Possessing best attack Lacrosse heads and series of jobs is likely more significant for attackmen than every other place in lacrosse.

Attackmen frequently carry the ball, initiate the offense, dodge one on one with defensemen, and frequently take throughout the sport.

Like with anything else, even if you truly want to succeed in Lacrosse, then you need to make sure that you deliver the ideal equipment. Nevertheless, you have to get your hands to the very best lacrosse heads on the marketplace these days.

Obviously, finding a fantastic lacrosse head is easier said than done. In the first place, that expression is comparative. Locating a fantastic attack lacrosse head is frequently depends upon who you are as an individual participant. This is since the head of the lacrosse stick functions as another appendage for your participant. Nevertheless, you have to select a fantastic head that matches your play style and individuality for a lacrosse player.

It’s easy to consider all attack lacrosse heads will be the same, however, the construction and design go a very long way at the durability and performance of a match. We looked at durability, value, and functionality as the major few criteria with this roundup review. Each attack lacrosse head is designed for a different sort of player, whether midfield, defense, or attack. All these are important to take into consideration when exploring your next investment, as the various lacrosse head designs may affect passing, release stage, face-offs, and ball control!

Attack heads must have the ideal balance of being lasting and lightweight while using a face shape that helps with management and precision.

To help players find the best attack heads for lacrosse, I have researched the best choices available on the marketplace to put together this manual.

Attack Lacrosse Heads

19 Best Attack Lacrosse Heads 2023

To locate the attack lacrosse head, I started by thinking of 20 Various choices, either designed especially for attack or attack generally.

Then I looked to what heads college players utilize and which market The very best, read consumer testimonials, and drove to my local sporting goods shops to feel them in my hands.

The result has been a listing of the top 19 lacrosse heads for attackmen. You may read about such heads below, such as where everyone excels and drops short.

1. Nike CEO 2 U Unstrung Lacrosse Head Neon Yello

Updated Flex Profile — The Nike CEO 2 flex profile favors midfielders and attacks lacrosse head players with good loose ball texture

Shortened Throat — Nike has cut the period of the throat on the peak of the shaft, which means you’re able to get your hand farther up the shaft and boost your ball controller

Aggressive Scoop — Nike has made a greater shovel angle to picking up loose balls and much better responsiveness from the face-off circle


  • Fantastic power to weight ratio
  • Aesthetic allure with the feel and tough lines
  • Precision ball managing
  • Aggressive face angle to get loose chunks


  • The cost is about the high end of this range, but high tier functionality

2. Maverik Optik 2.0 Lacrosse Head Unstrung

The Maverik Optik 2.0 attack Lacrosse heads have everything a prototypical attackman could desire in ahead.

It’s Maverik’s lightest head so far, yet more rigid than the First Optik because of the Dura tough substance employed from the plastic. Additionally, it has an offset that boosts a very low pocket that’s good for one-handed dodgers.

It’s a fairly tight pinch beginning high on the head, giving gamers more control when dodging and precision when passing and shooting.

The head is relatively simple to rope despite needing fewer sidewall holes compared to the first Optik. If you like a mid-to-high pocket, but you may be better off going with another alternate.


  • Lightweight
  • Stiff & lasting
  • Tight face contour
  • Comes in several colors


  • Not a Whole Lot of sidewall holes
  • Not good for mid-to-high pockets

3. Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse Sticks

If you want to reconnect with this enjoyable game, you’ll require a fantastic lacrosse head.

Among those choices which you need to think about attack lacrosse heads is your Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse stick.

The lacrosse head for attackers and middies includes a design that improves the pocket breed.

Because of this, it enhances improving the ball launch.

It’s a sym-rail that eliminates any surplus weight and provides more stiffness.

Additionally, it has a base rail layout that provides faster discharge and greater ball control.

This is a good attack lacrosse head without any flaws. It’s sturdily made and will still look new for several months following purchase.

It may last for over three seasons. The Rigid framework ensures stronger checks.

Overall, this is a superb lacrosse head that is worth the cash.


  • Enhanced ball management
  • Improved casting precision
  • Fast release
  • Enhanced stiffness
  • Excess weight is removed
  • durable


  • Has no high school variant

4. STX Men’s Surgeon 700 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

With a weight of just 4.4 oz, the STX Surgeon 700 attack lacrosse heads is one of the lightest lacrosse heads ever created.

