Best cheap lacrosse gloves are clearly an essential piece of gear, protecting you by slashes, errant passes or shots, and assisting you to maintain a solid grip on your rod. Our article is going to have a fast roundup of our best selections straight below, followed by the significant things you want to look for in a lacrosse glove. Then, eventually, together with our comprehensive review of each glove, we picked, such as its strengths and weaknesses and unique technologies used inside.

The significance of lacrosse gloves can’t be understated.

Besides adding your own style and flair to the area, gloves connect one to a rod and guard the segment of your body that’s assessed the most.

This guide will break down the best lacrosse gloves available now and provide you some significant hints on finding the perfect set for you.

Everything you want will depend partially on your circumstance but also on your individual needs and style.

We’ve broken down the best cheap lacrosse gloves outside on the marketplace for you, providing you an excellent place to begin as you start your search.

Cheap Lacrosse Gloves

Factors To Consider When Buying New Lacrosse Gloves

Construction (Thumb & Palm)

The construction of the thumb and hands is a huge consideration when buying gloves. The thumb is more likely to accidents and demands extra padding without which makes it impossible to maneuver your thumb.

The hands of your glove ought to have sufficient cushioning to stop blisters, but not too much that you can’t feel that the stick nicely. Regardless, you have to keep your hands secure and still receive a good quantity of pole control.


If you play sports, necessarily, you’re likely to sweat. One place you don’t want perspiration, nevertheless, is on your hands whenever you’re playing lacrosse.

Padded gloves will obviously make your palms warmer and much more vulnerable to wetness, which means that your gloves will need to get an integrated venting system to keep them dry. Whenever you have sweaty palms in lacrosse, then you won’t be able to execute and you need to.


You have to have a grip on your lacrosse stick so that your gloves have a fantastic grip. Gloves are actually worn to keep you from damaging your hands, and therefore you want to use them but they also forfeit your ability to have a fantastic grip on your rod.

Your grip has to be powerful enough which you can hold your rod firmly without falling. The better quality the gloves, the greater your traction will be.

Protection & Padding

Even though we allow you to know that the palm and thumb have to be built with security, there’s additional cushioning to consider.

Because of the nature of the sport, you’re in danger of getting cuts and lumps in your hands, which means that your gloves will probably require a protective liner and sufficient padding to prevent you from getting hurt. Part of this will probably be dependent on your position in the group.

Sizing & Fit

Fit is extremely significant with lacrosse gloves, although some are based more on personal taste. Your palms shouldn’t really touch the top borders of the gussets. If they do, the gloves are too little and you want to acquire a bigger group.

In addition, you require a free selection of movement with your own wrists. When you are looking for a pair of gloves, proceed on your wrists and palms to be certain you’ve got a broad selection of movement.

Top 15 Best Cheap Lacrosse Gloves Reviews 2023

As stated in the intro, there are multiple items to look out for when determining how great it is, for example, security, freedom, and texture.

We researched the lacrosse glove marketplace to discover the options that best balance these variables by weighing consumer testimonials, production specs, price, manufacturer precedent, and much more.

1. STX Lacrosse Surgeon RZR Gloves

STX comes in sexy at #1 with all the Surgeon RZR gloves – the latest addition to the glove repertoire of a few of the primary lacrosse businesses.

The Surgeon very literally breaks the mold by cutting the conventional majority of lacrosse gloves at one, continuous piece design that boosts a lightweight (maybe the lightest glove in the marketplace ) and elastic texture.

When it comes to link with your rod, the taper fit implemented throughout the palms gives a cozy feel to match the minimalist stitching throughout the hands that boost responsiveness. Fundamentally, the Surgeon blurs the membrane between the handle and hands.

With this in mind, the Surgeon doesn’t skimp on protectiveness. Reinforcement through the back and thumb hand provides you superior protection against these dreaded paychecks.

The general luminous nature of opinions on the Surgeon RZR is really mad with all the sole knock being the cost point throughout the board–this comprehensive package and the cutting-edge technician comes at a significant cost, but it’s quite well worth it if you can afford it.


  • Superior comfort
  • Flexible and pliable
  • Extremely protective
  • Multiple color choices


  • Expensive
  • Deficiency of comments on long-term durability

2. Epoch Lacrosse iD High Performance, Lightweight Glove

Epoch has tweaked it is composite and substance shafts technologies to create this lightweight lacrosse glove with a high reverse weight to power ratio. An outcome is a group of excellent gloves that offers security and functionality at the best price in the sport.

