The best cleats for lacrosse players are undoubtedly the most essential item of gear you wear. Since you may have the best stick in the current market, the ideal series task, and pads that absorb each blow as though it had been a tap on your shoulder.

All that is great… however in case you can not move around the area fast on your own two feet, then all other equipment means nothing.

Lacrosse is a sport of speed and dexterity, so if you are likely to have any chance at beating another man to the ball, then you are likely to want a set of reputable cleats to assist you there. Everyone has a special pair of toes and if you’re on the lookout for a fantastic set of cleats, it is about how they feel as if you are in the area. Some players enjoy a low-cut shoe while some will go for some extra aid on a 3/4 ankle elevation version. And let us face it, regardless of gaudy colors or high-end advertising gimmicks are some other sorts of replacement for relaxation. Lots of alternatives on the market, for certain. That is why we’re here, to narrow down all those choices to the five best selections in the industry.

10 Best Cleats For Lacrosse

To help you discover the ideal lacrosse cleat on your own, we discovered that the best cleats for lacrosse choices for various scenarios. Click on the table of contents below to jump to a certain segment or keep scrolling to view our favorites.

1. Nike Vapor Carbon Football Lacrosse Cleats

The Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly 2 requires the preceding version of the favorite lacrosse cleat into another level providing it more grip, comfort, and security. Like virtually all Nike sneakers, these operate thin in size so that you might wish to think about purchasing a size greater to accommodate for the match. However, these shoes are made to wrap around your foot in the arch and midcentury, with ultra-thin nylon fibers which have been strategically positioned to maintain the shoe securely in place while providing extra protection and support to the foot.

These fibers also assist to keep the shoe lightweight because less material is required in the total structure of this shoe. Carbon fiber is utilized round the outsole for long-term durability while keeping the fat off, while the blend of cleat coils and blades affords maximum traction with the area so that you can move quickly and turn fast. It isn’t important whether your shoes are lightweight in case you can not cut and dodge throughout the shield efficiently.

2. New Balance Freeze LX 2.0 Lacrosse Cleats

The New Balance Freeze LX 2.0 cleats incorporate a 3D saddle that’s been woven to the plate. This is remarkably capable of supplying you with a whole lot of support in regards to making cuts that are harsh.

You’re also supplied with lots of grips. Therefore, you can make rapid changes of direction and texture secure. Along with this, there’s an elastic heel band that can be found on the outside of the cleats that permit you to have more support.

Having a FreshFoam insert contained, you have the ability to play lacrosse and feel super comfy. These foam materials are great for giving you a pillow that comfy? Additionally, it prevents your feet from slipping inside your shoe.

People also have been liking the way they can experience a personalized fit with those cleats. Because of this, you’re ready to use them and have them match your precise tastes.

We also enjoyed how there was a dual-density TPU plate accessible. It works nicely to let you feel quite flexible to have the ability to play more freely.

3. Nike Alpha Huarache 7 Elite Lax Cleat

One of Nike’s latest lacrosse cleats, the Alpha Huarache 7 Elite, lives around the double dose of assurance in its own name.

The Huarache 7 Elite’s mesh structure mixes with Flywire wires to make a remarkably secure fit. The elastic TPU plate and improved triangular studs allow for fast cutting without sacrificing stability or speed when browsing the area.

Past the performance, the Huarache 7 Elite drips with subtle flashes of intense color that will tastefully stick out on the area. All of it comes from the comfortable package and hope of Nike merchandise.

As together with the highlight, the primary knock around the Huarache 7 Elite is a slim match throughout the ankle and footbed that might not work for all those players with broader feet. Some reviewers also note that the absence of further top lacing might cause some slippage in the event the natural match of the cleat into the foot isn’t excellent.

Still, that the Huarache 7 Elite from Nike is a fantastic cleat to think about especially for all those players who place more value on the rate. The improved grip is also very conducive to the rapid directional changes for all those midfielders searching for a brand new cleat.

4. WARRIOR Men’s Burn 9.0 Mid Lacrosse Shoe

Right off the bat, let us talk healthy. The Warrior Adonis 2.0 is accurate in size, offering a shoe that wears exactly the exact same manner as any other you are wearing. That takes out the guesswork of looking for the size that suits you the way it is supposed to match. However, what makes it great beyond match? Warrior’s triad flex system, situated in the forefoot, was designed to improve the overall fit and bend of the full shoe since it adheres to the shape and motion of the foot.

Traction is also a significant selling point of this Adonis, outfitted with a Tri-Density thermo-polyurethane that an outsole that includes a collection of soft-durometer pegs to churn the area for volatile acceleration and motion. The Adonis cleats will also be protective and comfortable as Warrior has employed neoprene together with the tongue and heel regions to reduce blisters and wrapped the entire thing in an exo-skeletal that the thermo-polyurethane support arrangement that functions as a cage to keep the most vulnerable areas of the foot protected from harm through the game.

