Purchasing a lacrosse shaft is a really personal choice because just you know which is your best cheap lacrosse shafts. Regardless of the marketing gimmicks firms utilize, what reviews say, or just how much the cost of the shaft lists, the one person who will decide is whoever will be utilizing the rotating shaft. So, where would you start to find out which one is your best one on the market?

Editor's Pick
ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2.0 - Power - Black - 30"
Good Choice
Maverik Union Lacrosse Shaft 2023, Attack, 30" (Gunmetal)
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Epoch Dragonfly Elite II Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30" Soft Flex iQ9, Xtreme Concave...
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Epoch iD Vision C30 Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", C30, Space Grey
Product Name
ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2.0 - Power - Black - 30"
Maverik Union Lacrosse Shaft 2023, Attack, 30" (Gunmetal)
Epoch Dragonfly Elite II Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30" Soft Flex iQ9, Xtreme Concave...
Epoch iD Vision C30 Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", C30, Space Grey
Editor's Pick
ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2.0 - Power - Black - 30"
Product Name
ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2.0 - Power - Black - 30"
Good Choice
Maverik Union Lacrosse Shaft 2023, Attack, 30" (Gunmetal)
Product Name
Maverik Union Lacrosse Shaft 2023, Attack, 30" (Gunmetal)
Don't Miss
Epoch Dragonfly Elite II Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30" Soft Flex iQ9, Xtreme Concave...
Product Name
Epoch Dragonfly Elite II Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30" Soft Flex iQ9, Xtreme Concave...
Also Consider
Epoch iD Vision C30 Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", C30, Space Grey
Product Name
Epoch iD Vision C30 Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", C30, Space Grey

First of all, the place you perform is critical. Attack shafts would be the shortest on the area, measuring at approximately 42 inches in length, and players are usually on the lookout for the very best lacrosse shaft in 2023 that’s lightweight and one which goes fast. Power is of secondary importance because the attacker needs every benefit they could have when it comes to attacking the crate along with taking the shot.

Defensemen have more shafts measuring so long as 72 inches from some scenarios, and they also search for a lightweight choice. They need a reinforced rotating shaft for resilience and perhaps even feel a bit heavier than the attacker’s shaft since they use their sticks to poke-check competitions with a single goal in mind; to create them shed the ball until it may attain their objective.

If the resistance makes it into the cage, then the goalie will sometimes select a shorter shaft, at approximately 40 inches or provided that the D-pole is 72. They are searching to move quickly to safeguard the crease in any waysides that many goalies will decide on the lightweight alternative over something with much more durability and heft.

What’s the shaft of a lacrosse stick?

Nike Vandal Attack Lacrosse Shaft Product

Lacrosse stick handles are called shafts. They’re sticks with metal. They aren’t around but octagonal — it provides improved grip. It is possible to come across shafts made from metals, aluminum, scandium, and titanium. What’s more, vinyl, wood, and fiberglass shafts will also be offered. The buttocks cover the hollow end of the pole and it’s composed of rubber.

The length and circumference of the shaft are regulated by NCAA regulations. The length of the rods together with the mind must be followed for guys:

  • Offensive players: 40-42 inches
  • Defensemen: 52-72 inches
  • Goalies: 40-72 inches

Additionally, the shaft’s circumference shouldn’t exceed 3 1/2″. Even if the participant tapped the rod, it shouldn’t exceed the specified limit.

For girls lacrosse players, each measurement is comparable, however, the pocket could be shallower than guys.

Our Top Reviewed Picks for This Year

1. ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2.0 – Best Cheap Lacrosse Shafts

ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2.0

The Carbon shaft from East Coast Dyes (ECD) is a superb cheap stick choice for an attackman or middie. At its cheaper price, this shaft doesn’t skimp on grip or durability, using a carbon-fiber structure and a classic octagonal shape.

The clasp is that the highlight of the product; texturing across the standard grip areas provides the shaft a small sandpaper texture that produces tape unnecessary. The shaft also has a barbell which provides you additional control.

The biggest knock on this rotating shaft comes out of its compatibility with a few heads. Users have noticed the problem of locating appropriate head suits and also the gap in the link is important enough to where normal MacGyver strategies (tape, etc.) can’t fix the matter.

