The chance of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) in baseball and also Softball occur with each at-bat. The usual cause of TBI for childhood has been struck by a bat and struck by a chunk for elderly ballplayers. So the best baseball helmets are essential.

Evidently, it’s vital to avoid injuries or concussions in every game, from soccer to baseball. Hence, whether you are an amateur or a professional baseball player, you should not ignore the significance of batting personal protective equipment.

Among the most important pieces of baseball gear is a batting helmet. Being quite distinct from traditional helmets, a batting helmet is designed to absorb the maximum strong effects while keeping you cool and comfortable.

Guarding your head is of utmost importance when in the Batter’s box, particularly for new players. What exactly would be the best baseball helmets available now?

We have compiled a list below of some of those top-rated and well-known helmets from several leading brands, including Rawlings, Easton, and DeMarini. So have a look through and find out what helmet would be the most suitable one for you.

And make sure you check out our article on the best baseball helmets, which means that your child is ready for your season.

Baseball Helmets

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Baseball Helmet

Right size

When buying a batting helmet, the first thing you should know thoroughly is your dimensions. Just because when the helmet is too big, it will readily whip off or direct to your head injury when it is shattered. And when it is too little, it is going to avoid ventilation and produce your mind uneasy.

Hence, the helmet must fit your head snugly. Commonly, It’s possible to put the batting helmet on your head and shake it. If the helmet moves around when vibrating, it’s a little big for your head, and you ought to decide on a smaller one.


Chin straps are just another available alternative that helps stabilize a helmet that could be somewhat loose. When you step in the Batter’s box should just be something in your head – that’s knocking the ball out of the court. You’ll desire too best-fitted helmet to take action.

Proper Fit

When you put the helmet on, Make Sure That the lid of this helmet sits within an inch above your eyebrows. It ought to be even with the remainder of your head. When it’s tilted up, you risk taking a chunk into the brow when you’re running the batting or bases. In case it’s tilted too far forward, the back of your head is going to be exposed.


The majority of the best baseball helmets nowadays feature a faceguard, which reduces the risks, particularly the possible nose and mouth injuries during the game. For this reason, you should purchase the helmet with a faceguard to guarantee your security.

Actually, you can pick a partial faceguard that shields your eyes without interrupting your eyesight. These kinds of helmets normally have a metal bracket across your face’s midsection. Anyway, a complete faceguard made from durable materials (typically plexiglass) also saves you away from mouth and eye problems.

Ear guards

One common feature of the best baseball helmets would be that their ear guards function to safeguard your head body as far as you can. To be specific, you could pay for your ears to block them from being struck by a ball. Though originally, ear guards allow you never to hear clearly, you may quickly get accustomed to them.

Moreover, if you normally need to communicate with your teammates, a one-guard batting helmet will probably be advisable. But with this type of helmet, batters must face their flap to the pitcher to ensure they’re well-protected.


The final thing you need to check is if the grade of a Batting helmet matches the criteria of security for athletic gear by taking a look at the logo or tag on the interior of the helmet back. Bear in mind that a NOCSAE certified helmet will be a high-quality purchase and make sure your complete security.

15 Best Baseball Helmets 2023

1. DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmet

The DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro is a trendy, versatile model that comes from adult and youth sizes. Sizes are based on hat sizing and therefore are as follows: Youth (6 1/2 and under ), S/M (6 3/8-7 1/8), and L/XL (7-7 5/8).

Some of the top features include inside double density foam padded which offers superior comfort since it’s intended to form fit to your mind for a perfect match; smartly designed ventilation system that boosts airflow for exceptional breathability; plus a shallow profile casing, so it is possible to find a secure fit which allows your eyes to acquire an unobstructed view on each pitch.

You Can find colors in Black (pictured), Charcoal, Navy, Royal, Scarlet, and White with a shiny finish.

Get the DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmet Using Mask in Amazon to get a version with much more face security.


  • The double density cushioning is ultra-comfortable and is designed to fit specifically for your head.
  • Fantastic breathability and air leak as a result of its strategically positioned vents.
  • It’s a low profile casing to Aid with fit and vision.


  • Some users felt that the color finish is not accurate — a few glistening while some were the matte end.
  • Some colors for childhood sizes have limited amounts left.
  • Some users felt that the size conducted little.