5. Nike Alpha Huarache 6 Elite Lacrosse Cleats

Nike’s Huarache 6 Elite cleats are implemented using a tongue made from mesh materials. Because of this, you are in a position to wear the cleats and feel super comfy. The net design is also great for supplying you with a great deal of flexibility.

The fabric saddle that’s been woven does not stretch. Thus, any distortion is reduced to allow your feet to breathe easier. This increases the comfort characteristics. We also enjoyed the way the layout is lightweight since it allows you to move with much more speed.

There’s an assortment of 14 TPU pegs available which are lightweight. They’re excellent for giving you a whole lot of grip to keep you secure constantly. Along with this, they have made these cleats using a personalized fit.

Consequently, you are able to use them and execute them to the best of your skills. We’re impressed with how they’ve integrated a high-quality VaporTek liner. This is a particular lining that works well to stop moisture from building up.

Consequently, you’re able to play extreme games without having to think about your feet getting sweaty. The exceptional lining wicks the moisture away to keep your feet cool and dry.

6. New Balance Freeze LX 3.0 Men’s Lacrosse Cleats

The New Balance Freeze LX 3.0 is among the latest cleats on this list and can be made especially for lacrosse players.

What I enjoy the most about those cleats is the sum of grip they supply. Apart from the conventional spikes on the base footplate, in addition, there are cleats on the exterior angled outwards that assist with lateral cuts.

Besides that, the Freeze LX 3.0s are constructed with breathable materials to keep your toes dry. In addition, they have a hybrid designed to maintain your ankle set up whichever way you proceed.

1 difficulty which has always come up in online reviews is that the eyelets ripping readily. While I never experienced this with my group, it is something to look out for.

Should you prefer a mid-cut lacrosse cleat, the New Balance Freeze LX 3.0are a good choice to take into account. They’re among the most well-known pairs of cleats for lacrosse–and for good reason.

7. Nike Men’s Huarache 4 Lax Lacrosse Cleats

Each Lacrosse player has probably possessed a Huarache at a certain stage. Nike’s cherished shoe has gone through several distinct versions since its first debut as a mere jogging shoe, then a basketball shoe prior to getting one of the very sought-after lacrosse shoes. The Huarache 4 LX’s possess the leather shirt that keeps them comfy and durable against stress along with Nike’s Flywire technician retains your foot secured in place by anchoring the laces to the bottom of your shoe. Blend them tight and these cleats will feel as they’re bolted to your toes.

The outsole utilizes a thermo-polyurethane plate armed with conical studs for that burst of acceleration and shovel cleats across the sidewall that will assist you to cut and proceed with complete stability and stability. Nike has also added a moisture-wicking Lycra lining that’s soft and completely breathable so your feet feel much better and you’re able to keep your mind in the match.

8. New Balance Men’s Rushlx V1 Lacrosse Shoe

The New Balance RushLX Cleats supply you with a great combination of comfort and functionality. It includes an upper layer that’s been made with artificial substances. This permits you to proceed with loads of flexibility to help keep you quickly while playing.

We enjoyed how the outside cleat comprises a TPU molded layout as it provides you with an unbelievable amount of grip. Consequently, you’re able to maneuver with pace and stay secure. A TPU plate can be available underfoot.

This permits you to have complete control when playing. Additionally, it has a lightweight design. Along with this, the outsoles are constructed utilizing a TRP substance. We discovered that this gives the cleats that have many durabilities to last you for quite a very long moment. They are also very flexible in permitting you to play with loads of agility.

9. Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Lacrosse Shoe

Next out of the gate is Under Armour’s Highlight MC, a high-top cleat that packs some significant operational punch.

The Highlight MC places a premium on stability and comfort in their CompFit shirt, supplying extra foot support, to the TPU cleat plate, lined with all the principal layers of triangular studs and secondary teeth to get rapid, controlled motion. These components sew into a lasting finish that will endure.

Indoors, the SuperFoam gently protects your bottoms from the regular breed of being on your feet for 60+ minutes. The molded tongue in the front ends of the cozy connection of this shoe to the foot.

These service and comfort components make the Highlight MC highly suggested for all those players vulnerable to ankle injuries and blistering.

The primary knock on the Emphasize MC is this shoe might not be for everyone kind. Those players with broader feet might want to steer clear as the narrowness of the ankle into the bottom may be a difficult squeeze. Another caveat is to be conscious of the sizing: several reviewers stated that the cleat runs on a half-size little to its stated span (e.g., 12’s might want to check at a 12.5).