Nonetheless, the durability, texture, and a positive six-month guarantee creates the ECD Carbon rotating a good cheaper choice for your rod.

2. Maverik Union Attack Lacrosse Shaft Silver

Maverik Union Attack Lacrosse Shaft Silver

Constructed having an unholy alliance of scandium and titanium metal foundation, the Union includes a few of the greatest power to weight mix you are very likely to find in almost any rotating shaft at the price point. It is incredibly lightweight yet powerful enough to undertake the competition however difficult they come.

This is achieved via the tapered wall depth of the shaft as the extrusion procedure puts more substance at strategic parts of the deal.

This strengthens the locations that require more punishment and diminishing the weight in different areas which don’t require as much aid.

The warrior gave the Union a smooth end, no extraneous clasp, and that means you’ve got a much better feel on the rod as well as the image package eschews the gaudy bling to get a more subtle and severe profile.

Most importantly though, is warrior’s new strategy into the bottom end of the deal. It is now completely flexible everywhere along the shaft that you want that, simply slide it, then lock it down and tape it up if you prefer (although not completely necessary). It is that simple and completely addresses the problem that a number of those warrior shafts suffered from in that section.

3. Epoch Dragonfly Elite Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

Epoch Dragonfly Elite Attack-Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

Designed especially for its high-level defenders, this rotating shaft has the course like others.

Dragonfly Elite gets the Flex iQ2XL electricity that means it enables you to shield hard and toss with accuracy. It allows the shaft to bend whenever desired and becomes challenging when needed to offer a superb controller. The structure additional adds speed to it. If you’re nimble enough afterward you can depend on it in getting the ball up the field very quickly.

The clasp is additional comfy; it preserves continuous grip in each weather condition so that you can play with all of the yearlong without forfeiting your controller. This carbon fiber shaft offers optimum immunity to maintain but also enables it to move through the palms without difficulty.

This shaft features a sophisticated carbon layering that enhances the general shaft functionality and supplies it with better-managed weight, improved durability, and wonderful flex.

It’s the toughness degree 1 because it’s warmed to be the part of the carbon fiber layup that requires stability to the desirable degree.

Even though it’s actually a challenging shaft, its distinctive engineering makes it among the lightest composite shaft available in the industry nowadays.

Overall, it’s fantastic for those defenders who wish to direct another team’s players off with additional mass but optimum control. With this rotating shaft you receive, perfect strength, exact throwing, together with flexibility in the area.

4. Epoch iD Vision C30 Lacrosse Stick

Epoch iD Vision C30 Lacrosse Stick

The Epoch iD Vision is a fantastic entry-level shaft for gamers new to the match at a positive price point for an initial stick. It’s a durable, balanced rotating ideal for discovering your normal pass and shot movement.

The iD Vision’s clasp is another highlight here using an anodized finish to get a textured handle that additional highlights control as a result of its concave geometry. The clasp requires none of the frills and its texture is recognizable to more elite-level shafts.

The Significant disadvantage to that the Vision is its metal material. Though lightweight and durable in its own right, it does not have quite the same sturdiness as Epoch’s other composite shafts in the marketplace.

Epoch has an increasing footprint from the game of lacrosse and, together with the Vision, it’s made an excellent first rotating choice for new and younger players.

5. Nike Vandal Lacrosse Shaft

Nike Vandal Lacrosse Shaft

In the cost, you can not go wrong with all the Vandal. As soon as it is not the most powerful shaft you can purchase, making it ideal for gamers that aren’t likely to find themselves up against elite competitors. However, for the younger or improving participants within their respective leagues, this shaft will meet the challenge. It is made from Nike’s variant of the 9000 series aluminum metal which isn’t so similar to this Wonderboy, which appears to have been created for weight rather than durability.

This is a mild stick but to be able to make it nimble, the walls of the shaft needed to be made thinner. So you are likely to eliminate some staying power with the Vandal. That is why I’d propose it to gamers that aren’t likely to confront penalizing battle situations.

The rod looks fantastic, with minimal layout logos and eleven colors to select from. I also dug the sandblast grip which covers nearly all the handle surfaces. It feels fantastic and will not be too difficult on the gloves.

