We select out the best golf rangefinders the marketplace in 2023 must offer, all that are made to offer you precise distances to the flag and also match perfectly on your hands.

With the prevalence of golf rangefinders flourishing, there is been a lot of offerings at a broad assortment of prices. You might not have to spend $400+ to have a nice one? Is a deal rangefinder worth the bet, or does it just offer frustration?

This review of the golf rangefinders was upgraded in May Of 2023 and will continue to be upgraded as new versions emerge during the year.

Remember that I’ve personally used every product within this rangefinder inspection and have played three or more rounds with every.

14 Best Golf Rangefinders

1. Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Laser Golf Rangefinder

Bushnell is a new synonymous with all the very best golf laser rangefinders along with the Tour V5 and V5 Shift continue this trend. Both have come packed full of technologies like Bite technology that’s a magnetic bracket and Pinseeker with visual JOLT technologies that’s a red ring which cries as JOLT vibrates to provide the golfer even increased opinions and confidence to understand they’ve secured onto the flag.

In terms of ease of usage, it could not be easier. Just point, shoot, and the flag has been chosen out quickly as a result of its crystal clear screen and adjustable Fast Focus System toggle. You might even switch from yards at a flash using the button on the side also.

The gap between the Tour V5 along the Shift is that the Shift includes a brand new and enhanced slope algorithm along with Slope-Switch technologies that permit the user to twist the incline function off or on.

The two are watertight which is a great feature and in addition, they include a sturdy carry case too.


  • Excellent optics and variety
  • Easy to toggle between modes


  • More affordable models on the market

2. Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder with Slope Measurement

Most important golf manufacturers are pleased to leave the laser rangefinder class to the businesses which have specialized in binoculars and hunting scopes, such as Bushnell and Leupold. However, Callaway has anted up using a rangefinder of its own to spend the combination, and it is an excellent entry.

The cost is extremely appealing to get the best golf rangefinders using 6x magnification and incline to study, but a couple of facets leave something to be wanted.


  • 6x magnification
  • Reads yardages accurately around 1000 yards
  • Provides incline dimensions


  • Slope dimensions occasionally seem underestimated
  • Optics are fuzzy over 100 yards
  • Chirp rather than shaking might be deflecting

3. Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder

Another fantastic version from precisely the exact same brand Bushnell is Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder — that has made it into our listing of the greatest golf range finders. If you’re seeking to obtain a rangefinder with higher quality and compact design, then this will be the one for you. It’s a superb range allowing the golfer a better experience.

As you may know, Bushnell is among the primary golf businesses on the current market, particularly if we speak about rangefinders. In any case, on their internet site, they supply a sheer variety of things that feature GPS rangefinders.


  • 1000 yards array
  • A 1-yard​ perimeter of mistakes
  • Accepted by USAGE
  • 5x magnification​ attributes
  • Pin-Seeker & JOLT Technology
  • 5 times magnification​ features
  • a 2-year warranty


  • No rate tracker​​
  • No incline support
  • Non-rechargeable battery​​​​
  • High-priced

4. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf Rangefinder

The Gogogo Rangefinder Delivers excellent value with excellent yardage precision. The rangefinder also has such stresses as a flagpole vibration locking mechanism, rapid scanning measuring, along a 6x magnification lens.

The best attribute of the Gogogo rangefinder is its incline calibrate function. In other words, that this rangefinder provides you true yardage whatever the altitude changes in the program. Let us say you’re sitting in the 150-yard mark, however, the trap is downhill. The Gogogo rangefinder will account for the incline and provide you exact yardage that will assist you to select the perfect club.


  • Angle range compensation program offers accurate readings for both uphill and downhill shots
  • Up to 650 meters of precision readings using a 6x magnification lens
  • Ergonomic design allows for simple carrying with rubberized grip


  • The rangefinder just locks in on snare from within 150 yards

5. TecTecTec ULT-X Laser Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec is certainly a new brand which not a lot of golfers are knowledgeable about. Nonetheless, this really is a brand new name in the business that’s been focusing on creating high-quality yet inexpensive golf equipment including large rangefinders. Introducing its own next-generation rangefinder, the ULT-X is a great decision to provide both precision and clarity, not just that but it may also be utilized in almost any tournament.


  • Truth
  • Tournament approved
  • Slope switch attribute
  • 1000 yards array
  • Goal Lock Technology with vibration
  • Waterproof and protect the security


  • A far better yards distance dimension reader.

6. Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Using the Bushnell Pro X2, you will find all of the bells and whistles and noteworthy features potential packaged into an excellent bundle, complete with a sturdy, rugged metal casing with rubber grips that are comfortable.

So why is not it the winner? Well, it is extremely costly. Coming in at more than 100 more expensive than every other rangefinder examined, it is going to cost you up to a brand-new, top-of-the-line driver.


  • Strong metal casing
  • Extremely accurate yardage and slope
  • Fully waterproof


  • Expensive
  • Eats batteries faster than many others

7. Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

The Coolshot Pro Attributes the stability of their Coolshot 80’s vibration reduction at a more compact design, assisting golfers to discover their target quicker. Locked on technology signifies overlapping targets are not a problem, using a green circle verifying the goal, so users are not guessing in the flag and receiving a ‘wrong’ reading.

In our testing, we now discovered the stabilization attribute to be peculiar but using just a bit of training became second nature and stored time. It’s reputed to reduce around 80 percent of tingling and although this could be difficult to measure, we did locate the extent needed to hover and proceed when searching through the viewfinder.

We realized that you need to hold it farther away in the face in contrast to other versions, but as soon as you discover the optimal space, a crystal-clear screen is right before you.

The OLED red screen Is also easy to view and when studying in the late evening light, we can select out the flag and other items without an issue.

Meanwhile, ID Technology Calculates incline and decline to exhibit a slope-adjusted space for just how far the user needs to reach their ball.


  • Exception clarity through the screen.
  • Ideal for golfers who have unsteady hands to quickly lock on the flag.


  • The stabilization attribute takes some getting used to.

8. TecTecTec VPRO500S Slope with Battery

Another TectTecTec Version on the list is your Tectectec Vpro500s Slope Golf Rangefinder. Producing premium nevertheless largely reasonable priced golf goods to novices and professional gamers, the TecTecTec manufacturer had excelled in producing the TecTecTec VPRO500S Slope Golf Rangefinder.

This really is one of those best-selling golf laser rangefinders it is possible to locate on Amazon or about any internet marketer on the market. With this kind of wonderful built-in polished black touch layout, this layout will surely stick out in the audience.

Why is this version better still, is that it’s the exact same luxurious features which you could see in other high-priced rangefinders. The one distinction is this version has a shorter space measurement array so if the targeted gap is too far off then you won’t have the ability to discover the flag. This makes your spaces boil down to people which you quantify on a regular basis.


  • True to 1 yd
  • 6x magnification
  • 3 scanning manners
  • Supports incline +Pin Sensor tech
  • USGA-legal
  • Water-resistant
  • 2-year guarantee


  • Solely 540 yds. adequate range
  • Can’t measure rates
  • Non-rechargeable battery

9. Leupold 119087 GX-3i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

The Leupold GX3i2 is an outstanding, straight-to-the-point rangefinder that sticks to the fundamentals and does this really well. Having a glowing red reticle and OLED display, the GX3i2 is easy to see in most states. It is the solid aluminum case is a step up from the cheaper-feeling plastic of many other manufacturers.

The readings pop up fast and therefore are dead-on true to a tenth of a lawn. Leupold is a firm known for creating the very best golf laser gun sights on earth, therefore it is not surprising this is among the very best golf rangefinder.


  • Very fast target acquisition
  • Scan mode ensures proper target
  • Bright OLED screen
  • Strong aluminum case


  • No incline reading
  • Requires continuous hands

10. Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

Another worthy inclusion in this very best golf laser rangefinders listing, the Bushnell Hybrid joins laser and GPS yardages together.

Exact distances into the pin are supplied via the Hybrid’s laser operate powered by a CR2 battery, even though a GPS screen on the side, powered with a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery, provides front, mid and rear yardages to assist when golfers possess blind shots or desire faster, more general details.

The Hybrid also boasts PinSeeker using Jolt Technology, supplying a brief, vibrating burst to isolate the goal and lock on the flag.


  • Grippy segments make it simple to hold securely at the end
  • The addition of GPS enhances user experience


  • Dated, somewhat clunky layout

11. Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

When it comes to optics, Nikon is reforming and also taking the lead from the laser rangefinder tech revolution. Among the technology, we’ll be speaking about now is Nikon COOLSHOT 20 that is among the most precise and reasonable range space measurement indicators you’ll likely encounter.


