Football is a really aggressive and daring game, so we all want the proper sports gear to receive our best on the pitch. Recognizing your worries, Wazoo Sports has produced a listing of the top 15 best football cleats for wide feet 2023.

Among the challenges of owning wide feet is that it is hard to discover a cleat that will fit you correctly because most cleats are acceptable for narrow feet. You may literally try several before you would discover the one which is going to provide you the relaxation you would like. This is very significant because wearing the ideal cleats will enhance your performance in the area.

A couple of people are down that street, drifting from one vendor or online shop to another. Frankly, we do not think that it’s a stress you ought to continue to undergo. In the following guide, we will not only offer you an overview of these ten best football cleats for wide feet, but we’ll also supply you with a thorough guide on how you’d determine the ideal set of cleats if you come to see them. Let’s explore together with us!

Football Cleats for Wide Feet

15 Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet 2023

1. Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football Shoe

Topping our list of the best football cleats for wide feet is Adidas’ Adizero 8.0 Cleat. It’s an excellent choice since it’s fairly reasonably priced and gives you all those attributes a football cleat should possess. For example, it includes a lightweight Sprintskin leather top and the reinforced layer below the forefoot, thus increasing its potency.

This cushioning ensures additional Stability. This equilibrium is supplied with the support of its strategically positioned design tape. Another undeniable advantage we have seen with this particular shoe is that it lowers the strain in your feet, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football Cleats firmly embraces your foot and also eliminates tension with the assistance of its own anatomical lace arrangement. This football cleats type was made to enhance locking and offer a more natural bend, particularly on its upper area. If you’re worried that your feet may not move, the heel liner will give your mind a rest.

That is because Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football Cleats functions to keep your feet in position. Wearing this pad can be easy because of its heel tab, making entry easy. You’ll also love its lightweight cushioning given from the molded EVA material coating.


  • Powerful and secure with unsurpassed and fundamental reinforcement.
  • Has an anatomical arrangement that helps to ease the pressure.
  • Use lightweight cushioning for comfort.
  • Your foot may be locked securely.
  • Natural hugging is the trick to relaxation.
  • Die-cut EVA footbed.


  • Have an opportunity to break-in.

2. Adidas Men’s Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Shoe

Ranks number seven on our listing of best football cleats for wide feet would be your Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Cleat from Adidas. It’s an excellent option since it’s fairly inexpensive and provides you most of those attributes a football cleat should possess. For example, it includes a lightweight Sprintskin top, which has forefoot underlay reinforcement, thus increasing its potency.

This football cleat guarantees additional firmness. This equilibrium supplied is with the support of its strategically positioned design tape. Another undeniable advantage we discovered in this football cleat is that it alleviates the strain in your feet, ensuring a comfortable fit.

It embraces your feet securely and removes such tension with the support of its own anatomical lace arrangement. This football cleat is intended to elevate lockdown and supply more natural bend, particularly at its top. If you’re worried your feet could go awry, the heel cup will set your mind at rest.


  • Powerful and secure with exceptional and inherent reinforcement
  • Has an anatomical arrangement that alleviates pressure
  • Uses lightweight cushioning for comfort
  • Can safely lock your feet
  • Hugs your feet obviously, that’s the secret to relaxation.


  • A marginally long break-in period.

3. Nike Men’s Force Savage Pro 2 Mid Football Cleats

Ensure that your opponent understands it is likely to be a very long day with each bump from the Nike Force Savage Pro 2. Deciding on this mid-sized cut Force Savage Pro two to get a locked match, maximum cushioning, and raise grip high so that you can completely change the match.

The center pops to give the perfect balance of maneuverability, stability, and speed, which makes them a popular and flexible selection for footballers. These lightweights yet durable best football Nike mid-range cleats provide you whatever that you want on the pitch.

The interior pads espouse your insides so that your feet do not slide when you move back and forth. The latch straps also help lock you, while the synthetic leather upper provides support and durability. With their striking colors, these magnificent football cleats are certain to make you stick out on the area.