6. Epoch Lacrosse – Dragonfly Eight 60″ Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Epoch Lacrosse – Dragonfly Eight 60″ Defense Lacrosse Shaft

A little harder, better flex, and uniform structure, this defense mat is filled with everything that’s required to select the match to the new level.

The toughness of the rotating shaft is improved by using the distinctive Surface Veil Technology. It provides an excess layer to the outer surfaces of the rotating shaft that boosts the firmness. The heating at the time of production makes it one using all the carbon fiber layup. Not just it provides toughness but in addition, it increases the life span of this shaft.

The weaving of the shaft Is highly effective and made to stabilize the palms and move energy efficiently to the mind when playing. Carbon filaments are dispersed in a manner that improves stiffness but reduces the weight on the other hand to boost performance.

The Distinctive Flex IQ makes sure the shaft bends but also becomes difficult whenever required. It’s obtained by manipulating the utilization of carbon fibers. Together with bendability, this attribute also gives it durability.

The clasp can be fairly Innovative using all the gritty textured topcoat that offers continuous hold in each circumstance. The rotating shaft moves freely throughout the hand and offers the control which you’ve been on the lookout for. What further enriches the operation of the shaft is your uniform discharge stage. It produces a kick-point just over the top hand which consequently creates shooting and passing organic.

7. Brine Triumph Elite Attack Shaft

Brine Triumph Elite Attack Shaft

Brine has always prided itself on a constant output of cheap shafts. The Triumph rotating shaft is a very low-priced addition to this particular family of handles.

Raised rubber sidings that replace the requirement to tape and metal fabric give the Triumph a lightweight, traditional texture to enable a new player to get familiar with the match without breaking the bank.

However, you’re becoming everything you purchase with this particular stick –queries certainly come into play in regards to durability not only of their body ethics but the manage texturing. Some strong checks and protracted use will wear down this handle.

Another significant factor to remember is your suspicious guarantee policy for brine solutions. Since their inclusion in the Warrior Lacrosse household, the policy for handles has come to be somewhat muddled. You might choose to double-check Brine/Warrior concerning the guarantee length because this might alter without notice.

Also Check

8. Gait 803 Ice Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Gait 803 Ice Attack Lacrosse Shaft pic

The Gait 803 Ice isn’t just very lightweight, but I just adore the way that thing felt in my hands. It’s an octagon shape with concave edges and you really can wrap your hands around this shaft to feel as if you have complete control. The 803 from the title denotes the titanium enhanced alloy, which is a lot more powerful than your normal alloy shaft. Just know this is not a combination, which means you are not likely to find the exact same degree of strength.

What you do get, however, is a really light piece of metal that’s been reinforced to withstand stress in the crease. The diamond pattern across the surface is minimal enough to manage enough traction so that you may continue to keep the rod on your clutches, with no gloves paying the cost for this.

The shaft includes a cork end cap that some players prefer to keep or eliminate so as to tape their own ending. It is all about personal taste, and it is a fantastic guideline anyway in choosing the ideal shaft. The Gait 803 Ice may be the one that is ideal for you.

9. STX Lacrosse Crux 600 Lacrosse Handle

STX Lacrosse Crux 600 Lacrosse Handle

It’s the second production handle which includes a lot of incredible qualities to excite.

This shaft has a fully integrated design that’s really hard to resist with the participant who only wishes to get the ideal. For extra comfort and support, it’s a brand new molded end cap for much better functionality. Also, but in addition, it enriches the overall traction and provides complete control to the rod.

The mind is under your control when it’s attached to the shaft. It includes 10-degree end moves from 7/8″ to 1″ so you’re getting the perfect head to shaft connection. You’re able to choose the match on your hands and perform with no hindrance.

The distinctive precision flex technology further makes matters better for the participant. It gets the shaft to bend when necessary and it will become rigid whenever demanded. The entire rotating control makes it among the greatest lacrosse handles available now.

10. Brine 6000 -Lacrosse Attack Shaft

Brine 6000 -Lacrosse Attack Shaft

Another entrance level stick from Brine, the 6000 might appear familiar to you in the event that you’ve found yourself at Dick’s sporting goods as of late. This hot retail the stick is among the cheapest shafts on the current market, so temper expectations in regards to prolonged usage of it.