This item is designed for your emerging participant seeking their true identities at the sport of lacrosse. While no two players will be the same, this glove permits them to choose their game to the next level.

The iD Glove includes an elastic thumb that will continue to keep your hands nimble supplying maximum control and feel over your own stick. Besides some triple foam stack that is an extremely breathable textured cloth that raises ventilation in addition to functions as extra protection to your hand.

Moreover, with the tri-layer double density foam stack, in conjunction with the milder foam onto the base layer, along with a compact polyethylene coating on the cover of the glove, your palms will withstand and consume all of the hit/impact forces with no pressure.

Many lacrosse players Indicate they need a glove using a barbell that proceeded with their type of play whilst providing support and safety. Other manufacturers have attempted to inculcate this attribute however, comes at a price — decreased motion. However, with the iD Glove, the barbell is stretched in a manner in which the protective part doesn’t arrive in between the wrist as you bend your wrist.


  • Tri-layer double density foam stack
  • Outstanding ventilation system
  • Extended cuff
  • Maximum security


  • Offered in just white color

3. Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

Thickness is just about the most essential variable that you can Ever need at a set of lacrosse gloves, and that’s exactly what you’ll get here. Only looking at it is going to present its amazing build and secure construction. But, that isn’t all. Aside from being incredibly thick, the Superlight 2 gloves arrive with TruVents, which helps to raise the venting which you get in your backhand. Basically, these vents assist with vanishing perspiration, thereby maintaining our hands dry for as long as you’ve got the gloves. Along with this, the vents help fasten the entry of air to the gloves, so your palms continue to feel clean as you perform.

Heat contributes to sweat, and sweat makes you uneasy. All these gloves, nevertheless, take care of that with the debut of vents. Get it? Moving on, we’ve got the textured Nash hands, which enhance the overall feeling of the rod you are holding and provides additional control. All this is rounded up from the Floating Cuff round the wrist, which gives a protective edge as you’re at a heated face-off with your opponent. Additionally, it assists with scooping the ball’s favorite lacrosse move. Make certain to join this with a trendy lacrosse stick out of our listing.


  • It enhances your hands off the pole
  • It also protects you in case of a face-off


  • It is only offered in two color variations

4. Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves

The most recent glove from among the most admired lacrosse manufacturers, warrior, comes in at #2 on our list of their greatest lacrosse gloves. The stripped-down, no-frills Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves deliver an amazing feel and fantastic protection.

The Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves boasts just one of the top palms available on the current market and an AXYFLEX mobility technician from the wrist to help keep you in supreme charge of your spoon whether or not you are assessing, dodging, or shooting.

The usage of high-density foam pinpointed to crucial impact areas keeps the glove lightweight without sacrificing security. If you usually get sweaty palms when you perform, the Wartech Liner will wick off that moisture buildup to keep you dry and nice.

The only knocks on the Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves are not anything but impactful into the gloves’ performance –there’s a notable absence of consumer opinions because these gloves were only recently published. Furthermore, if you prefer to choose the area in a particular color scheme or decorative, there’s a clear shortage of customization for those poor boys.

Overall, if you are a participant that appreciates a glove that performs nicely, protects you, and does not possess a super flashy outside, the Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves is the ideal glove for you.


  • Simplicity for equilibrium
  • Among the top palms
  • Focused impact area security


  • Deficiency of consumer opinions
  • Deficiency of color choices

5. Warrior Evo Glove 2019

Warrior Evo Gloves would be the priciest lacrosse gloves on the marketplace when they appeared in 2019. As a result of supreme, high-quality layout and challenging attributes, the item is still fairly dependable in 2023 despite its price fall.

To start from a standpoint, the gloves radiate a high-end appearance.

You can locate them on Dick’s Sporting Goods from the white and black versions, entirely monochromatic, which produces a traditional elegant look.

Without a doubt, I will say that these gloves are around the tighter end. They’re snug, so if you generally wear 13 inches (M), then these can be somewhat snugger than you are utilized to. Players with large hands or people who want to have some space in their own gloves should search for another version.

Even though they fit closely, the gloves are frankly comfy. They don’t undermine freedom; you could move every finger separately with no disturbance, particularly the thumb. So general, the glove is extremely broken-in, right from the bag.