The Nike Force Savage Pro 2 is another cheap mid-cut shoe that provides lots of power onto the pitch. The owners claim that these football cleats are hardy, inviting, comfortable, have good traction, and therefore are also wide foot favorable. Overall, the Force Savage Pro 2 is a budget-friendly product that could span the whole football season.


  • Artificial leather on top provides support and durability.
  • The cloth ropes socialize with all the lanyards to lock one in.
  • The shoulder strap includes a hook and ring to help mend the match.
  • Molded components raise durability.
  • Inner pads different heels on both sides for a secure, comfy fit.
  • Foam midsole for additional cushioning.


  • There are inadequate details.

4. Under Armour Men’s Renegade RM Football Shoe

Many wide-footed athletes and footballers use Under Armour’s Renegade RM Football Cleats. It’s principally because of the high quality and overall functionality of the product which matches the brand’s aim of enhancing the operation of every athlete using the cleats they supply.

One thing that produces Under Armor Renegade a fantastic cleat is the fact that it is made out of a molded synthetic upper which obviously adjusts to the shape of your feet. That means that you are able to delight in a healthy that’s not only comfortable but also inviting.

In terms of breathability, we found this Renegade cleat doesn’t disappoint. This cleat is actually breathable since it’s an integrated mesh tongue. Becoming breathable will help to make you feel at ease throughout the game.

A reliable underfoot relaxation is also to be anticipated with its EVA insole. Another noteworthy thing we like about this wide-footed cleat is its own molded rubber outsole and decent design that maximizes grip and acceleration regardless of what surface you use it on.


  • Adapts to the shape of your feet obviously
  • Ensures consumers a comfortable and supportive fit
  • Maximum grip and ensured acceleration
  • Well ventilated and ventilated, which makes it comfortable to wear no matter the playing time


  • Smaller than ordinary

5. Under Armour Men’s Highlight Select Football Shoe

When you associate with Scott Fujita, you will get branded team equipment supported by several of the best titles in the present sports gear market. We do not advocate cheap knockoffs; We have exactly the exact same gear professionals use and we prepared for our group’s branding. Let us take a peek at one of the best football cleats for wide feet available on the marketplace: Under Armour Highlight MC Shoes.

There’s a whole lot about highlights that stand out to people, but maybe the most obvious one — besides the eye-catching layout — is how amazingly mild they are. All these are super tall cleats that weigh just under 11 ounces, much milder than the decreased joggers! Obviously, since the lighter the shoe, the greater your athlete will reach with each step along the run.

Along with the highlight is about boosting performance in every manner possible, which is part of the reason they’re so popular with expert gamers. Among the more conspicuous elements of this shoe is your cleat arrangement. The bottom is well made to look like the interior structure of their foot, and that is for certain without defects.

Owners are thrilled with the Under Armour operation in the area. The exceptionally resilient Compfit and Superfoam washers functioned as planned. All in all, the UA Highlight Select MC presents excellent value for money and is a fantastic selection for football players that appreciate the support and ankle relaxation.


  • 2E size is built for gamers with wide feet.
  • The top-rated composite functionality provides a lightweight fit and lasting support.
  • Comfit ankle feel fits form for a superb feel.
  • Superfoam soles are exceptionally resilient for optimum shock absorption and relaxation.
  • Detachable locks permit for habit pull and may be replaced when worn out.
  • The secondary pads combine.


  • It may be a bit stiff at the start.
  • Not really comfortable at your ankle.

6. Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats

The first product on the listing of the best football cleat for wide feet would be your Nike Alpha Menace Shark Cleat. This cleat is excellent for footballers that have wide feet since it will help to enhance a footballer’s overall functionality.

This cleat will make you aggressive whilst playing. In conjunction with Nike’s patented exclusive Fast-Flex technologies, we promise that players may play at full rate, whether they’re playing or simply practicing.