2. Easton PRO X Baseball Batting Helmet with JAW Guard

Following the introduction of the first Easton PRO X Matte, Easton comebacks have an extended Jaw Guard edition of the PRO X lineup!

The Pro X Matte line has to be the most high-quality batting helmet of Easton. MDP technology, designed to get multi-density protections, is a three-layer shock-absorbing foam that can help maintain all impact for your participant. Apart from three layers of polyurethane, the Pro X also is equipped with a special BioDri lining made from an air-wrapped mesh material. Nonetheless, it isn’t sexy or sweat-trapping! Actually, this liner functions as a porosity wall that hastens any moisture to help keep you cool and dry throughout the match!

The outer cover of this helmet is really a thermoplastic shell made from ABS, which will be famous for its sturdiness and impact resistance. This substance can also be lightweight so that you may wear it all day long. You can observe that there are numerous ventilation vents in the tough shell to permit air to fly in and out and keep your head cool!

Easton has updated a characteristic from PRO X into PRO X W/Jaw Guard: the oversized impact shield, which safeguards your mouth by the impact of the pitching. The appearances of the batting helmets are cool also — these matte and daring finishes are awesome!

A major drawback of the item is its own adhesive quality. It truly sucks! And if you’re unlucky, you’re likely going to have to utilize the adhesive to adhere to the falling pillow after several using instances!


  • Cozy.
  • Shock-absorbent.
  • Outstanding chin and face protection.


  • Poor padding material quality.

3. Rawlings R16 Series Metallic Baseball Batting Helmet

Landing position two in our listing is your Rawlings R16 collection alloy helmet, a slick product readily available in many colors for varying client tastes.

What distinguishes the Rawlings R16 from many competitors is the ability to mechanically heat and cool, based on the present temperatures. As you know, many baseball games occur through the winter, in which the temperatures could be too low. In addition, you require a helmet acceptable for your summer games.

You do not have to maintain shifting helmets to match varying heat exchange requirements. The Rawlings R16 has the CoolFlo XVI ventilation technologies allowing responsive heat market, easily selecting between heating and cooling the inside. The metallic finish also helps reflect as much summer heat as possible whilst providing the helmet a fashionable look.

Traditional helmets wrap themselves around the ears, and this is great enough but leaves the jaws vulnerable to accidents. The R16 batting helmet goes an additional mile to wrap around your head and consequently protects you from jaw fractures, which can be quite difficult to cure compared to arm and leg injuries.

The inside is created of comfortable dual-density padding, which also wraps around the head for additional padding. This helmet is offered in senior and junior sizes.


  • Wraps around the ears and jaws.
  • Has an excellent heating system.


  • The sticker will peel the paint off.
  • Several complaints about the color becoming plain instead of metallic.

4. EASTON Z5 2.0 Baseball Batting Helmet Matte

Easton is an important player in the baseball business, and their Junior Z5 is just one of the popular versions for youth players to baseball and softball. And it is National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) accepted for batting helmets.

The exterior includes a Fashionable and bright layout with ABS Vinyl for maximum protection. It’s buckling to get a chin strap, so you will need to get your chin strap. Interior has double density memory foam, which isn’t only comfortable and soft, but it also functions as a capable agent, pulling perspiration away from the mind to keep you dry. The helmet also includes vents, which will help provide exceptional breathability to keep you cool. The wrapped ears provide more security too.

The Junior Z5 is available in 4 color schemes — Black/Silver, Red/Silver, Royal/Silver, and White/Silver.

Want more protection? Check out the Easton Junior Z5 having a mask that is attached.


  • It has double-density foam, which pulls perspiration away to keep you dry.
  • The ABS plastic Offers maximum durability and protection.
  • The vents provide breathability to keep you cool and comfy.


  • Some users felt that the helmet did not run true to size.
  • The helmet includes a large sticker on the front, which a few may have difficulty removing.
  • Chinstrap .is omitted

5. DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet

You can find the DeMarini Paradox Batting helmet in various colors, such as but not limited to charcoal gray, white, black, and scarlet. Nevertheless, it lacks the glossy finish within the Protégé Pro variant we had previously discussed. On the contrary, it includes a rubberized matte finish that matches nicely with all the low profiles created for a superb fit.