It’s surprisingly rigid for the light it’s –probably as a result of usage of STX’s Endura Form plastic– even although it is not quite as rigid as some milder heads.

Furthermore, Surgeon 700 has a narrow face contour throughout the attack lacrosse head. It’s a thin pinch until roughly halfway up the head then begins flaring out towards the spade that’s still fairly narrow in contrast to other heads.

The final feature I’d like to touch on is that the speed scoop this STX utilized with this head. It’s very good for picking up ground balls at all angles and marginally hangs across the top series holes, ensuring your strings do not interfere with scooping.


  • Extremely light
  • Narrow face contour
  • Fantastic scoop


  • Not as rigid as some choices

5. STX Lacrosse Hammer Omega Unstrung Head, Defense

Speed Scoop Technology — Easier and faster control of loose chunks irrespective of the attack angle or defensive strain

Upgraded Rail Geometry– STX has enhanced the railings of the attack lacrosse head to give it greater stability and durability, ideal for face offs

Best in Class Durability — The STX Hammer Omega features the maximum power to weight ratio of any present or previous STX head!


  • Most Durable heads are available on the current market.
  • Energetic loose ball control and feel with rate spade.
  • Can select a shield or attack personalization.


  • This is your very best STX version and will send you $100

6. East Coast Dyes – Rebel Offense Lacrosse Head

If you require a lacrosse head that provides a much better scoop whilst inhaling the floor balls, you ought to go to the East Coast Dyes attack lacrosse heads.

This headpiece piles well compared to other alternatives. The head is durable and will last for many seasons.

It’s fairly simple to string up the head as it includes 6 best strings, 4 underside series holes, and 18 sidewalks.

To the attacker position, remember to select the offensive rebel variant.

It’s a head that is 3.125 inches broad. Making it much easier for gamers to create tougher and easier grabs while in the area.

The spade has a U shape.

You will seldom have to eliminate the ball as the head is quite broad. The head is constructed from rigid plastic, making sure that it does not wrap readily.

Overall, you may like the performance of the attack lacrosse head.


  • Makes it simple to scoop groundball
  • Great performance
  • Can be strung to satisfy your requirement


  • The tough plastic breaks readily

7. StringKing Men’s Mark 2A Attack Headstrong Unstrung Lacrosse Head

If  you want an attack lacrosse head using a marginally wider face contour, the StringKing Mark 2A attack lacrosse heads is a great alternative.

It’s a conventional Offset towards the throat making it effortless to string those pockets which are fantastic for one-handed cradling.

It’s also fairly stiff to be the second-lightest head with this listing and should hold up nicely over the duration of a year.

Yet another thing I love about the Mark 2A (like most StringKing heads) is it has a TON of sidewall holes, permitting you to personalize your own pocket into a play style.

Ultimately, it’s a horizontal Scoop that leads to a faster and more precise launch.


  • Most sidewall holes
  • Fantastic Scoop
  • Very mild
  • Low counter helps with one-handed cradling


  • Wider face than options

8. STX Lacrosse Surgeon 10 500 Unstrung Head

Small Face Contour — Enhancing your offensive art around the Internet, the little face provides you pinpoint precision for scoring goals

All Climate Performing — The ACP technology assists this stay keep its stiffness and functionality in most climate configurations, so you will have the ability to score a goal in a hurricane

Lightweight Construction — Coming in with 10 percent of the entire weight shaved off in comparison to previous versions, this is among the lightest heads you can buy


  • The best aspect of the head is that the equilibrium between performance and price


  • This does not come with the speed spade technology and the head construction will not have a high tier power to weight ratio

9. STX Lacrosse Ultra Power Unstrung Men’s Attack Head

If  you’re searching to get a lacrosse head which will permit you to behave like a specialist, you need to think about that the STX Lacrosse Ultra Power Unstrung Men’s Attack Head.

This lacrosse head has a patented power ramp geometry that guarantees a better shooter rate consistently.

The lacrosse head utilizes Endura Form technology.

This technology enhances its durability in different temperature settings.