As for your cuffs, the gloves have a floating cuff design with just two anchor points. The wrist guard isn’t anchored in the center, providing you with much more wrist motion than you’d get with different versions using a three-point anchor system.

There is a mesh center role in the hands, supplying ventilation together with the venting holes round the palms plus also a big vent in the trunk. Additionally, the center component is double-seamed to supply greater durability because most abrasion generally happens.

Finally, the balance between relaxation and security is superb. CageFlex technologies offer optimum protection without affecting freedom.


  • Cozy
  • Protective
  • Fantastic venting
  • Elegant look
  • More wrist motion


  • A little tight

6. STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Gloves

At first glance, you will discover that the Cell 3 gloves have a striking resemblance to the preceding entry on this listing. But beyond some basic similarities, the gulf between both of these choices goes beyond only the difference in producers.

The Cell is the hottest in the “Cell” manufacturer of lacrosse gloves made by STX, as far as features go, this choice does not disappoint in any way. To begin with, these Cell 3 gloves arrive with the exact same dual-density foam stack from the Epoch Lacrosse iD. It’s the strategic positioning of gentle and polyethylene foam that offers protection to hands upon impact with an opposing player; something which all lacrosse players certainly desire. Along with this, these gloves also arrive with a Stretch-Thumb, which adjusts to the shape of the thumb and makes for smooth spinning and superb flexibility. You will love the durable vents onto the hands, that keep your hands drier and drier by boosting the circulation of air. Our useful guide to the very best Crossfit gloves comprises more great products such as this.


  • The Gloves place a good deal of focus on comfort and security
  • With those, you get enhanced thumb flexibility


  • All these Gloves could end up being a small tight

7. Maverik M5 Lacrosse Gloves

The Maverik M5 premiered in 2023 to substitute one of the very favorite lacrosse gloves in recent memory–the M4. The M5 builds on lots of the excellent things that all these players adored about the M4.

FLOWCOOL venting and also the quick-dry lining throughout encourage moisture wicking and comfort both being valuable on the area especially in the event that you end up playing to the dog days of summer.

The AxSuede palm provides a soft, comfy feel that will not deteriorate over time. The net hands also allow air in, helping your palms stay dry.

Unlike a few other options, the M5 includes an adjustable barbell that lets you control the match.

On the downside, the M5 is a Brand new glove for 2023, meaning there are restricted customer testimonials, particularly when it has to do with the long-term durability of the glove.


  • Superior venting
  • Comfortable palm
  • Customizable wrist match
  • Cheaper high-end glove


  • New glove so restricted long-term reviews

8. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 Lacrosse Glove

This version was motivated by STX Stallion 200 gloves and is meant for those that have played lacrosse for some time. They’re created within a wide size range so every player can get a customized fit.

We can observe a large ventilated patch of the net in the palm region and many ventilation holes across the whole glove. The gussets can also be made from the net, so highly ventilated. So, the airflow will probably be ideal, reducing the perspiration and providing you a much better sense.

The whole glove is quite lightweight and usually pretty elastic. It’s a solid polyester padding from the backhand for security but complete the gloves are seriously flexible using a two-wheeled cuff design for greater wrist freedom.

Given this glove has been made as an intermediate glove, so it certainly doesn’t have the identical foam quality or density as the high-end versions. However, it’s very forgiving using a tasteful layout and adequate qualities which can allow you to pick up the abilities as an intermediate gamer.

The cost is one of the most inexpensive models available on the current market, which means you will definitely receive your money’s worth. In terms of the younger gamers, go out them; you won’t regret it.


  • Great venting
  • High flexibility
  • Wide size range
  • Elegant look
  • Good protection
  • More wrist freedom
  • Cheap


  • Not for professional usage

9. STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves With Climate Control

The Surgeon gloves out of STX feature exactly the identical bulky construct that people have come to understand from the producers. Aside from the moderate visual allure and sufficient attention to detail using its stitching, you might realize there’s a lot you may get from these types of gloves. Among the most crucial characteristic of the gloves is that their construction. A sleek design on the hands supplies an unbelievable sense of the pole, and you’ll also enjoy the carbon-fiber-reinforced thumb, which offers protection to a thumb by adding together with compression pads.