DeMarini Paradox is offered in two dimensions, including the Protégé Paradox Pro, which comes in 3 dimensions. The durable construction ensures optimal protection and a prolonged lifetime. The brim lies parallel to the floor, allowing for optimal sightlines on both sides while maintaining errant pitches off from the brow.

You can bet the comfort amount given by this DeMarini Paradox. The dual-density foam using cushioned earpieces protects you from enormous impacts while preventing sweat from the mind. The vents are placed strategically on the helmet to permit optimal cold and hot air exchange during profoundly hot minutes.

The helmet meets The NOCSAE standards, which means that you may use it with the confidence of utmost comfort and security during the sport. To safeguard your mouth and face, pair this merchandise with the Paradox fast pitch mask out of DeMarini.


  • Robust and durable
  • Well-designed ventilation


  • Limited in dimensions
  • Likely to find dirt readily

6. Mizuno F6 Youth Fastpitch Softball Batting Helmet with Mask

The elongated jaw guard helmet isn’t sufficient to protect you? No worries, you finally have batting helmets having a full-face mask! We call it a face mask. However, it’s really only welded metal sticks that help protect you in the incoming chunk without obstructing your breaths.

This Mizuno F6 Batting Helmet using a mask is specially designed for fastpitch softball. Its shell is manufactured from engineered ABS plastic, exactly like the Easton. This makes the helmets unusually durable and offers a great deal of protection.

This ABS plastic is shaped in an innovative Honeycomb Shell Pattern to decrease the helmet weight whilst still preserving its strength. That’s the reason why the Mizuno F6 is such a lightweight helmet but can provide you the best protection! It is the very best softball helmet with a face protector we have found.

Within the headwear is An EVA foam employed as a gentle and comfy cushioning to your mind. Due to people’s dry lite inner linings, this Mizuno can also be good at eliminating excess moisture, consequently provides you a dry touch throughout the game.

In addition, the metal face mask is removable in the event you don’t feel like having additional security when playing with your children! There are just two pre-marked holes on two sides that fasten the mask.

Since the Mizuno F6 is chiefly employed by female laps gamers, it may be a little tight-fit for all those big-headers. A small/medium size may also match your children!


  • Sturdy & durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Soft & comfy feeling.


  • Tight fit.

7. Schutt Sports AiR 5.6 Baseball Batter’s Helmet

The AiR 5.6 Baseball Batter’s Helmet from Schutt Sports unites Innovative design and technology for a high headset.

The helmet includes the AiR–XE shell, which is designed to provide a truer fit when maximizing ventilation due to its 14 separate portholes. The ABS plastic exterior offers excellent durability and protection, while the D30 plastic inner texture is soft, comfy, and shock-absorbant.

The helmet utilizes the same technology Schutt utilizes in their soccer helmets so that you know that it’s likely to be more protective and durable. There are scores of colors offered, and sizes operate by XX-Small to Extra Large.


  • It’s 14 portholes which maximize breathability.
  • Made from durable ABS plastic, which offers excellent security.
  • The innovative patented aluminum inside is quite comfortable and absorbent.


  • They cannot find all sizes in each color.
  • It does not have snaps to get a knee strap.
  • Some users felt that the ear padding started to wear too fast.

8. Rawlings Coolflo Molded Baseball Batting Helmet

This NOCSAE-approved Merchandise from Rawlings includes a shiny, aerodynamic look and promises to continue Rawlings’ heritage of excellent functionality. It’s a reinvented cooling system enabled with all the CoolFlo ventilation, which guarantees optimal venting.

Rawlings CoolFlo Helmet boasts an ABS plastic structure and can be thick enough to have a two-seamer fastball. But it is remarkably light, which means you don’t need to be concerned about if the atmosphere is bulky in your mind.

You must be supposing this helmet comes with an inside lined with a dual-density foam, but that is not the situation. The EVA foam, a derivation of this dual-density foam, although with less sweat-absorption energy, creates the inside cozier whilst improving a comfortable, but not tight, fit.