The combined use of synthetic and leather material also lets you enjoy the balance between relaxation and endurance. Comparatively to pure leather products, it’s fairly affordable. Using faux leather onto its upper part functions in strengthening the cleat and leaves it as durable as you can.

The light and comfy cushioning of the Nike cleat are rather amazing, courtesy of its Phylon midsole. One other fantastic benefit of this cleat is your feet can move smoothly and naturally. You’ll also enjoy the competitive traction which you are able to attain with all the rubber outsole.


  • Highly durable
  • Enhances performance and aggressiveness
  • Boost your rate
  • Has a comfy cushioning, which is a Wonderful help with natural motions
  • Easy to wash and keep


  • Short laces

7. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe

Adidas is obviously a reliable and respectable manufacturer that provides high-quality best football cleats for wide feet — among which will be your Performance Freak X Carbon Mid Cleat for Men. We believe something which sets it apart from the others and as constantly, which makes it unique is its own 100% artificial/woven structure. Additionally, this football cleat also includes a sturdy and comfortable synthetic outsole.

Freak X wide football cleats are made using an interior heel and tongue padding, which enhances the foot lock-in ability. This helps prevent any slide in the shoe, eliminating the possibility of blistering.

The features you will get out of that the Adidas Freak X football cleat comprise the Razor Frame frame for exceptional traction. Razor Frame frames are stiffer and withstand pressure. Furthermore, obtaining an iron leather shirt will offer long-lasting durability, extending the life span of the shoes.

This layout promotes the best combination of lighting, strength, and grip. We realize that the match of those Adidas mid-cut cleats insoles can also be customizable. It’s because of its lacing system you could customize to maximize the fit. It may encourage your fast moves.


  • Textile and synthetic substances.
  • A good match for wide feet.
  • The razor framework gives exceptional traction.
  • Iron skin on.
  • A mid-sized cut for complete support and is great for your ankle.
  • Boost a natural, smooth, sock-like fit.


  • Space for those tongues can be little for adults.

8. Nike Men’s Force Savage Pro Football Cleat

If you’d like a high-level functionality to play with a football match regardless of the wide feet, then you have to put on a cleat equally as high quality since the NIKE Force Savage Pro. The stability and durability of the cleat are impressive, which isn’t a surprise since we found it was made to supply the advantages cited.

We’re sure it’s artificial upper provides every wide-footed player together with all the comfortable, supportive fit they desire. We’re also thankful that Flywire wires are employed within this cleat because its principal job is to lock in your feet, particularly while shifting direction and producing rapid cuts.

It also protects your feet efficiently from sudden effects and provides you as much comfort as possible. This is a result of this Lunarlon foam, which can be incorporated into the midsole of the cleat. It cushions your feet out of the heel to the toe.


  • Exceptionally stable and durable cleat
  • Promotes a comfy and pleasant foot
  • Doesn’t cause blisters
  • Protects your feet out of effect and keeps you comfortable throughout the Whole workout or game


  • Sizing issues

9. Adidas Nasty Fly (Wide) 20 Cleat – Men’s Football

Take the win and down the line of approaches in such minimal cut Adidas Nasty Fly (Wide) 20 football cleats for wide feet. They’re wide-built to give lots of power and have a molded rubber outsole for excellent grip. The net on top keeps your feet comfy in all four quarters.

You will be unbeatable having an Adidas Nasty Fly (Wide) set of 20. It sports a wide design to apply force alongside a molded rubber outsole for exceptional grip on the floor. Anyway, the layout above provides comfort in each match.

Participants with wide feet will certainly welcome this set of cleats. Having a low-cut design, in addition to clean and traditional black colors. Together with its simplicity of use, it is difficult to dismiss the Adidas Nasty Fly (Wide) 20 football cleats from the list.


  • Normal fit.
  • Close lace.
  • Mesh and TPU above.
  • Flexible midsole bounce cushion.
  • It shields feet wide.
  • The plan looks very timeless.
  • The grip is excellent.