To allow you to control the pocket form better, its stringing system includes Channel Lock.

The Lacrosse head comes with a profound counter that guarantees unmatched ball retention. The attacker’s headset matches the MFHS and NCAA specifications.


  • Designed to empower quick scooping
  • Improves shooter rate
  • Durable
  • Comes with a guarantee period of 45 times


  • Cases of this lacrosse head breaking have been reported

10. Epoch Integra Z-One Unstrung Lacrosse Head

The Epoch Integra Z-One attack lacrosse head is just another fantastic head for attackmen because of its lightweight and tight facial form.

It’s a fairly narrow pinch throughout the majority of the head, then flares out towards the spade, assisting with ball control and precision.

It was a great idea of Epoch to utilize the sidewall holes around the Z-One. It’s bigger holes towards the surface of the head to your top series, then many smaller holes across the remainder of the head till you get towards the throat where they open back up.

On the other hand, it appears that in creating the Z-One lighter, Epoch jeopardized a few on endurance. It is not flimsy by any means, but if you want an extremely rigid head, this might not be the ideal alternative for you.


  • Tight face contour
  • Great for non-pockets
  • Smart sidewall hole layout
  • Pretty mild


  • Not as rigid as choices
  • Not good for mid-to-high pockets

11. ECD Lacrosse – Weapon X Lacrosse Head

Specifications and Features:

Graphene Material — Strongest and lightest substance at a lacrosse head, with double the effect strength as conventional lacrosse heads

Pinched Scoop — A shovel made to improve accuracy on feeds and shots, a deadly mix

Aggressive Flare — Ahead design for crime, the flare angle on this rod provides you some extra zip on your moves and enhances the quick release


  • Designed especially for offensive players, enhanced precision


  • The Graphene material pushes the price point with this head

12. Warrior Rabil Unstrung Lacrosse Head

The Warrior Rabil Unstrung Lacrosse Head attack lacrosse head is a superb headpiece that is included with a fantastic pinch and lots of stringing choices.

It’s the ideal option to get middies and attackers. It’s offered in various color choices.

While the headpiece includes a fantastic design that adds strength, it will not last long when compared with other heads recorded here.

When performed in high levels like high faculty, it is going to wear down quickly.

It’s, hence, a fantastic option for younger or newer players since it helps them improve their own games.

It’s very easy to string the lacrosse head, and this also makes it more attractive to new players.

The lacrosse head is quite rigid. It comes using a maximum offset design plus a broader sidewall transition that produces a fantastic pocket launch.

This makes sure your shooter has more speed.

The Warrior Rabil Unstrung Lacrosse Head has been Made by Paul Rabil, an MLL celebrity whose aim was to make the ideal shooting weapon.

The activity you get from the headpiece and its own cost makes it a great value for money.


  • Easy to chain
  • Offers more speed on shots
  • Available in a wide assortment of colors
  • Affordable


  • Not lasting

13. Under Armour Command Two

In the event that you were a lover of the first Under Armour Command, then you are probably going to adore Command 2.

Under Armour carried over the characteristics that everybody loved in the first to Command 2 while making it lighter and lighter.

Though this head could be used for any place, the tight facial form and amazing spade allow it to be a fantastic alternative for attackmen.

Before purchasing this Head, make certain to check out the sidewall holes that are extremely unique. They alternate between big and tiny holes which will make stringing it feels strange and potentially hard.


  • A fantastic alternative for people who enjoyed the first Command
  • Really stiff for an offensive head
  • Fantastic Scoop


  • Stringing may be problematic for a few

14. Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Unstrung Centrik Universal Head

Two Way Play — Made for lacrosse midfielders, this head prefers power, power, and control

Narrow Throat — A pinched neck to improve ball control and also make it more difficult for defenders to knock the ball loose

Level 4 Bottom Rail — A popular setup amongst midfielders, this is an excellent thing for mid to large pockets for quick discharge and enhanced power


  • Perfect for midfielders, higher strength, elastic pocket choices


  • Not as perfect for defensive players since the head is thinner making shot-blocking harder

15. East Coast Dyes Mirage Unstrung Lacrosse Head

If you want a versatile head that provides enough bend, you need to think about that the East Coast Dyes Mirage Unstrung Lacrosse Head.