Rawlings CoolFlo includes a well-thought layout that retains away extreme sun rays, which means you don’t need to fight with bad moods throughout the game. In addition, it includes pre-drilled holes to get a rectal faceguard. The mask is vital if you believe you require extra protection against these probable strikes when running the bases or batting.


  • Fits a couple of head sizes.
  • Comfy inside Made from EVA foam.


  • Some clients find the sizing somewhat off.

9. MACH Matte Batting Helmets with Extension Flap

Rawlings MACH EXT is another NOCSAE certified batting helmet that we would like to reveal. Rawlings also utilizes ABS plastic to earn their protective shells. No wonder it’s such a standard and high-efficient substance for shock-absorbing. We were able to make it even better by adding an expansion flap.

Moreover, there’s high-heeled cushioning, known as IMPAX, within the helmet to reduce impacts by dispersing incoming pressure. Along with its exceptional protection impact, this cushioning also changes the sense of the broad helmet into a comfortable fit, making me feel confident and secure!

To balance out the cloth’s temperature, you will find multiple venting holes in the helmet to keep you fresh and cool all the time! In fact, we believe the cushioning is a little too thin compared to other manufacturers, which can lessen its shielding efficacy.

However, what we really enjoy about this particular best batting helmet is its own smart layout! The MACH EXT includes a detachable one-side jaw protector, which will face the pitcher and shield your chin and face. This expansion can provide you with additional protection when keeping your visibility!

There are two variations of jaw guards, both the left and the right-handed batter. Take care not to pick the wrong side, also it will enter your sight.

We wish to mention the very last thing; here’s the way chic and trendy a batting helmet could be! We concur that functionality is the first thing we all care about; however, Rawlings seems smart and fundamental! There are nine color alternatives for you to pick from; we expect you will enjoy them.


  • Cool & breathable.
  • Extended jaw protection.
  • Nice Layout.
  • Perfect Match.


  • Thinner cushioning.

10. Rawlings Mach EXT Royal Blue best batting helmets

The Rawlings Mach EXT Batting Helmet is about player safety Because it features an elongated flap to provide more security to your chin and face.

The innovative IMPAX cushioning absorbs and disperses pressure on effect to supply added security. The fashionable design has strategically positioned vents to optimize breathability to keep you cool and comfortable in the batter’s box.

Available for both right- and left-handed hitters satisfy NOCSAE standards and come in 8 different color schemes. Regarding security, the Rawlings Mach EXT is among the very best youth baseball helmets available in the industry.


  • The expansion flap offers additional security for the face and jawline.
  • IMPAX cushioning absorbs and disperses the pressure on effect for maximum security.
  • Strategically placed vents provide exceptional breathability.


  • Some find that the Excess flap could interrupt their eyesight.
  • It does not include chin strap attachment capacities.

11. Under Armour Classic Digi Camo

The Under Armour Vintage Camo helmet delivers a hard-case shell made out of ABS plastic to give optimum protection from hard impacts. Its corrugations contribute considerably to its high strength.

Lining the inside of this one-size-fits-most helmet is your fabric-covered, dual-density foam which absorbs perspiration. Therefore, it keeps your head dry and cool, offering you as much comfort as possible. The cushioning also complements the casing’s purpose by absorbing the shock generated by important impacts and consequently protects your head from harm.

Sweat accumulation sets the platform for bacterial growth. But Under Armour’s padding is coated with an AEGIS microbe shield which effectively gets rid of all sorts of germs.

This beneath Armour product boasts a distinctive camouflage-like look that easily distinguishes it from a choice of helmets with strong colors. Undoubtedly, you won’t have difficulty choosing your equipment from the audience.

Whereas this item can be considered more expensive than many choices discussed previously, it is no doubt that many clients appreciate the fact that the premium features are worth the cost. It comes in tan, red, and navy blue colors and is offered in two dimensions (childhood and adult).


  • Has an amazing appearance.
  • An antifungal defense that keeps bacteria off.
  • Sturdy casing for optimal protection.


  • Several clients found the product larger than anticipated.

12. Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet – Matte Painted

If you believe that your batting helmet is too thin and you still feel that the balls hit your head, it is time to search for a thicker helmet! Under Armour are famous for their high quality and effortful merchandise; the UABH2-110 batting helmet is also a terrific UA’s mind wear.