  • There’s not sufficient inspection for all these football cleats for wide feet.

10. Zephz WideTraxx Football Cleat Adult

Another Famous pick for high-quality football cleats for wide feet would be your Zephz WideTraxx. It is offered in extra-wide sizes, and that we believe is very good for anybody who is having difficulty locating a cleat that’s compatible with their feet. The most wonderful thing about this cleat is the fact that it’s acceptable for almost all game rankings.

This is owing to the mid-cut span, which further increases flexibility and enables it to operate irrespective of the position you’re playing. The simple fact it is a rubber cleat is also an edge since it’s acceptable for different sports along with football.

It Includes a blend of substances, particularly demanding artificial rubber and TPU. The mid-cut design employed within this cleat makes it provide your ankles the essential rigid support.


  • Strong rubber used for the structure
  • Provides great ankle support
  • Quite inexpensive
  • Compatible with wide feet
  • Works well for virtually any playing place, which makes it a versatile merchandise


  • Just 1 color of the cleat can be obtained

11. Nike Men’s Alpha Menace 2 Shark Football Cleat

The Nike Men’s Alpha Menace 2 Shark Football Cleats is just another Nike merchandise created for wide feet gamers. It has a number of outstanding benefits for the user. To begin with, its grip is striking given its TPU outsole. This brace also provides you optimum support to your own knees, particularly in negative cuts thanks to the three-quarter collar.

The exceptional lockout is also an important quality that proves that item is worth purchasing. Its grip makes it feasible to improve your performance in the area. Using its appropriate match, you do not need to be worried about the comfort level.

Whether you would like to utilize it for play or practice actual matches, the lock is guaranteed to offer you maximum comfort. At length, the cleat is sold at a really competitive cost compared to other comparable products.

1 little thing to maintain in your mind is that you might get hurt the very first time you use it. It is easy to fix this issue by wearing it frequently after buying. As a result, your feet may slowly get accustomed to the padding.

The Nike Alpha Menace 2 Shark is a budget-friendly football cleat that provides a fantastic performance on the floor. All these Nike cleats are comfy to perform, supply desired support and security, and have good traction on any surface.

The only significant complaint users complain about this crucial is its own width. Some great men and women are still saying that the openings are extremely narrow-like skin. All in all, the Nike Alpha Menace Shark is a superb football cleat that is difficult to beat in its price point.


  • Gives you an outstanding grip.
  • Supports your knees greatly.
  • A fantastic lock as a result of the simple fact that it brings you up.
  • Competitive price.
  • Optimal quality and comfort.
  • Synthetic upper.


  • Want a while to split in.
  • Want to pick the dimensions carefully.

12. Nike Kids Vapor Shark 2 BG Football Cleat

If you’re trying to find a youth football cleat acceptable for wide-footed children, we advise you to check this out Nike Kids Vapor Shark 2 Cleat. In our view, this has among the most gorgeous designs in the marketplace now. It looks cool with its own eye-catching design that lots of children will adore.

We’re also delighted with the prosperity of color choices. So far as the top section is concerned, we discovered that Nike used faux leather because of it. This is a superb benefit since it is simple to wash it and the cloth is mild. Additionally, it comes in a style that’s proven to provide users a nice, tight fit when you lace on it.

This lets you acquire the equilibrium which you enjoy best. We’re impressed with all the adequate and indisputable service this cleat gives the ankle. Concerning relaxation, an individual could say with certainty that this cleat receives a higher satisfaction rating. It’s perfectly comfy with the support of its foam insole cushion.

Also, It’s a Phylon midsole, which not just increases relaxation but also absorbs impacts and shocks. Nike has also done a fantastic job with its unique Fast-Flex technologies for its molded rubber outsole.