The Under Armour Emphasize MC is a superb cleat to consider to get a multi-field game athlete that would like a product-centered on lacrosse but may also be used between the endzones.

10. Warrior Burn 8.0 Mid Lacrosse Cleat

Pairing relaxation with functionality, the Warrior Burn 8.0 provides so many excellent attributes, it was going to create the surface of the list. They are very lightweight at 10 oz, therefore hitting on a sprint is a breeze. Turning and acceleration can also be simple with these sneakers, by means of a Tri-Density peg Thermo polyurethane outsole plate finish with a 14-point cleat configuration for greater grip. This means that you’ll be churning turf from the foot to be able to accomplish a truer and much more positive grip on the area.

Warrior has also made these sneakers more watertight as the artificial shirt is completely ventilated by means of laser etching along with also the organization’s triad flex system has empowered more flexibility at the shoe layout. So that your foot gets the liberty to move faster and more firmly, and Warrior’s emphasized shank creates optimum midfoot support so you’ve got absolute stability. All these are shoes created for the committed attacker.

What Do You Need when picking Lacrosse Cleats?

Playing sports isn’t about getting the very best gear. While the gear you use could be useful in boosting your performance and helping your sport, the most expensive gear does not need to be ideal.

Aside from a lacrosse stick, goals, and helmets, an essential piece of gear needed is cleats.

Lacrosse cleats are different from people in football or basketball. A fantastic pair of cleats that align with your needs and needs is an absolute requirement, whether you are playing pro or just beginning.

While it’s an essential part of the sport, as mentioned previously, expensive doesn’t mean better. You have to go for what suits your needs the best, fits in your finances, and feels best for you.

While it’s easy to state that one should select their gear based on demands, it may be overwhelming when eventually faced with the options.

There’s an enormous number of options for lacrosse cleats that threaten to overwhelm you and leave you confused and upset.

You call for a straightforward strategy when you are purchasing your cleats. Without one, you will either wind up purchasing something too from your budget or something that simply does not suit you.

You don’t have to eliminate hope just yet, we have supplied a useful buyer’s guide that allows you to understand exactly what you’re searching for before you move looking for that one perfect match!

Lacrosse Cleats Buying Guide

Past the particular products listed previously, we chose to make a fast purchasing guide that will assist you to determine what to think about when picking lacrosse cleats.

Turf Shoes Normal Cleats

This is most likely the ideal place to get started. The distinction between gardening shoes and cleats is intense and understanding how each play (or does not ) on particular playing surfaces is a significant matter to think about before splurging on one over the other.

Let us begin with lacrosse turf shoes. These are popular on synthetic surfaces. Given that the predictability of these surfaces, turf shoes forgo the stabilizing representative of studs to get less jagged teeth that nevertheless offer sufficient grip to safely browse the area. If you end up playing primarily on bud, it would be best to steer clear of vases if you don’t would like to supplement the cleats you presently have.

Regular cleats on the other hand operate on each playing surface but actually shine on grass areas and at the components. Longer studs supply the grip you need on these surfaces to keep equilibrium and rate whilst making runs to the box or shutting out in an attackman.

If you are not seeking to start a footlocker and need a shoe that prides itself utility throughout playing surfaces, a regular cleat is certainly the best way to go.

Lacrosse Cleats Material


Artificial, or man-made substances, have been the norm in most sports. They may be readily made to match individual requirements and don’t demand exactly the same break-in time that leather shoes perform.

On the downside, if they don’t fit well once you purchase them, It’s likely that they’ll never truly fit nicely. They’re normally entirely watertight. Their durability is based more on the production of the sneakers, as a few are better-made compared to others.


The leather was the norm for lacrosse cleats, but as time has gone, the substance has become less popular. On the other hand, they’re somewhat water-resistant, of course, breathable and they do mold to your feet for a comfy fit.

They aren’t as durable as other substances. You don’t typically see all-leather lacrosse cleats anymore as they’re typically paired up with a synthetic substance. Players love leather cleats or they despise them.


Foam is the final material kind you can get with lacrosse cleats also it is by far the least popular option. The foam material may be utilized at the plan of the top, but it won’t protect you from the elements in any way. Foam shoes aren’t lasting whatsoever and they can’t keep any water out.


After deciding the type of shoe that you’re looking for, the dimensions are another biggest factor to take into account. Appropriate match means less slippage and more hands-on the area and less wear and tear on your own toes (e.g., blisters, arch pain, etc.).

Given the unpredictability of differentiating involving manufacturers, make sure you do your homework before settling on a dimension particularly when buying online; a few cleats may run large or little to your authentic foot span.

