Now I’m emphasizing some best golf ball retrievers. However, it is a particular and underappreciated part of the gear that lets you load up on free balls.

Actually, if you play frequently enough, then you can make up the price of a ball retriever within the duration of a couple of rounds if you discover a well-placed pond or pond. Heck, you could even discover some of your old balls out of rounds gone!

Our Pick
Search 'N Rescue Magic Gripper Golf Ball Retriever, 15'
Best Seller
Callaway Golf Ball Retriever for Water, Telescopic with Dual-Zip Headcover, 6 Feet, Natural
Good Choice
ProActive Sports, Player Select Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever, 9ft, Lightweight Fiberglass...
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Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever, Multi
Search 'N Rescue Magic Gripper Golf Ball Retriever, 15'
Callaway Golf Ball Retriever for Water, Telescopic with Dual-Zip Headcover, 6 Feet, Natural
ProActive Sports, Player Select Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever, 9ft, Lightweight Fiberglass...
Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever, Multi
Our Pick
Search 'N Rescue Magic Gripper Golf Ball Retriever, 15'
Search 'N Rescue Magic Gripper Golf Ball Retriever, 15'
Best Seller
Callaway Golf Ball Retriever for Water, Telescopic with Dual-Zip Headcover, 6 Feet, Natural
Callaway Golf Ball Retriever for Water, Telescopic with Dual-Zip Headcover, 6 Feet, Natural
Good Choice
ProActive Sports, Player Select Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever, 9ft, Lightweight Fiberglass...
ProActive Sports, Player Select Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever, 9ft, Lightweight Fiberglass...
Don't Miss
Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever, Multi
Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever, Multi

However, for as precious as this bit of gear could be, there is definitely some sort in the amount of quality between components. That’s precisely why we’re emphasizing the best choices available in the marketplace for you now. Thus, without further ado, keep reading for a few golf ball retriever reviews!

15 Best Golf Ball Retrievers Reviews

1. Search ‘N Rescue Golf Ball Retriever

Search ‘N Rescue Golf Ball Retriever

As among the greatest ball retrievers on this listing, JTD Enterprises creates the excellent Search and Rescue Retriever. Previously, this retriever can select two balls at one time. Due to its orange shade, you’ll have the ability to see it if you’re getting balls from the dense or water, forest brush.

Control is something else you will enjoy about this retriever. Despite the fact that it goes to 18-feet, you may have all the hands in the entire world to grasp golf balls readily and economically. Durability is one of the final qualities you will enjoy with this version. It comes with a 1-year warranty, which means you won’t need to be worried about factor flaws for any workmanship or poor stuff.

If 18-feet isn’t your style, you could even get retrievers from JTD Enterprises that step out in 9, 12, 15, 21, and 24-feet long. In any event, all of the retrievers are produced from stainless steel for extra durability and sturdiness. You will definitely receive a fantastic return on this investment.

2. Callaway Golf Pocket & 6′ Ball Retriever

Callaway Golf Pocket & 6′ Ball Retriever

It is great to see that Callaway has become the ball retriever game. The gear giant is well known for producing excellent equipment and they have implemented their commitment to quality in a manner that many buyers will deeply love.

The strongest selling point with this particular retriever is certainly that the quality of these materials. The aluminum metal is lightweight and hyper-lasting. This retriever will serve you for many years to come. Additionally, it is simple to use and it’s an impressive fifteen foot of expansion.

Regrettably, you really do pay an absurd amount for this amount of quality. Ball retrievers are generally very reasonably priced but such isn’t the situation. I guess that is what happens when the large businesses become involved with the ball regaining match.

3. Two-Ball Golf Ball Retriever

Two-Ball Golf Ball Retriever

If you’re going to be taking your own time to recover golf balls, you might too attempt to find a couple of golf balls simultaneously. A two-ball retriever can make each throw to the water that a lot more effective.

This is a great option if you reside in a place with a pond or a pond nearby your house. You can head out into the pond and then load on golf balls to work with for your upcoming few years of drama.

Both ball retriever comes with a sturdy wire cage that’s coated in orange glue. Not only is that among the more lasting retrievers available on the current market, but it’s also highly observable.

When dealing with some Murky water, you should not have any trouble seeing this ball retriever.

The shaft on both ball retrievers is created from lightweight aluminum. This helps to create the Two Ball Golf Ball Retrievers much milder and easier to use.

Considering you’ll be obtaining more than 1 golf ball at one time, it is important to take it into account.

4. Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

In addition to retrievers, Callaway is a world-renowned golf brand that produces balls. If it comes to the best golf ball retriever, you may adore the simple fact it is retractable around 45-inches. With its ergonomic design for its handle and stainless steel make-up, this retriever is really amazing in how it chooses up golf balls. Its aluminum metal build will not bend and break. Rather, this retriever will remain durable every single time you head outside for 9 or 18.

When you’re finished with the golf ball retriever, it includes some zip-up headcover that many retrievers don’t have with the buy. This can help safeguard your retriever. Furthermore, it will only seem like an additional club in your golf bag. You will love the sleek design and wonderful structure to get a retriever which will save a great deal of time around the golf program.

5. ProActive Sports Proactive Shag Bag

ProActive Sports Proactive Shag Bag

That is no question that the very best recovery on the listing today. It is made out of durable canvas and metallic materials which makes it up for standing the test of time. Additionally, it is ergonomic significance it’ll be more comfortable to use, and it includes a huge storage capacity which will permit you to recover up to eighty balls at the same time.

But, you should remember that this product isn’t precisely the same as the previous one we looked at. As a shagger, it is going to be better suited to your range setting than it’s the golf program. This also suggests it may be a tiny bit hard to transfer around.

6. Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever

Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever

If you would like to save some cash on a golf ball retriever, you might choose to check at the Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever. This is a good alternative since it’s extremely small and simple to use, yet it surely gets the job done.

The pole with this retriever is created of stainless steel so it will not rust even after becoming wet, looking for golf balls. It’s possible to extend this version around six feet, which isn’t quite as long as other versions nonetheless, it is going to fit within your golf bag.

If you do not like the notion of your golf ball retriever sitting with your golf clubs or even hooked on the exterior of your purse, you’ll wish to think about this choice.

It’s lightweight, you won’t detect it taking up any space in your bag, and it’s long-lasting too.

Since you’re probably beginning to view it, the plan of the spade on the retriever is a significant aspect to take into account.

Based on the kind of golf ball retriever you decide on, it may be somewhat tricky to find the golf ball. This version includes an automatic locking spade cup. You ought to have no trouble hanging on this ball when you get it set up.

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7. I Gotcha Standard Ball Retriever

I Gotcha Standard Ball Retriever

I Gotcha Golf is another brand that provides you with a stunning golf ball retriever for putter scenarios. Made with a durable construction that will last every year. Its aluminum beam is a huge reason behind this.

This retriever does a fantastic job trapping golf balls, which means it’s possible to get them out of hard places like sand, water, rocks, and bushes to list a couple. When you regain the ball you won’t need to think about it slipping out once reeling the ball. Then, once you’re prepared to drop the ball, this retriever discharge easily.

8. ProActive Sports Hinged Cup Retractable Golf Ball Retriever

ProActive Sports Hinged Cup Retractable Golf Ball Retriever

This will be the ideal option for buyers on a budget. However, in addition to being gentle on the pocket, in addition, it comes with a massive selection and an intuitive layout idea. With 8 ft of reach, it’s competitive with the majority of the alternatives on our listing.

I was also very stoked about the cupping mechanism. The unique form makes it significantly easier to recover and grip golf balls in space.

Regrettably, the materials just don’t do very much to impress. They’re self-evident, not always ideal to demanding use.

9. ProActive Sports Player Select Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever

ProActive Sports Player Select Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever

When you hold a nonextended ball retriever beside you, the weight will not feel as much to deal with. As you expand it and begin to get it farther away from you, the weight appears to increase.

This may cause the golf retriever to flex and make it tricky to pick up golf balls. The ProActive sport is incredibly lightweight as well as when fully stretched to eight feet it does a fantastic job.

The ProActive Sports golf ball pick-up can also be very streamlined and will match from the attire pocket of the bag.

The green on the mind of the retriever is quite easy to view and can allow you to catch the golf ball without losing sight of it. The green also stands out nicely in-water dangers that are water.

The fluorescent head can be shaped somewhat differently compared to golf ball retrievers. You’ll see that it occurs to snare the ball set up and guarantee you could get it all of the ways from the sport without losing an eye on the ball.

10. Signstek Retractable Golf Ball Pickup Retriever Scoop

Signstek Retractable Golf Ball Pickup Retriever Scoop

Another fantastic golf ball retriever is out of Signstek. Among the first things, you will notice about this product is its own telescopic design. This allows for a fantastic advantage over 6-feet. Designed with stainless steel structure, expect the product to be extra powerful, but not too thick it is going to weigh you down.