  • Has a contemporary and eye-catching layout
  • Offers many color choices
  • Uses synthetic leather for the top
  • Provides exceptionally secure ankle support
  • Can absorb impacts and shocks while being comfy


  • A little narrow

13. Reebok Men’s NFL U-FORM 4SPD L M4 Football Cleats

When speaking about a football Cleat with artificial material, we consider Reebok NFL U-Form 4 Speed Mid SD4. U-FORM technologies when heated will form your foot to match, ensuring stability and decreasing slipperiness. This Reebok cleat is just one of those best football cleats for wide feet within our listing.

These Reebok football cleats possess U-FORM insoles technologies, when heated, will form your feet for a customized fit, making sure stability and diminishing slip within the football cleat. Additionally, the soft, synthetic leather upper provides comfort, lightweight texture, and nominal breakdown.

Heating directions: Firstly, Preheat football cleats in a traditional oven at 200 ° F for 3 minutes. Then, wear the football cleats, fix and sit for 2 minutes while the sneakers form. After one hour when the football cleat has chilled, your well-fitting shoe will be all set for game time.

Warm up your game with NFL U-Form 4 Speed Mid SD4. After being warmed for a couple of minutes at a normal oven, this technical football cleat is perfectly molded to your foot for a personalized fit. Besides a customized fit, this kind of buckle is lightweight and comfortable and is made for design and functionality.


  • It’s a wonderful layout.
  • Premium quality materials.
  • Really comfy.
  • The shoe has an extremely stylish traditional design.
  • Users feel really supportive of it.
  • It’s a lightweight football cleat.
  • Fantastic grip.


  • It takes some time to split in.

14. Nike Men’s Alpha Strike 2 3/4 TD Football Cleat

Another good merchandise we’d suggest to anybody searching for a fantastic set of wide-footed football cleats is your Nike Alpha Strike 2. The color line for this particular football cleat is wonderful. You may pick from among its trendy, beautiful colors so that you may look amazing in the area while still fulfilling your team’s colors and tastes.

We enjoy the innovative and distinctive double pull system employed within this Nike football cleat. This is principal since it protects your feet firmly and avoids unnecessary motion, particularly during exercise or while enjoying. It utilizes soft foam because of its own reliability.

This makes it comfortable to wear, however rigorous and hard the match is. This is beneficial to the best performance. Applying it also boosts the ease of clipping and hastening because it offers the grip and stability necessary for the preceding operations.


  • The wide array of color choices
  • You may lock in your feet firmly
  • Facilitates ease in trimming and hastening
  • Lightweight yet able to supply stability and traction
  • Can boost your freedom when enjoying football


  • Somewhat painful to put on when fresh

15. Under Armour Men’s UA Hammer Mid RM

If you are looking to purchase the Black Under Armour Men’s Hammer football cleat then you are probably going to tend to bypass this particular shoe originally, though among the color variations come from white and black. But you shouldn’t overlook this set of football cleats, since it’s a really good version with a lot of advantages.

The augmented mesh upper combines quite great foot breathing and total foot support, enabling users to not only shield themselves in matches but also provide enhanced performance because of a new belief in the cleat and its own capacities.

The pads also benefit from a fitted inner sleeve which works well in regards to enhanced omnidirectional support, something very essential for a footballer since it enriches skills of bursting from the position, divides the line and begins towards the end zone.

Another fantastic feature you get from that Hammer Mid RM perfect set of football cleats is your soft woven tongue which offers a lightweight and supportive fit. The insoles themselves are made from a durable synthetic material that lasts for a very long lifetime and keeps your feet from getting wet on the grass. Additionally, these pubs have been molded with rubber, allowing for excellent grip on any surface.


  • Superfoam high quality.
  • Fantastic ankle support.
  • Removable studs.
  • Stable and dependable grip.
  • Durable synthetic upper.


  • The studs occasionally seem rather shaky.

Buyer’s Guide – What To Look Out For When Buying Football Cleats For Wide Feet

In this informative article, we’ll show you all you have to know before you place an order to get football cleats. It is insufficient to purchase cleats due to the plan. It is best you make an educated buying choice. Let us continue as you learn the main variables to think about prior to purchasing a pair of football cleats for wide feet.