But, it’s also very important to point out that the stitching on the pinky finger is a bit less durable than that which you get with different fingers. The Surgeon gloves arrive with an Ax suede hands-on design, which leads to their durability. Along with this, you also receive ISO thumb technologies. The technologies, which were created by the business, offer 360-degree thumb security. Really like this item? Have a look at our overview of the greatest top-quality gloves for our best picks.


  • 360-degree thumb spinning
  • Thumb Protection, helps particularly once you get slashed


  • Less durable stitching on the pinky finger

10. Epoch Integra Elite Lacrosse Gloves

You might think of Epoch as kind of an indie outfit in regards to gear but they’re certainly bumping up in weight class in regards to the Integra Elite gloves.

The Integra Elites were rated throughout the board when considering direct consumer opinions with bonus points for both flexibility and comfort. The usage of Ariaprene provides a very naturalistic, toned-down sense to the glove which partners together with the foam and composite construction providing great freedom.

The player core control inherent to Epoch cushioning makes an appearance here too to encourage odor and moisture protection–that the latter can’t be overlooked trigger if there was a deadly enemy to gloves, it is the smell.

This was just another glove That required some extending to obtain a con–that the muted color choices are the most obvious knock. The glove applies a suede palm too so there is room for expansion concerning stand texture, but they’ve eliminated any stitching/seams to boost connectivity.

Finally, the Integra Elite is a superb glove in case you’re searching for worth –it boasts top-of-the-line defense and texture on a less expensive end of the pricing spectrum.


  • Organic, lightweight texture
  • Advanced flexibility
  • Odor protection


  • Muted color choices
  • Conventional suede palm

11. STX Lacrosse Cell 4 Men’s Lacrosse Glove

While all of the gloves in the STX Cell lineup have shown their value on the current market, the STX Cell IV Lacrosse Gloves increased the business standards to a whole new level. This line was created to offer more independence in a motion without undermining security. Is it feasible? Let’s find out.

One factor which simply cannot go undetected with those gloves is your brand new GeoFlex II™ technology. It’s beneficial since it creates the Cell IV lineup super-flexible and really comfy. At precisely the exact same time, the gloves stay incredibly lightweight and incredibly protective of your palms.

As we proceed down, we could observe a flared cuff system, a little more discreet than the preceding versions included. Its exceptional power is the fact that it goes with the participant to allow much better wrist freedom.

Another shift that STX created with the Cell Four Line is loosening the lineup a notch using broader cushioning, giving far more control over the pole. This invention again functions in favor of freedom.

I enjoy the palm includes better ventilation and a few additional spaces in the back of your hands so that there will not be much perspiration happening.

While the creations are always welcome, the fantastic things should not be changed. Therefore, the Cell IV lineup also will come with the renowned AX Suede™ substance that increased the STX gloves to popularity previously. It produces a tacky feeling, allowing you a much better grasp of the rod, and it’s extremely durable.


  • GeoFlex II tech
  • Better hands ventilation
  • Adaptive
  • Looser thumb
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Somewhat expensive

12. Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves

The construction of Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves is among its most standout features. It includes a traditional match, but it throws in a few quantities in the palms and back-hand location. Along with this, there’s a SHARKGEL cushioning mechanism at the thumb that fosters mobility and dexterity. The Maverik gloves arrive with 37.5 Technology liners, which make for much faster sweat evaporation. Therefore, if you are the kind of player who’s more likely to excessive hand sweating, you may be certain that this is 1 set of gloves you will certainly like to possess.

Moving on, these gloves also provide you with FLOWCOOL venting Technology in the trunk, which fosters the circulation of the atmosphere and makes for much faster air dispersion. That is not all. You will also discover the Ax suede hands-on layout and INHALER mesh substances that offer mad comfort and an improved feel of the pole. Discover more great products in this way by checking out our guide to the top gloves.


  • Enriched freedom and dexterity
  • The Gloves also enhance the comfort and motion of the mind


  • The velcro enclosure around your wrists is a bit flimsy

13. Maverik Max Lacrosse Glove

The Max at Maverik’s newest Glove stands for optimum security, and that is precisely what you get.

Triple density foam Coupled with SharkGel inserts at high-impact regions deliver unmatched protection to a thumb and rear hand. In spite of the additional cushioning, the DuraStretch layout provides glove flexibility throughout the palms.

The magnetic cuff is really a highlight because it allows customization for your attention for a participant; specifically, you can correct the match between protectiveness and freedom depending upon your taste.