The best cover is made from sturdy and hard plastic that’s durable if it comes to long-term using. This shell is filled with ridges and grooves to get additional impact-resistant. We love it if the helmets have been painted in army layouts with four available colors on the current market, making it the lightest batting helmet accessible.

We mentioned before that this headwear has quite thick cushioning, which functions nicely on absorbing shock and effect. But not simply as it’s thick! Material that’s too dense will get the helmet to become heavy and burdensome. The UA has placed within the helmet that the foam liners consume more energy!

These liners work well in control odor and heat, even though the helmet isn’t well-ventilated. In any case, due to the thick coating of cloth, the helmet may be a bit too tight for big-head players.


  • Great shock-absorbent.
  • Durable.
  • Great odor-control.
  • Somewhat small because of thick cushioning.


  • Thinner cushioning.

13. Under Armour Classic Solid Molded Batting Helmet

The Under Armour Classic Solid Molded Batting Helmet includes a few unique characteristics that greatly improve its flexibility.

Some of these highlights will be the durable ABS plastic outer, which features 12 strategically positioned portholes for maximum breathability; prolonged protection for additional eyebrow bone security; and the double density foam layer, which wicks moisture away to keep you cool, dry, comfy. A few cool different attributes are mounted hardware to get a chin strap and facemask, but you will need to get your facemask and chin strap. There is also a “ponytail station” built into the foam cushioning.

The helmet, which is available in 9 distinct colors (Graphite is imagined ), meets NOCSAE standards for baseball and softball and comes from both youth and adult sizes.


  • Outer ABS plastic casing has 12 large vents for maximum breathability.
  • The moisture-wicking lining will help keep your head dry and cool.
  • There’s a “ponytail station” built into the cushioning for additional comfort.


  • Chinstrap harmonious, but you’ll have to receive your own.
  • An adhesive decal comes on the invoice of this helmet, and a few said it was difficult to get all of the glue off, rendering it tacky.
  • Some users stated the helmet did not run true to size.

14. Easton Senior Natural Grip 2Tone

This merchandise by Easton Includes a slender profile and rubberized matte finish, which provides it a contemporary and classy appearance. Made from ABS plastic, the casing is durable and high-strength to give optimum protection against various influence levels.

Lining the inside is An EVA foam that optimally absorbs shock, keeping you protected from potential head injuries. It can also contain a soft urethane relaxation foam inside, so the helmet fits snugly without being tight. The helmet also includes a Bio-Dri antimicrobial fabric that keeps your head and hair and prevents the flourishing of germs.

Optimizing airflow and flow within this Easton’s batting helmet is a superior aerodynamic port system designed to provide optimal performance. Players of all ages and levels are certain to rely upon this product whose design and structure follow the NOCSAE standards.


  • Soft foam that readily adjusts to a participant’s head.
  • Fabric that retains germs off.
  • It has an attractive look.


  • Complaints mentioning low excellent.

15. EvoShield XVT

The EvoShield XVT Batting Helmet combines fashion and comfort for a protective helmet ideal for adult and youth players (you both sizes can be found).

The helmet features a double-density foam interior with completely wrapped earpads for maximum comfort and security. The vented outer system allows for exceptional air circulation to keep you dry and cool from the batter’s box. NOCSAE approved, the EvoShield XVT also includes a shallow profile casing for the best fit and a high gloss finish for a fashionable appearance. It’s available in 6 unique colors — Black, Scarlet, White, Charcoal, Navy, and Royal.

Even though the helmet does possess pre-drilled hardware to add a face shield, you will need to find that separately. Thus check out the EvoShield XVT Batting Helmet Facemask on Amazon.


  • The low-profile design provides an outstanding, secure match.
  • The venting system allows for maximum air circulation to keep you dry and cool.
  • Double density foam padding offers ample comfort and security.


  • No zipper strap grip.
  • You will find pre-drilled holes to get a facemask, but you’ll have to buy that separately.
  • Not all helmets consistently run true to size.


What Are Baseball and Softball Helmets?