Your coach has likely had tons of gamers widely on his group through recent years. He’ll certainly have a fantastic comprehension of which brands and versions create the best football boots to get wide-legged men and women.

So the coach should be the very first person that you ask prior to purchasing a cleat. Furthermore, if you’re new to football, then you likely won’t understand your position straight away. For that reason, it’s best to wait after your very first training session prior to choosing a brand new pair so that you understand where you will likely perform with.

Furthermore, If you become aware of any teammates with wide feet, speak with them. It is also possible to ask the maker or the version of cleat they utilize. There is no denying they will share with you when they have found a fantastic opening for wide feet or inform you which ones to avoid.


Cleats can either be made from synthetic material or 100% pure leather. In most instances, cleats are produced from a mix of leather and synthetic materials. Pure leather cloth is easily the most costly of the three. Nonetheless, it’s also the most lasting of all of them. Leather may also extend with time and can readily adapt to the broadness of your wide feet.

If you’re looking for a lesser alternative, you can decide on synthetic. The issue with artificial is it doesn’t last so long as leather. That makes it appropriate for kids as they have a tendency to outgrow their cleats fast. It’s also acceptable for amateurs who are looking to put money into a high-quality cleat to their hobby.

You can also choose the joint synthetic and leather substance since it features the ideal balance between durability and price. You receive a product that has a nice lifespan without needing to devote a good deal of cash.


  • High cut: The large cut cleat is your biggest football cleat it is possible to find in the marketplace and the best protection to your feet. Shoes that extend throughout your knees lessen your chance of ankle sprains and other injuries. High-end football boots work well for players in places in which they’ll move horizontally, and that’s the reason why linemen frequently wear turtlenecks.
  • Mid-cut: The center trim pads are made to offer some aid to the ankles while allowing the participant to become maneuverable on the pitch. Moreover, midfield shots are the primary selection for all full-backs, full-backs, and wide-ball accumulating.
  • Low-cut: The very low shoe is extremely light and provides great maneuverability. The disadvantage to such shoes is they have less durability and less protection for a participant’s foot. Low cutters are usually narrower because they’re intended for speed. Low-heeled stockings can occasionally be tough to discover.


Cleats are offered in various sizes. But because you’ve got wide feet, you need to pay more attention to the variable. You require a set of cleats that can provide you a perfect match without damaging your feet.

It also must stop your feet from slipping back and forth front and backward. Remember this can be of crucial value for you in the event that you’ve got wide feet, particularly as some football cleats might be uncomfortably narrow, which makes you experience pain when playing or practicing.

It should be said that different brands might have sizes that differ from the conventional shoe sizes. Consequently, you want to shop with reputable retailers, in particular, those people who have a searchable return coverage, so you can go back the cleat if needed and then replace it with one which matches perfectly.



The first thing to do to pick the ideal size is to make certain it matches your feet. It ought to be in this place without touching your feet and feet. This can guarantee that the dimensions you purchase are for comfort and functionality.

A sensible trick to go around a quarter to a half-inch. When you’ve gotten that padlock, you will initially have to wear it inside, so you can check whether its match and dimensions are right. This can allow you to avoid discomfort or pressure sores.


The primary reason is that nearly all of the cleats aren’t built for gamers with wide feet. The special shape of the foot that’s usually wider round the ankle isn’t meant for wide-legged players. The exceptional contour of the foot is generally wider round the brim region, which means you are going to need additional support on all sides and bottoms of the foot.

This can help you remain secure during competition and training. You’ll also require a shoe insole that matches the width of the foot as a result of the demand for additional space. There should still be some distance for your feet that you move freely. But, it’s very important that you supply this distance without sacrificing a specific fit.


Hopefully, together with the listing of the best football cleats for wide feet. This Wazoo Sports introduced to you now, it is possible to locate a set of cleats that Is a perfect match with you. Together with the Ideal shoes, we are Confident you’ll Glow on the pitch!