No matter in which you discover the golf ball that you want to recover, this item might get your ball from the water or out of a border fence. Having an automatic lock onto this retriever, your ball won’t fall out as soon as you’ve recovered it out of difficult to get areas. You’ll also enjoy the managed grip that won’t slip from your hands and is quite comfortable in the procedure.

Signstek understands that regardless of the degree of golf you play, there’ll be a demand for this sort of retriever in your lifetime. This retriever may even manage larger balls such as racquetballs. Subsequently, this Signstek retriever is a really versatile item.

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11. Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-Up

Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-Up

This second choice is a little bit different than the majority of the additional choices on our listing. The retriever attaches to the base of the putter so it is easy to pick up your ball from the cup as soon as you’ve placed it out.

The intent of this product is vital to eliminate the requirement to bend eighteen times during the class of about. It appears to be a lazy participant’s merchandise but it’ll be ideal for buyers who suffer neck or back pain.

Among my favorite things about this retriever, it really looks good in your club. There are tons of products that do similar things, and virtually all they seem ridiculous but such isn’t the case.

Unfortunately, you will not have the ability to use this to pull balls outside of the forests or even a lake. Additionally, it is rather pricey considering how limited it’s from the program.

12. Extendable Golf Ball Retriever For Water

Extendable Golf Ball Retriever For Water

Last but surely not on our listing is a golf ball Retriever that’s great in regards to length. If you’re among those golfers who hate to rent a golf ball move, even if it’s much away from the coast, this is a superb choice to think about.

You can stretch out farther than 16 charge t with this particular extendable golf ball retriever. Together with the lightweight stainless steel cloth and durable plastic headset, you’ll not have any trouble getting the golf ball when it’s so far away from you.

This is a superb choice to consider not only for water but for catching your own ball from the opposing side of a fence or whenever it’s stuck in the bushes also. This bundle set has a golf ball grabber and a device that will assist you to draw a line in your golf ball too.

This is an excellent bundle deal to get a great price. If you’re a newcomer to the golf ball retriever world and you need something easy and usable, then you won’t be let down.

13. New JP Lann 18′ Golf Ball Retriever

New JP Lann 18′ Golf Ball Retriever

The last golf ball retriever among the record comes to us from JP Lann. This choice extends around 18-feet. Furthermore, this ball retriever is durably made. But, it’s small enough to place in your golf bag to utilize it in the most significant of times.

When you do want your golf ball retriever, it’s extremely straightforward to use, and your ball won’t become loose, as you reel it into. All you’ll need to do is push back on the ball and then lift off from the danger. It isn’t important if your ball finds itself in the sand, water, bushes, or stone. This ball retriever will have the ability to manage any challenging situation.

14. Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever

Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever

This is a simple but powerful tool for retrieving balls from noninvasive areas such as the forests or at the bottom of a lake. As stated previously, the mind is intended to be as visible as possible that will help you much if you’re fishing for balls at a muddy lake.

Additionally, it collapses down into quite manageable measurements that will make it effortless to store.

I did notice this retriever is unusually hefty. It is not something that you’d always detect by simply holding the rod, but following a lengthy period of usage, it surely will be embarrassing. The substances also felt more delicate than those utilized on the higher-end choices on our listing.

15. Halo – Golf Ball Pick Up, Flag Pick Up, And Divot Tool

Halo – Golf Ball Pick Up, Flag Pick Up, And Divot Tool

This second choice is a normal golf ball retriever machine! With A divot tool and recovery mechanism all united into one affordable bundle, you are guaranteed to have lots and a lot of use this unit out. It features a ridge that will make it possible for you to easily lift the flagstick without bending over.

Regrettably, it is not without its imperfections. The alloy that’s at work within this item is very thin and can be easily bent out of shape. So far as golf ball retriever parts move, this unit is quite underwhelming.

Nonetheless, the idea is very good, the cost is correct, and for a few people, it could be worth rolling the dice.

Golf Ball Retrievers Buying Guide

Orange Two-Ball Retriever by Search 'n Rescue Golf Ball Retrievers

Of Course, there is an array of golf ball retrievers out on the market nowadays, but don’t get overwhelmed with all of the pomp and circumstance. There are a couple of characteristics that you will need to comprehend in and outside for one to create the highest excellent choice. In this manner, you can head outside on the golf course together with confidence, knowing you have a trick up your sleeve in the kind of a golf ball retriever.

Added Length

When on the lookout for your own golf ball retriever, you have to locate one with all the length you’re searching for. Obviously, you need to be searching for yourself with an adequate length. Nonetheless, you don’t need to take 18 or 24-foot retrievers, if you don’t have found yourself in a wreck like that previously. Whatever 15-feet or below should be helpful for many novice golfers in the realm of this game.