The Brine 6000 does have no standout features. It’s an aluminum octagonal body that doesn’t have any additional built-in traction so be ready to tape if you like additional traction. The aluminum also leaves this deal vulnerable to dings and dents that might be behind the absence of any guarantee specific for this shaft.

However, the Brine 6000 is good for almost any prospective participant who you believe could be more prone to cold feet when it comes to sticking with this game. This is a superb way to introduce a newcomer to the sense of a lacrosse stick without costing too much.

11. Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Eight 30″ Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Crafted from a mixture of composite metal and carbon fiber, the Epoch Gen5 Dragonfly C30 rotating brings Reload Technology into the match, providing a winning one-two mix of bend and retrieval that is intended to boost the accuracy and speed of your shooter and enhances your launch stage.

Carbon fiber is the key ingredient here since as you proceed to shoot or pass, energy has been introduced to the materials. This produces bend and an automated pressure in the fibers that snap back into their initial position, providing complete recoil and more electricity in your discharge.

The form of the rotating shaft is that well-regarded conventional concave shape and the smooth top-coat surface provides no traction and is apparent through, and that means that you may really find the carbon fiber substance inside.

12. RipWood Solid Wood (Ash) Attack Shaft

Smooth on palms and tough for the competitions, this wooden lacrosse stick has every quality you will like.

Produced from high-quality Ash, this wooden lacrosse shaft is specially made to carry your sport to a completely different level. It’s created for the attacking players to boost their attacking power.

This shaft is handmade Therefore it has no defect in any respect. To boost its quality, it’s a glossy outer coating using a heat-treated finish. The heat-treating procedure is accomplished in a minimal suit oven that adds a decorative touch into the rotating as it caramelizes the challenging grain patterns.

You can choose the rotating shaft from many different colors which fit your requirements. Whether or not you would like to match the shaft with the mind or your playing jersey, then you can present your own style. The rotating shaft is of 30-inch in span. It’s produced in a manner it can easily match at any mind and provide you the drama which you enjoy.

This shaft is lawful for field and box, regardless of at what level you’re playing. It’s created in the USA and contains Jimalax black finish cap that guarantees how durable it is.

13. Warrior Burn Attack Handle

Full disclosure: I have a soft spot for the Warrior Kryptolyte lineup as it had been the very first pole I bought starting out. But this means that you may trust me when I state it is easily among the best sticks I’ve ever purchased.

The Burn Kryptolyte is extremely lightweight to get a rod but doesn’t sacrifice much concerning durability as a result of its concave layout of hardy alloy. This deal can easily withstand a continuous flow of slap tests, which makes it worth every cent.

The only noteworthy drawback is the absence of a legitimate end into the shaft for additional grip if that is something you are into. You always have the option to add tape to give yourself a bit more traction, however.

The Burn Kryptolyte is a fantastic introductory stick to some new long rod, particularly for younger gamers awarded its lighter weight.

14. Brine F15-Lacrosse Attack Shaft

When you’re looking for a rotating shaft with fantastic strength but lightweight, then that Brine’s miracle rotating shaft may take your attacking abilities sky-high.

This lacrosse assault Shaft has an excellent quality which you could kindly rely on. It’s made with 7001 series aluminum metal which gives all the characteristics you want to win the match. This shaft is a perfect upgrade from a 6000 string manage. It’s not incorrect to state that it provides strength twice because of its previous versions.

When it comes to strength to weight ratio, this shaft provides over amazing. Its weight is quite low but the operation is outstanding. It feels good about palms and matches with almost any thoughts easily.

Ideally made for all types of gamers and all places, this assault shaft is just one of the best that you will hold thus far. Together with the upgraded images and super cool layout, it goes together with everybody’s style.

15. C12 Lacrosse Dirty Defense

There have been lacrosse shafts with carbon fiber in their own cosmetics, but C12 has taken a different approach with their dirty lineup of sticks. The rotating shaft is comprised of a carbon fiber tube which provides the management malleability, something which many metal sticks do not have. The deal definitely has some flex but that does not mean it is not a consistently durable or resilient pole (C12 even offers a movie where they show them bending among them in a way that you would think twice about attempting with an aluminum metal shaft )

What you are getting is a lacrosse shaft that could withstand a critical effect on account of the potency of this material while being able to raise your shot rate. Since it stinks, this rod may provide you the extra speed to place just a little something extra supporting the ball. You receive the push on the shooter which other metallic shafts do not have. This adhere gets the work done regularly and confidently.

