe holds your feet can add more aid for rapid motion. For quick and comfortable motion, the gel cushioning smooth matches. It’s a great alternative for all-rounder players. For clay courts, the outsole is composed of lasting rubber, and much more protection is added from the high wear areas.

  • The USA made
  • Artificial leather
  • Flexion match Technology support and assist
  • Flexible and breathable cushioning
  • The heel collar is upgraded for stability and competitive cuts
  • For the security of feet gel cushioning system can be utilized
  • Trusstic method for a midsole


  • Lightweight midsole
  • Enhanced cushioning
  • Forefoot gel technology
  • Rearfoot gel tech
  • Moisture management


  • Width is typical

13. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe

Nike is usually a favorite brand and is famous for producing the best tennis shoes; the Air Zoom Men’s Tennis shoes are built to accommodate wide feet. The shoe ensures players’ high-speed performance since it’s constructed from lightweight material; the top net features ventilation, ensuring that your feet stay cool during the match.

The addition of match technology enables a participant to generate the essential movements without constraints or lodging issues. Additionally, the open fabric and synthetic substance offer maximum comfort. The outsole allows easy transition at the center of the match whilst offering balance and grip, and the outside only accommodates the abrupt moves and stops; hence, there’s absolutely no fear of falling or slipping.

The cushioning is lightweight but durable, created out of elastic fibers offering stability during high rebounds and impact, providing a super-responsive encounter. Even though it is not a good idea to keep replicating shoes in the court that the Nike Air is the kind of strain that lasts so long as the consumers consequently offering value for money.


  • Comfortable midsole
  • Reactive outsole
  • Light in weight enriches rate
  • Integrated lively fit tech


  • Traction somewhat shaky
  • Toe box is not quite wide for a few

14. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution

ASICS is a fantastic Brand for athletes that have feet on the wider side. This version is really a supportive shoe for all levels of tennis players that has been a favorite because of its own support and functionality.

The Gel-Resolution is a tennis shoe with superior functionality possible for intermediate and quick players. It comprises ASICS’s Gel technology cushioning in the midsole, which is excellent for keeping your joints secure in a volatile game such as tennis.

The heel cup keeps your foot completely locked in if you are moving around the courtroom, offering excellent stability. The cushioning on the heel provides you torque controller but does not limit your moves.

The best aspect of the cushioning of the shoe is that it does not feel too large and heavy. The gel coating is responsive; however, it is not too overpowering but providing you with an almost undetectable feel about the court. Additionally, it feels much more lasting than a foam midsole.

This version comes from extra-wide sizes; however, the accessibility is contingent upon the color. All in all, the layout is very wide and comfy at the very front; however, we recommend going with all the extra-wide sizes.

The top is a synthetic knit design and includes a reinforced toe which makes it durable enough to get a tough court. It is not a very breathable layout for your summer heat, particularly in the darker colors.


  • Invisible sense on the court for quick players.
  • Durable outsole.
  • Feels mild but cushioned.
  • Good torque controller in the heel for rapid movements.


  • Not sterile, particularly in dark colors.

15. Skechers Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe

If you’re sporty and stylish together afterward, Skechers is the ideal tennis shoes for wide feet girls. The artificial upper and soft mesh makes the shoe comfortable. The Skechers are slip-resistant using a Memory Foam insole with air-cooled capabilities. Therefore, if you being a sporty girl but wish to look like a very stylish female on the court then go for those shoes, which are the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

  • Stain and water-resistant
  • Smooth synthetic laces raise the durability
  • Lace-up sporty shoes with slide resistance
  • Padded collar for powerful grip for competitive cuts
  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • Rubber grip outsole
  • Side S emblem
  • Traditional sewing


  • High heels are acceptable for horizontal feet
  • Spacious width
  • Padded tongue
  • Heel panel cloth
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Lightweight midsole


  • It might be embarrassing for women who do not like laces

16. Fila Men’s Axilus Energized Tennis Sneakers

Sports shoes by Fila are famous for their high performance along with also the Men’s Energized shoes are not any different. The Medium arch provides maximum support on the baseline or the serve and volley, and therefore you don’t need to worry about being stuck in the front toe.

The upper only is responsive and has great grip; it’s also light in weight hence enhances the rate, the foot is more comfortable on the floor and business while within the shoe. The top mesh material is constructed from a fantastic quality breathable cloth. Tennis players are famous for their demanding cuts, abrupt stops, and higher rebound; these attributes require a steady midsole like the one supplied by Fila.

The fitting is glove-like; hence, a participant’s feet won’t feel squeezed whilst in the court, the collar is nicely cushioned for comfort, complete with a well-fitting tongue. The outer sole is constructed from Evergrind rubber, which can be powerful consequently, durable, and in addition, it has the read blueprint of herringbone, which offers great grip in the courtroom.

Wide feet players are accommodated since the tennis shoes are assembled with a massive toe box. The laces, when tied up, provide aid and help stabilize the top part when anxiety is exerted over the course of a game.


  • Nylon free breathable net
  • TPU Midsole handles really nicely
  • Permanent Evergrind rubber outer sole
  • Lightweight upper only promotes speed


  • Must be ordered up a size

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will be the best tennis shoes for wide feet?