But, you ought to consider what situations you end up in on the path that you play. Are there lots of deep water in your program? Perhaps you need an extra-long golf ball retriever. Or perhaps you’ve got a good deal of brush that’s challenging to catch a ball from? Start looking for a retriever that’s great extension capacity through tight areas.

Ergonomic Design

As regards your golf ball retriever, folks want a tool that’s strategic in its layout, but easy to use also. Think about your retriever as a third hand that you never thought you’d. If it’s possible to use your retriever just like a palm, then you’ve found the most suitable one for you. But if the plan is lacking, then you need to get another golf ball retriever for you and your golf game.

Construction Options

There are many different substances that golf brands utilize to earn a golf ball retriever. But there are a number of substances that stand out above the rest. These are the sorts of substances that don’t rust or become sterile. Start looking for materials such as aluminum, metal, stainless steel. Any other substances won’t hold up when you’re playing golf.

Look For Portability

Make sure you have a golf ball retriever that’s small in stature, but powerful in its own power. Many retrievers are produced to retract, so that they could fit in a golf bag, alongside your irons and wedges, without any troubles in any way. In this manner, you are able to haul the retriever in your bag rather than by hand.


With numerous alternatives to consider in regards to the ideal golf ball retriever, you can imagine there is a lot of different prices available on the market. Some are just a few bucks and other retrievers will cost you an arm and a leg. No matter what you decide, realize you don’t need to pay out to receive the best retriever. But you shouldn’t go cheap. Inexpensive certainly doesn’t necessarily mean that your merchandise will hold up with time.


Golf Ball retrievers aren’t as costly as a golf club. Bearing this in mind, be aware there aren’t too many guarantees for retrievers, since there are for golf clubs. Many retrievers don’t have a guarantee in any way. If you are able to discover a retriever with a guarantee, it will likely only be a one-time maximum guarantee. Consider how many times you play golf and how many times you can use your retriever, as a result of errant golf balls. This may offer you a clearer idea of if you require a guarantee or not due to the amount of time that you may employ your retriever.

Is It Worth Purchasing A Golf Ball Retriever?

IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever

A golf ball retriever is a fantastic addition to your golf bag. When you believe the ordinary dozen golf balls are more expensive than $20, you may spend quite a little cash per year on golf balls.

A golf ball retriever can help you locate not just your ball, however, a few others on the way. Many folks with golf ball retrievers will realize they have plenty of golf balls inside their own bag.

The majority of the time, a golf ball retriever will cost significantly less than $40. If you discovered two dozen golf balls, you’d have left the retriever worth the purchase price. It’s likely that you will find well over two dozen balls.

Most men and women think of a golf ball retriever as being a method to receive a golf ball from the water. Golfers who have these in their tote will inform you they may be employed to find the ball from a bush or by beneath a fence too.

You may use an excellent golf ball retriever for hard-to-reach areas. Most golfers are going to be in such areas at the same point or another in their career!

Popular Golf Ball Retriever FAQs

There can be a good deal of questions to ask in regards to golf ball retrievers. But we compiled the top-3 which come up over the remainder. Once you take into account the answers to those queries, you need to be well on your way to creating the best-educated decision for the golf ball retriever.

How can a golf ball retriever function?

A golf ball retriever works by letting a ball input its grasp. It locks the ball in place until you move the contraption to find the golf ball straight back easily and safely. Following that, you can return to enjoying the game you love.

Why utilize a golf ball retriever?

There are a couple of reasons why you want a golf ball retriever. To begin with, your back will thank you. By making use of a retriever, you’ll have the ability to save your body from performing all of the jobs of bending over. In this manner, you can spare your spine for swinging, as opposed to picking a golf ball.

Second, a golf ball retriever is excellent to get a golf ball that didn’t make it in the fairway. In this manner, you won’t need to enter brush or water to recover your ball. The retriever is going to do this to you.

Can you mend a golf ball retriever?

Most golf ball retrievers can’t be fixed, sadly. But, In case you’ve got a guarantee, a lot of businesses will repair your retriever for you. They might even send you a brand new golf ball retriever from the procedure.


Now you’ve arrived at the close of the purchaser’s guide. Bear in mind all that you need to be learned out of goods, attributes to take into account, FAQs, and also the way to use your own retriever. With this information in mind, go out and select the one which works best for you and your golf game. It is going to surely be a significant buy when you think about all the best golf ball retrievers can perform for you.

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  • WORRY-FREE PURCHASE: We provide 2 years free replacement service. Please feel free to conatct us if any problems, our service team will solve problems...