Additionally, know about the construction of the foot. Have you got a narrow or wide foot? Cleats have to be cozy a lot of will skew narrow that can be extremely uncomfortable and even detrimental to those people with wider feet. Reviews will typically indicate when this is how it is. Fortunately, some shoe kinds do provide broad variations too.

Different Positions

Lacrosse Cleats For Defense

Normally, defense positions elect for cleats which are low-tops, which are fairly near the look of a regular running shoe and much more inline appearance-wise with football cleats.

They’re the most vulnerable type of cleat, so in the event that you have some sort of ankle injury or are vulnerable to injury, they aren’t the safest kind of cleat for you. low-tops are very popular because they offer you a high quantity of flexibility in contrast to other types.

Best Lacrosse Cleats For Midfielders

Midfielders still require a Fantastic degree of security, but less high than people do. Because of this, midfielders can do nicely with Jelqing cleats. Even though low-tops are very popular with a few, mid-level cleats are definitely the most-used.

They’re a great compromise between being protected and flexible, as they provide more security than low-tops do. These aren’t great for gamers with chronic ankle difficulties since they don’t offer you maximum support.

For Attack

Attackers and gamers with ankle difficulties will perform best with high-top cleats. They give support in addition to protection to the ankles, which is vital for assaulting positions.

Taking a bang on the ankle is all-too-common in lacrosse, particularly for attackers that are literally searching out competitions. They’re a bit heavier than the other types of cleats, which may make a difference if they’re a fantastic selection for you.

Frequently asked questions regarding the cleats for lacrosse

Can You Wear Football Cleats For Lacrosse?

This is a frequent question since the cleats have a lot of similarities. The two kinds of cleats need stability on moist, grassy terrain. They both utilize exactly the very same sorts of substances from the manufacture of these and both utilize molded cleats.

The difference comes down to breathability. Soccer cleats are meant more for high protection against other gamers’ cleats. Lacrosse cleats have more venting to keep feet warm. Lacrosse cleats have significantly more studs than soccer cleats so that they provide better grip than you get from soccer cleats.

So can you wear soccer cleats for lacrosse? Normally, you can wear soccer cleats from lacrosse, but you may have more security with less grip. It’d be better to receive a lacrosse set of cleats.

Lacrosse Cleats vs Soccer Cleats

Could you utilize soccer cleats for lacrosse? If you’re in a pinch, then you’re able to wear soccer cleats at a lacrosse match, but you’d never need to wear lacrosse cleats at a football game. The claws on lacrosse cleats are more intense than on football cleats. In addition, they possess a toe stud, which isn’t found on football cleats.

Football cleats are typically low-cut also, exposing gamers’ ankles to being struck. When there are low-cut lacrosse cleats also, they are simply not as secure as a mid-level cleat is. Lacrosse cleats are harmful in a football match, so never try it.

What’s The Difference Between Men’s vs Women’s Lacrosse Cleats

While it may look like all lacrosse cleats ought to be the same, there are a few differences between men’s and women’s lacrosse cleats.

Normally, women’s cleats are thinner in the forefoot and the heel, providing gamers a tighter match. Meanwhile, the men’s cleats are wider in the forefoot, but they do occasionally have a narrow heel also.

Some girls prefer the wide forefoot and will wear men’s shoes and a few guys have narrower feet and favor women’s cleats. Selecting the most appropriate cleats, actually only boils down to what the most suitable match is for your demands.

How To Choose Lacrosse Cleats For Wide Feet

Lacrosse cleats are meant to be snug so they do not slide around in your own feet. They should work as a second skin around your toes. However, having lacrosse cleats that are too tight will impede your ability to play with them.

When you’re looking for lacrosse cleats to match wide feet, then you should make certain that they are broad enough that your feet are comfy. Your feet should likewise not very touch the ends of these sneakers along your heels must be secured down at the trunk.

You’ll get blisters when the heel does not fit correctly, so don’t get one that’s too loose.


Whether you are only beginning with the game or are only searching for something fresh, this thorough list exists to give you a hand.

Lacrosse cleats are a vital part of your gear rather than something you can compromise on but this doesn’t mean that you can compromise your financial plan.

It’s important to purchase what suits you best, to look at all of the options available prior to making an educated decision regarding the same, nevertheless, overextending your budget isn’t the best way to start doing it.

Expensive doesn’t necessarily equivalent quality and endurance. They frequently have unnecessary characteristics which may wind up hampering you from the future instead of helping your own game.

As the key component of your gear, it’s vital to search for everything you want most, as opposed to that which seems the very best cleats for lacrosse.

You may not be able to find all you need on a budget, however, we are expecting this list to allow you to get as near your target as you can!