Among the leading causes of mind accidents among young players and teens is a failure to wear a baseball helmet. Ill-fitting helmets will also be very likely to cause head injuries among baseball players. That is why it’s essential to make sure you buy the ideal size and finest quality baseball apparel. While searching for the best polishing helmet for young players, you must consider a few facts before making your purchase. This makes it feasible for you to discover the very best and well-fitting helmet covering all sides of your head.

The best batting helmets must ensure the ears protect them (ears) from getting struck by oncoming balls. One other important factor when looking for these helmets would be that you ought to think about the supplied helmet requirements furnished by the league or contest in which you’ll be happening in. Some leagues have requirements that are more rigorous than those of different leagues.

Like when purchasing a baseball helmet, you also will need to be overly careful, so you buy the ideal helmet for the daughter. Ensure that the softball helmet of the selection meets the established NOCSAE standards on the design and structure of softball helmets. Wearing helmets that don’t conform to those criteria pose a severe injury risk since they don’t offer adequate protection. The ideal helmet to settle for needs to be solidly constructed, have face guards come with inside foam padding. Helmets have to be gentle and comfortable on the mind, especially when you wear the helmet for extended hours.

Who Invented The First Batting Helmet?

A batting helmet can be a difficult plastic hat and plays a significant part when playing baseball. It’s worn over a usual cap of gamers and shields them from any harm on the area. In fact, this sort of helmet is ordinarily employed by offensive players, particularly on deck and in running the bases.

Surprisingly, they invented the batting helmet in the late phase of the history of baseball. The chief rationale is that the catchers can easily be struck with a pitched baseball. In 1890 catcher’s masks and chest guards were previously utilized in the area; people chose not to utilize gear to guard their heads.

It was compulsory to use batting helmets in major League Baseball in 1971. But some specialists still have worn fabric caps. Players needed to put on a helmet that covers their ears in 1983. The previous one who wore a flapless helmet was Tim Raines Jr. Back in 1964, Tony Gonzalez was the first player to use a helmet with a flap. There are no modifications in batting helmets before 2013; a brand new version of this helmet was created by Rawlings and initially introduced in Major League Baseball. This helmet has been created from an aerospace-grade carbon fiber mixture. It enables gamers to hold out against a 100 mph fastball effect, over 32 mph compared to previous versions. By this 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, sporting it had been obliged during the significant leagues.

After that, baseball helmets were Equipped with cheek protectors since they may be readily hurt on the surface. The first ones to utilize this helmet were Gary Roenicke and Ellis Valentine; it became common in the late 2010s.

How To Clean A Batting Helmet?

It’s necessary to wash the batting helmet frequently. With batting helmets with unremovable interior cushioning, we ought to apply warm water and mild detergent to wash it inside and outside. Taking particular care to wash it. It may be broken if you set it below the water too long or near high temperatures or strong cleaning compounds. We ought to set it in an airy place at another phase to dry it entirely for another usage.

Why Do Some Batting Helmets Look Burned?

It’s common to see a darkened Place About the batting helmet of a baseball player, which seems as though. they had burned it. In fact, that region is pine pitch — the sticky, brown material and is created from distilling walnut timber. Baseball players think that coat their helmets in pine tar can reduce slippage and help them have a fantastic performance. Baseball players typically have to correct their helmets.

Therefore it’s important to put pine tar to decrease slippage. It’s easy and time-saving. By way of instance, if the players need their bats longer to stick to their clasp, they do not need to go to catch the pine tar rag; all of the things they could do would be correcting their helmet and find a bit more pine tar.

There’s a frequent belief that pine tar is firstly utilized from the bat as well, as the gamers moved pine pitch from a bat into a helmet. Even though some people today assume that they place this material on the helmet and then move it with their gloves and set it on the bat to keep it shut. Craig Biggio is among the most well-known players who became very famous for utilizing it.


Our choice for the best baseball helmets would be your DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmet. This is an excellent general helmet, providing you with a fantastic deal of protection when handling to keep your head cool and comfy. It does have great shock absorption should you get trapped in the head.

If you’re concerned about being stuck with a high-speed ball, have a peek at the Rawlings VELO R16. This helmet was created to take on the greatest pitches on the market, absorbing the shock nicely, and is lasting sufficient to withstand a whole lot of force. Just make sure that your helmet fits well.