Since the head is unstrung, you’ll also have to purchase the strings and net.

The head can be quite lasting and will take you through the entire season. The series of holes, holes, and curves are constructed to produce the ideal pocket.

This makes the best attack Lacrosse heads a great option for specialist attacking players.

This headpiece is a superior product that can take all of the strain in extreme games. The mirage is too flat nor overly contoured.

The head is acceptable for mid or low pockets, Providing you maximum control over the chunk. Additionally, it allows for some quick and snappy moves.

The head is lightweight, weighing a mere 4.7 oz. It includes reinforced sidewalls to make it sturdy and durable.

The numerous sidewall holes make it simple to string. The head is lightweight. It attaches easily to some rod.


  • Wide face contour
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to chain
  • Easily scoops ground balls
  • Sturdy


  • Not quite inflexible
  • Cost is on the side

16. STX Lacrosse Ultra Power Pro-Strung Complete Stick

Next on our list of the very attack lacrosse head is your STX Ultra Power–the latest addition to the Proton/Proton Power/Super Power series.

The largest selling point and potential drawback of the head is your Power Ramp geometry. As you can see in the picture above, the head has a more traditional counter towards the throat but comes back towards the spade, helping boost power.

The disadvantage to the Power Ramp geometry is the fact that it requires some getting used to. On the upside, it is assumed to boost the shot rate by pushing the ball down and forwards, letting you end up more.

Another benefit of this Power Ramp is the fact that it creates high-angle floor balls simpler. You do not need to receive your butt end as near the floor since the spade is tilted forward.

Besides the Power Ramp carrying some getting used to, this head is a bit heavier than some choices. Additionally, the head is wider towards the spade that might diminish your control a little.


  • Very flexible & durable
  • Great for floor balls
  • Power Ramp is intended to boost shot speed & consistency


  • Heavier than some choices
  • Very broad Scoop
  • Power Ramp contour might take getting used to

17. ECD Lacrosse Elite Setup – Mirage White – Hero Mesh SS White – CF5 30

If You’re searching To get a attack lacrosse head which was created in the U.S.A, you need to think about the ECD Lacrosse Elite Setup — Mirage White — Hero Mesh SS White — CF5 30″ White.

This head comes while game-ready. It delivers a fantastic grip and effortless pocket.

If you’re searching to get an attack lacrosse head that provides great value for money, this is only but the ideal alternative.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • USA-made


  • Flimsily-made

18. STX Eclipse 2 – attack Lacrosse Head for Goalies

Sidewall Geometry — Newly Designed sidewall layout and geometry improve the general stiffness of the head without raising the weight

Ergonomic Design — The neck is designed to provide a secure grip and also make holding the head easy and comfy

Additional Sidewall Holes — Giving you a Massive variety of pocket fashions, the additional sidewall holes make this a Fantastic Choice to make the perfect pocket


  • Improved Stiffness and weight
  • Enhanced Scoop design
  • Customizable pocket fashions


  • Being the best goalie head
  • This isn’t the least expensive product you may purchase

19. Warrior Evo Lacrosse Unstrung Head

The attack lacrosse head Warrior Evo Lacrosse Unstrung Head is the most recent member of the favorite Evo family of heads.

Its face contour is virtually like the Evo 5 using a pinched neck that opens to the broad scoop. Such as the Evo 5, the QX-O is quite stiff.

At the Warrior Evo Lacrosse Unstrung Head, Warrior also enhanced the spade by making it more curved and removed some unnecessary substances which make it lighter than its predecessor.

The QX-O is excellent for a low to head pocket using its lower counter, which makes it a fantastic alternative for attackmen.

Some clients have noticed that the sidewall holes wind, maybe causing you to need to tie off sooner than you would prefer.


  • Very flexible
  • Wonderful face contour
  • Throat lock removes head rattle


  • It May be difficult to string for a few
  • Sidewall holes wind ancient

Is soft or hard mesh better?

Which one is better? Well, here are the particulars of the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you’re able to choose the choice easily.

Hard Mesh For Lacrosse

What to expect Whenever you’ve got a difficult mesh.