  • Fantastic optics
  • Adequate 550 yds. range
  • Accurate around 1 yd margin of mistake
  • 6x magnification
  • Smart Scan System
  • Fantastic battery life


  • Glitchy

12. PeakPulse Laser 6Pro Rangefinder

Boasting several outstanding features like true yardage to a single lawn and a water-resistant lightweight body, the PeakPulse 6 Pro Rangefinder stands among the best golf rangefinders we have ever tested with its own budget cost in your mind.

The 6 Pro’s top two attributes Are slope reimbursement and Advanced Flag Acquisition Technology. Both provide the golfer the chance to catch the specific yardage to the pin before they select their club.


  • Slope function gives golfers precise yardage with altitude changes
  • Quick focus system provides space to goals ahead in moments
  • Flag acquisition feature enables the golfer to view direct yardage to snare


  • No scan attribute and body made from lightweight materials

13. GolfBuddy Laser 1 Rangefinder

The Laser 1 and Laser 1S offer laser measuring functionality at a lower price point. Both versions are lightweight with an ergonomic and stylish design. They provide 6 x magnification and a broader LCD display to ensure greater visibility of dimensions, and include three distinct targeting manners regular, scan, and snare down.

With a vibration alternative to confirm goal lock along with a one-click scan attribute, simplicity of usage is at the core of the plan. The Laser 1S is different by incorporating a Slope purpose to account for almost any slope in the terrain between golfer and goal. Unquestionably, among the very best, GolfBuddy rangefinders from the present selection.


  • Easy to use with sufficient Helpful modes
  • Quick to exhibit distances


  • A small basic in performance

14. Golf Buddy LR7S Golf Laser Rangefinder

Being the successor of among the best-selling rangefinder in the marketplace for quite a while today the LR5S, the brand new LR7S Golf Laser Rangefinder is a general low to some middle-tier laser rangefinder using a fresh black and gray polish that will assist you to look like a professional without draining your pocket

The reason we inserted this version into our record is a result of how golf players may benefit from the long efficient selection and with the additional features integrated into it.


  • Affordable price
  • As much as 800 yards. range
  • True 1 yd (margin of error)
  • USGA-legal


  • Limited or no guarantee

Buying Guide of Best Rangefinders For Golf

With So much info and new gear coming out all of the time, it is important to get your golf rangefinders current. If you are brand new to the rangefinder entire world, Here is what you need to learn and should search for in every apparatus:


The number one requirement for a rangefinder is the fact that it has to be spot-on precise. If we desired variability of 6 or 5 Yards on each dimension, we would go to get a GPS yardage finder which may also offer a map of this hole and yardages into the front and rear of the green.

We also want to be certain that the yardage is true to the target we choose. In case your rangefinder inadvertently picks up a tree supporting the flagstick rather than the flag itself, then you might end up significantly over-clubbing. So you would like to make certain the yardage is precise and unique for your intended goal.

Ease of Use

Like precision, this is not as much of a problem as rangefinders become more dependable and always straightforward to use. However, that does not mean all of them are simple to use.

Ideally, you desire a rangefinder that you’re able to select up, hit a button, hold with one hand, and also possess a specific distance to some flag or danger.

Distance Range

What is the greatest distance it could shoot reliably? Laser rangefinders assert to have the ability to shoot a million yards but it isn’t realistic because the magnification is not powerful enough for one to observe a goal that way.

Bear in mind, a very long-range rangefinder can be useless if you don’t find the target from wherever you’re. Make sure you have a sizable enough magnification (at 5x magnification) to determine far-away targets.


Rangefinder budget is actually determined by your needs and the way much are you can spend on a single. If you’re seeking a highly durable and performing rangefinder with nice and effectual precision, it’s far better to go for you on the costlier side. However, expensive doesn’t have to mean restarting your funding program, it could be just marginally pricier than the other available choices.

Battery Life

This is nearly a non-issue since the normal battery life may last six months to a year, unlike wearable apparatus such as a golf view (except number six among the that makes it nearly worth the battery lifetime ). Additionally, some firms such as Precision Pro, provide free batteries for life when you register online.

This way you’ll not ever need to be concerned about battery life and will get free ones for the near future.

Water Proof

If you are playing a great deal of winter golf or in the rain, you wish to ensure the rangefinder can defy the conditions and will not lose your cash once the first rain strikes. Check if it is watertight or water-resistant since there’s a big difference.