However, the Max has its own problems, durability being in the forefront since the life expectancy of the gloves was noted in weeks instead of years. Moreover, the feel/connectivity to adhere was noted as lacking after a while spent breaking these gloves.

However, the Max is a strong alternative for those gamers who don’t prioritize feel as far as they perform security.


  • Superior protection
  • Elimination of velcro components
  • Wrist cuff adjustability
  • Concentrate on heating and moisture security


  • Durability issues
  • Poor pole connectivity
  • Sizing issues (run small)

14. Warrior Burn Pro Lacrosse Gloves

If you are into restricted Versions and appreciate being that one participant with an exceptional set of gloves, this is the stop. Warrior Burn Pro is an excellent lineup of gloves with superior specifications, and this version is a limited supply, which means you will not find a lot of folks sporting these.

The very first quality that makes these gloves exceptional in the marketplace is their lightweight design. Rather than carbon plates and tough plastic, these gloves comprise EPS foam across the mind and backhand, safeguarding your hand when decreasing the weight.

The brand new Total Flex Cuffs provide more independence in freedom, stepping up on versatility and wrist rotation. However, the outstanding characteristic is that the synonymous design which lets you change the barbell out and match the color with your team.

What I love about these gloves would be your ventilation system that is outstanding.

The glove comprises an innovative Truvent TM system, providing maximum venting. Additionally, the Warrior no odor lining makes sure that your bag is not smelly after a long day of exercise.

Lastly, this version also contains the renowned Ax Suede palm, now together with responsive spandex gussets. You will love the sense of the, and they are prepared to use off the shelf. Additionally, the LoPro construction produces these pre-assembled gloves with amazing performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Fantastic venting
  • Protective
  • Interchangeable cuffs
  • Ax Suede palm


  • Costly

15. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Gloves

A good deal of lacrosse gloves has been complimented for just how amazing they look. Yes, we all know that. But in regards to design creativity, there is something relating to this item that makes you only need to keep looking at it. It is not over the border, and it certainly does not match 20 colors like any other choices (none with this list however. Although, we have undoubtedly seen some astounding color combos). However, its minimalist layout definitely pays off.

Regrettably, when it comes to attributes, STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Gloves do not pack much punch. We consider one reason that is so is that the gloves are just meant for novice gamers. Its characteristics are restricted to that degree and its particular own requirements. The gussets and hands are ventilated, giving a cushioned feeling and extra grip of the pole. The lightweight construction- which is possible because of a polyester shell- also suggests that you will not feel weighed down when you put on the gloves. Do not forget to also check our guide to the very best cycling gloves.


  • It provides maximum breathability
  • Lightweight construction makes it effortless to carry around


  • They are only meant for novices

Best Way to Clean Lacrosse Gloves

Cleaning Lacrosse gloves on a regular basis is vital. That is because, with time, the dirt and perspiration begin to make a biofilm within your gloves. This finally becomes a breeding ground for germs and finally creates that foul odor.

Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to wash your gloves and remove this nasty smell. Here are some steps to wash your gloves.

  • Step 1: Hit or pound the gloves to remove any tough deposits of grime.
  • Step 2: Put warm water from the sink or another container.
  • Step 3: Add a gentle detergent and soak the gloves from the water for almost a quarter-hour.
  • Step 4: Use water to wash the detergent off. It’s possible to use a high-heeled water supply, like the shower, to make sure that any lingering grime can be removed once you wash the gloves.
  • Step 5: Place the gloves beneath sunlight or in front of a fan to wash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do woman lacrosse players wear gloves?

Girls aren’t required to utilize lacrosse gloves as a crucial piece of gear, yet they could decide to, for several valuable factors.

How do I know what my dimension of lacrosse gloves is?

Have a tape measure and gauge the distance between the finish of the elbow pad into the tip of the fingers. Everything you get is that the size of these gloves which match you.


Certainly, that the Maverik M4 gloves would be the best cheap lacrosse gloves in the marketplace. They have a conventional fit together with each modern technology which makes you powerful in the area. The padding between the palms in addition to the moisture-wicking lining makes them an all-around great option.

Meanwhile, for your players out there searching for gloves that are more contemporary with high-performance attributes, look no farther than the STX Surgeon RZR. These gloves provide a whole lot of protection, but rather than becoming bulky, they behave more like a second skin, giving you exceptional stick control. Whatever your tastes are, you are able to go wrong with the Maverik M4 or the STX Surgeon RZR.