16. STX Men’s Hammer 7000 Defense Lacrosse Shaft

We have an STX entry to the cheap lacrosse rotating game together with all the Hammer 7000. Its lightweight metal and concave octagonal design allow it to keep pace with the elite shafts in the STX tree.

A gentle sandblasted completely at chief grip points provides this very long rod enhanced handling without the additional burden of tape.

The significant drawback seems to be the burden as the rod carries somewhat heavier than other shafts in the marketplace at a comparable price point. But weight will equate to extra durability in the handle and provides the Hammer 7000 a little longer shelf life to many.

The Hammer 7000 is a worthy adhere to think about for entry-level D-poles attempting to not break the bank from the gate. And it is not a dreadful stepping stone to STX’s more elite (and pricey ) Hammer 700.

17. WARRIOR Burn Diamond Defense Handle Lacrosse Shaft

Coming at a close second to the STX is Warrior’s Burn Diamond rotating shaft, which can be made from Altium, a hybrid combination of aluminum and titanium alloy making for one stiff grip. Warrior’s shaft is also very lightweight, only weighs approximately 6 oz, begging the question of its durability. The perfect method to learn would be to take it to the area and assess some fools. The results were remarkable to say the very least, as there were no dents, no scratches, no signs I had crossed sticks with anybody. No scratches, no scratches.

The Dolomite rotating shaft is Warrior’s improvement in their bestselling KryptoLite, but the Diamond from the title refers to the delicate, sandpaper-like grip layer of the whole handle but it’s definitely present across the surface. The cost on this particular one can be fairly subdued, however, Warrior has made this shaft for a long-term investment.

18. STX Lacrosse Handle 6000, Defense, Black

We are back to the local sporting goods store aisle with all the STX 6000. This is just another shaft it is possible to see in your regional retail shop, intended only for entry-level players rather than high-level use.

The best advantage to this Stick is the cheap cost point that isn’t extremely cheap to get a comparatively traditional grip and texture, ideal for ridding yourself of life since a very long rod.

Otherwise, weight and durability are significant difficulties. In 17.8 oz, this is easily the lightest rod available in the industry. However, all that burden doesn’t equate to durability because a few users have flexed this shaft with hardly any use. That the structural vulnerability could be why STX doesn’t cover the 6000 within their guarantee.

The STX 6000 is a decent initial rod if you are interested in the feel and drama of a very long pole at a non-competitive capability but we’d recommend finding an alternative in regards to choosing the area for greater levels of play.

19. STX Men’s Scandium + Titanium PRO Lacrosse Shaft for Defense

The STX Scandium Titanium Pro is my preferred shaft on this listing due to the effortless way it grips. The weight of it’s incredibly light, but also feels totally invincible. Weighing in at about 15 oz, STX has created the perfect equilibrium between heft and durability by mixing scandium and titanium alloys collectively into a substance that provides you with the best of the two worlds.

The Sc-TiPro rotating shaft has an octagon shape with augmented pen borders developed to resist the intensity close to the crease when providing you with an effortless grasp. Sure, the tech is there, it appears slick with no gaudy images, and it is created by STX, among the top brands in the company. It is pricey, but the finest things in life sometimes are.

Lacrosse Shaft FAQs

Will XYZ Head Fit Onto This Shaft?

Most minds typically fit onto any rotating shaft. That can be true even if they’re different brands.

At most, you might have to drill a new hole in the shaft, but that is generally it.

The 1 caveat is when your mind has a neck plug. If you are using a solid (not hollow) composite shaft, you might choose to locate a hollow shaft (or mind with no neck plug) to ensure that they will match.

Can I Cut Down a D-Pole to An Attack or Goalie Shaft Length?

Yes, so long as you reduce your metallic shaft to the legal span (30 inches for assault or 30 to 40 inches for goalie), then it’s absolutely legal to cut on a d-pole down.

Carbon fiber should not be cut rotating, hence the bolded metal. The rotating shaft will splinter and will probably be unusable.