The listing supplied above has all of the shoes, which are the widest of all. These shoes are comfy, wide enough, and also the best tennis shoes for wide feet. And not just for wide feet but additionally these shoes are best for flat feet.

Which Nike shoes would be best for wide feet?

Nike tennis Hero Off Noir is your best shoe for wide feet. They’re durable, flexible, comfortable, and inviting. Nike always manages the consumers, and they constantly design shoes that match everybody.

What kind of shoes Run Wide?

Asics, Nike, New equilibrium, Prince, and Skechers address wide feet. Design shoes with great designs and spacious shoes, especially for tennis players.

Why wide shoes really are better?

Squeezed or narrow shoes may cut blood flow in the feet and feet. This can lead to severe and painful foot issues. Wide shoes permit blood circulation and support the foot. Therefore, wide shoes are constantly suggested.

Should I Buy Extra Wide Shoes?

If your feet run wide and you are in pain with routine widths, you should certainly purchase extra-wide shoes. Especially when playing such a difficult game as tennis, you will have to have your feet well-aligned to have the ability to play nicely. Why would you need to eliminate strength, focus, or speed?

What To Pay Attention To in Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

Always keep in mind if you possess a wide foot, then there are a few vital qualities the best tennis shoes for wide feet you pick must-have. Below are the attributes which you need to search for before purchasing any shoe for wide feet.

Ankle Support

Tennis shoes normally have quite a great deal of padding around the ankle. It could feel somewhat prohibitive to gamers that are utilized to lightweight jogging shoes, but it is essential in tennis. You want more support, which means you’re able to keep your feet secure when going to all the sides without worry.

This is why it is vital to obtain a fantastic pair of tennis shoes when you begin playing with them, instead of simply using a set of runners. In the worst case, you are going to risk an accident; at best, you are going to be annoyed by not being able to fully expect the shoe when going.


The insole is among the most important components of the shoe for your relaxation.

The insole has a huge effect on the match. The ideal match for you depends upon your foot and if you’ve dropped, neutral or high arches.

You will have to consider what feels best for you. Some individuals with flat feet are in pain when utilizing shoes with large arches; others want additional support. Proceed through your present sneaker choice to determine what works best on your feet.

Should you have some particular issues along with your feet, you may even use orthotic inserts rather than the producer’s insoles. Most sports shoe manufacturers include removable insoles so that you can fit them on your own.


The midsole usually hides the cushioning, a crucial part in a quick match with sprints and jumps, just like tennis. But it may frequently weigh the shoe down.

If you are very experienced and athletic, you may delight in a shoe with less cushioning, while people just getting into the sport will probably require additional protection because of their joints.

The midsole substance is also significant. Some top-notch midsole technology is additional elastic without weighing you down, but these choices are generally pricier.

EVA foam Midsoles are also typical in tennis shoes, and they frequently have a tendency to be somewhat soft and squishy. But they could lose their form considerably faster than other kinds of midsoles. This may also mean that they will not protect your joints from impact, so in the event that you play a whole lot, start looking for top-notch, compact stuff.


When playing out in the summertime, it may be near impossible to keep your feet warm. And the thicker it gets inside your shoes, the more uncomfortable you will receive.

But it’s not only about the nasty sense of getting your socks drenched within the shoe. Whenever your feet sweat, you will get a worse grasp on the courtroom. You may also create some nasty blisters from improved immunity.

Should you normally play in high-heat surroundings or reside from the South, start looking for cloth mesh uppers or a great deal of venting holes. Artificial leather shoes are generally the worst alternative for warmth since they may feel like a plastic bag over your feet.

Important: Fabric net has its negative side. It is generally much less durable on hard courts as artificial or natural leather, and on clay, it may let a great deal of dust inside. If it comes to picking the material, it is a matter of choosing what is most significant for you.

Your Personal Needs

Your Tennis shoe selection additionally depends upon your playing level and fashion, in addition to your playing surface. Below are a few hints.

Beginners: Until you’ve discovered the correct moves on the court, you will probably gain from extra-cushioned shoes with a great deal of lateral support and rigid soles.

Intermediate: When you understand your strategy, you should begin prioritizing relaxation over support, opting to get a bit less cushioning and not as rigid bottoms.

Experienced: Opt for lightweight, slender, and flexible shoes which allow for rapid movement, but enhance quality cushioning.

Grass courts: Grass is bouncy, but it can get slippery. Go for a lot of lateral support and tiny cleats on the bottoms, if at all possible.

Clay courts: Clay is dusty and slippery. Decide on a herringbone pattern for grip and synthetic substances, so the dirt does not fill your shoes.

Hard mates: Concrete courts tend to be more difficult on cloths in addition to joints, therefore beware of net uppers and constantly select a well-cushioned shoe.


Wide feet constantly face problems while picking the best tennis shoes for wide feet. Wide feet want space for a good motion. Not just wide feet, but each kind of feet wants ample shoes since the narrow of this squeezed shoe cuts off the blood flow and Which might lead to an injury. There are many brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Prince, etc., that make shoes for gamers who have wide feet and Decent tennis shoes for wide feet. Very good shoes play a fantastic part in great performance consequently, it is always important to pick a shoe that impacts your gameplay and causes the least stress to the feet.