  • When it comes to rain, it plays better
  • Has enhanced life expectancy total
  • The ball sticks to a location and does not proceed here and there
  • The pocket shape does not change considerably


  • Due to the mesh durability, It’s not easy to chain
  • Extra break-in time because of hard net
  • Low ball atmosphere Once the participant is about the movement

Soft Mesh For Lacrosse

What soft mesh Provides you


  • Forever prepared — no more break-in time whatsoever
  • Easy to chain
  • Better sense of the ball once the player is about the move


  • Potency to eliminate shape with time
  • Not great in the rain whatsoever; as water matches in making it harder to utilize
  • Shifts and loosens quite readily that is why continuous upkeep is required

Thus, now you need to choose which one will fit you the very best. If you’re the participant who does not head now and then upkeep and simple break-ins then you need to pick the soft net.

Otherwise, the hard net is for you with very little upkeep.

Lacrosse Head Buyers Guide

There Are Several Different things to think about when searching for your new attack lacrosse head — here are a couple of important points to take into account.

1. Face Shape

Many attackmen like heads using a thin face contour, particularly around the bottom half of their head. A tight pinch helps to keep the ball on your rod better that is essential for somebody who generally carries the ball a good deal.

There are a few exceptions. If you’re a crease attackman, as an instance, you might prefer a broader head that will assist you to grab moves simpler. Newer players can also favor broader heads till they are more confident in their own catching.

2. Strung Vs. Unstrung Head

In case you know how to chain a lax stick, you may decide on an unstrung head. These heads are often cheaper and you’ll be able to string them into your favorite manner.

Strung heads are generally produced in factories, meaning that all pockets are alike. Such heads are not bad since they’re strung to be ordinary in passing and catching.

However, attackers might want a little more grip and whip and might be better off stringing their head

3. Construction Material

With the technological advancements in today’s match, the Substances utilized for lacrosse gear are completely different than 20 decades back. Gone are the times of complete wooden shafts and heads with leather pockets, today the majority are created from high strength polymers, and a number of the newest 2023 attack lacrosse head are built of graphite composites for much milder and higher durability functionality. Among the greatest things to think about is the burden of the head and what level you’re now enjoying. If you’re searching for a lightweight headset but do not wish to sacrifice durability, then you’re going to want to check at a few of these graphite or composite injected polymers for the best of both worlds. If you are just trying to find an ahead to begin studying the sport, the content definitely will not be as vital as you will not be playing as tough a league.

4. Weight

Weight is most likely the second most important matter to take into account. Lighter heads are easier to manage and will be able to allow you to shoot faster because you may move your rod quicker.

I believe some offensive heads under 5 ounces to be mild, with Extremely mild heads checking in under 4.6 ounces.

5. Little, Lighter and Narrow

The best lacrosse head for an attack or middie ought to be little, narrow, and lighter. These help to give power shots at a high rate.

It ought to be slightly offset to supply the most effective feeds, shots, and moves in matches.

The headpiece ought to be thinner than those of defenders. The space between the pocket and lip should be more while providing excellent hands.

Since they’re lightweight, they provide better control of the ball inside the pocket.

Proceed through the producer’s instruction to find out whether the headpiece is weathered or weathered.

6. Scoop

Ensuring you enjoy the method by which in which the scoop feels is essential for any kind of attack lacrosse head. Possessing a fantastic spade lets you be confident in picking up ground balls in an assortment of angles.

Scoops that place more angled curved (when looking down your rod ) let you select up balls at a greater angle with regard to the floor, whereas horizontal pliers induce you to bend over a lot that might slow you down.

7. Budget

Lacrosse’s heads do not have a massive cost array and typically go from $40 all the way up to $120 bucks. So for the most part, funding does not play as large of a role since it may if looking at other parts of lacrosse equipment.


In this review, we left sure to strike all of the very best attack lacrosse heads of 2023 and broke out them by place and ability level therefore there should be something for everybody!

When looking for a Lacrosse’s head, you’ll have to comprehend why you want one.

You should purchase a Lacrosse head based upon your personality, skills level, standing, and playing style.

If You’re looking for the very best lacrosse head to get a middle or attack, you may pick one of the above choices.

All those headpieces have their own particular capabilities. You might even use the purchasing guide that will assist you to make the ideal purchasing decision.

Happy buying!