Display Technology

Rangefinders have a very different screen than golf GPS watches or handheld apparatus that’s important to think about before buying. Plus, many high-end devices possess crosshairs, slope configurations, and many gamers, a tiny bit too many details.

Bear in mind, you want your device to be useful, not overpowering. Constantly keep it simple as golf is tough enough!

Slope Measurement Capabilities

Yes, rangefinders can’t just inform you exact distance but they’re also able to inform you whether your shot is faulty or down as a result of its incline settings. Certain versions arrive with the slope damages attributes and are normally a little pricier. And, they are also prohibited to play during championship play to be certain it’s turned off to competitive events.

Storage and Looks

Rangefinders are not cheap so you would like to be certain it includes a case that may manage some wear and tear. Between being lost, playing in-climate weather, and travel, you ought to be certain that the situation will help improve the life span of your rangefinder.

Even though each of the preceding functions is significant, you would like a rangefinder that appears great and readily identifiable.

Benefits of Purchasing the merchandise

By now, the rangefinder is an alteration gamer and a Need to have device for any sort of course. You just can’t go into a class with anyone now and this is the reason.

Gaining time: If you’re utilizing the rangefinder you’ll have the ability to accelerate your play. The rangefinder will help you quantify the distances at any given goal point in a couple of seconds. You don’t need to worry about losing some time assessing your distances.

Add value for a game that the very best golf range finders using a slope will make it simpler for you to get an accurate and exact space. Nevertheless, these attributes stay not permitted for professional games, but it is going to definitely be a fantastic aid in advancing your sport level.

Boost Your Confidence: Precision can play a significant part in setting the overall operation of the game and if you’re not doubtful and confident regarding space, you may always fall behind those that are convinced in measuring their distances thanks to rangefinders.


Should I purchase a rangefinder with an incline calculation?

Well, now we are getting into a small gray area. Slope calculations (that is a rangefinder that also lets you know exactly how many yards of altitude you will find between you and the goal ) aren’t legal to use at recreational golf clubs or tournament play.

But much as playing spouses used to have a “gentlemen’ Agreement” that utilizing golf rangefinders has been OK prior to the USGA legalized them, lots of recreational or amateur players decide to utilize rangefinders with incline measurements anyhow.

Many slope-enabled golf Rangefinders have a “championship mode” so they may be utilized for distance-only when you are playing on official occasions or if your playing partners do not need you using slope dimensions.

Slope dimensions can come in very convenient during training rounds for championships. Just take pitch yardage for any significant slopes and mark it down on your yardage novel — it will provide you a leg up on the man who is just imagining.

Should I elect for golf laser rangefinders or is a GPS device better?

This one finally is all up to you. As for me, I favor having golf laser rangefinders since it provides you incredibly precise dimensions to whatever goal you shoot the laser at. But, GPS versions will provide you certain benefits, like overhead views of a pit so it is possible to earn a fantastic plan of attack if shots are deceptive.

But, GPS units provide much less dependable yardages. On a transparent day, you can anticipate drift up to 5 yards or so, and also on a cloudy day, it could become much worse. You might even lose your sign entirely. Most GPS units or telephone programs also eat batteries, so in the event that you become stuck at a slow around, you might run out of power before you are done.

Maybe it’s a fantastic idea to have at your disposal, but if you go this route, be certain that it doesn’t slow you down a great deal! You will grow to be the most famous golfer on the path should you choose ten minutes prior to each shot attempting to work out exact yardages.

For quickness and precision, I would suggest a rangefinder (some from our listing of the golf rangefinders) for many golfers.


To sum up, the option of whether to obtain a rangefinder boils down to what you actually want in regards to golf playing. Should you play golf only as a pastime and scores do not mean much for you then you may want to save a couple of hundred bucks.

Nevertheless, if you are playing professionally and trying to improve your game and techniques, then you need a rangefinder so you can learn and progress faster instantly. It’s necessary to remember, however, that there’s not any gainsaying in regards to employing a rangefinder provided that you know how to handle it.

Hopefully, this article helped you figure out a few of the best golf rangefinders which can be on the marketplace. You can tell that most of them have fewer or more similar attributes, yet nevertheless distinguished from other people who are distinct. Based upon your needs and budget you can wisely choose the one which fits you the most.