One of the wonderful advantages of cutting a defensive rotating shaft to an assault dimension, especially, is you could get two shafts from it because a d-pole is generally 60 inches.

What will be the Standard Shaft Length?

Here is the breakdown of average lacrosse shaft lengths:

  • Strike: 30 inches
  • Goalie: 30 — 40 inches
  • Defense: 60 inches

Some Shafts made for younger gamers might be a couple of inches shorter to provide them better hands. Moreover, you may reduce d-poles to shorter lengths should you would like.

Can you utilize the wooden shafts in lacrosse?

Lots of people have the frequent misconception that wooden shafts are prohibited in lacrosse. But, it isn’t accurate in any way. If you prefer, you may use wooden shafts, that are entirely legal.

From the NCAA rules, It’s written you are able to use the rod made from wood, synthetic substance, or laminated timber. You are able to use an entirely wooden pole.

It’s said that they’re thicker and hard to use, however that is not the situation. You may use them if you really feel like it. Additionally, there’s a notion they split easily. That is not true also in the event that you use a wooden shaft of greater quality. There are various types of forests, and picking out the ideal type will enhance the flexibility, strength, and weight of this rotating shaft.


Lacrosse players spend a great deal of money on their gear only since they require the best. This type of investment demands the gear to survive quite some time, of course. It can be tricky to find the perfect solution, however. Thus, to help you in making the best buying decision here is a closer look at the best cheap lacrosse shafts available in the industry nowadays.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

Warrior Evo Pro Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft
  • Axyflex is engineered to provide our stiffest carbon fiber layup in the lateral and transverse directions to drive the fastest and most accurate...
  • Level: Pro 14 & up
  • Meets all NFHS, NCAA, CLA, and FIL men’s field specifications
Warrior Evo Lacrosse Attack Shaft
  • Eva Krypto Pro Diamond Shaft
  • 30'' handle
  • powered by Krypto Pro for lightweight performance
  • Diamond grip for maintaining stick feel in all weather conditions
  • Control die shape for maximizing stick control and yields best strength to weight ratio.
Warrior Burn Defense Lacrosse Shaft
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Package Dimensions: 3.556 L x 4.648 W x 152.4 H (cm)
  • Package Weight: 0.476 kilograms
  • Country of Origin: China
StringKing Composite Pro Faceoff Men's Lacrosse Shaft 155 Grams (White)
  • Smart Taper technology. -- Composite Pro lacrosse shafts feature an advanced taper design, distributing material throughout the shaft to optimize...
  • More consistent. -- The stiffness of the Composite Pro lacrosse shaft gives more power on your shots without sacrificing accuracy, so you get the most...
  • Industry-leading strength. -- Composite Pro is made with the highest quality carbon fiber and advanced manufacturing techniques, giving you a lighter...
Warrior Burn Pro Attack Carbon Lacrosse Shaft
  • Made with our Minimus Carbon, the Burn Pro Carbon shaft weighs just 125 grams, making it one of the lightest shafts available.
  • Features best-in-class durability
  • Features diamond texture to improve grip.
  • Comes with two different end caps: 1 Warp end cap for maximum shot leverage and 1 Warrior end plug for the lightest possible stick setup.
  • High flex shaft made for more shot power.
Warrior Lacrosse Burn LT Attack Lacrosse Shaft
  • Warrior Lacrosse BURN LT ATK HANDLE, Black
  • New ultralight carbon fiber handle, tipping the scales under 140 grams making it the lightest performance handle in the line
  • 3K carbon fiber weave design is ultra lightweight and built to load easy and maximize hold for additional shot power
  • Diamond grip for maintaining stick feel in all weather conditions
Epoch Dragonfly Integra Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", Soft-Flex iQ9 with Removable End...
  • Highly engineered “gritty” textured topcoat, which allows for consistent grip to be maintained in all weather
  • Advanced Carbon Layering (A.C.L.)
  • HD Resin technology
  • 1 year warranty
  • Soft-Flex iQ9
Maverik A1 Lacrosse Shaft 2023, Attack, 30" (Black)
  • 30" Attack Lacrosse Shaft
  • SPEED SHAPE Our lightest design for men's lacrosse shafts
  • Adjustable Butt-End is redesigned with a silicone liner for added stability.